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The Sin of Complacency
Thu Dec 14, 2006 12:45 (XFF:

Her scar stood out in sharp relief on her cheek as she stared in the mirror. Blue-green eyes stared back at her with a bored expression. It had been some time since her raising, and she was satisfied with life as Aes Sedai. It was certainly everything her servant mother had hoped for her, and more than she had ever dreamed of for herself. The only time she ever left the tower had been to teach lessons, or to go in the city to run errands. Today she’d been to the spice merchant, to get a particular blend that she gave Laras to use in specialty Kandori dishes. There were a few other Kandori Aes Sedai in the tower, and she also offered them use of the spices as well, and in consequence ran out quite often. It wasn’t that the other Aes Sedai couldn’t buy the spices themselves; just that she liked doing something nice for her fellow brothers and sisters.

Her mind flashed back briefly to the dream she'd had, before her Raising, but she was satisfied with what she was doing for now. So was her Ajah - most Blues pursued personal causes, and no one had bothered her about her own affairs. And anyway, she did have to be fully prepared before she could properly protect them. Spending her time teaching lessons and learning all the new things one learned on becoming an Aes Sedai. It amazed her that once one gained the shawl there was so much more to learn, more than she had ever imagined. Recently she had been taught the weave for the warder bond. She wasn’t being encouraged to find one so soon, but it was taught to all Aes Sedai who might someday wish to take a bond mate. That thought gave her another reason she could not leave the tower. Without a warder she would be vulnerable to those who despised Aes Sedai. The one power couldn’t save you if you didn’t see an attack coming.

Choosing a warder wasn’t an easy task, however. You couldn’t just go to the training yards and pick one, like you picked a dress from a dressmakers shop. Bonding yourself with someone, being able to feel their emotions and you theirs, having them always know where you were even if you were far away from them…It was a choice she wouldn’t want to make lightly. She would need to know his or her capabilities, and know if the persons personality would suit her own. It wouldn’t be a good idea to take a warder who she couldn’t get along with.

Aes Sedai lived for hundreds of years, and there were no signs that Tuatha‘an would be extinct soon. So she could stay, study and teach for the time being, until the time seemed right to take action. And so Tira Chakima Aes Sedai contentedly changed into her nightclothes, climbed into her four poster feather bed, and
went to sleep.

Tira’s eyes opened and she found herself in a familiar, recurring dream. The dream she’d thought about that evening, with the tree of many colors standing placidly in it’s field. She’d been having this dream for sometime now, and so was well acquainted with it; but something tonight seemed…different. There was a palpable sense of urgency in the air, the breeze ruffling the leaves on the tree seemed more insistent then usual. She looked around nervously, wondering what this change portended. Then, as the dream was nearing it’s darkest point, Soradrelle’s face appeared before her. In her heart she could feel the impression that "it is time.” Then he was gone and before the dream could continue Tira woke herself up…

Tira sat bolt upright in her bed, startled that the dream had changed. She’d not had a true prophetic dream since the first time she’d dreamt of the tree. But she knew without a doubt that things had changed and something was telling her she need to take action now. Throwing off the covers, Tira got out of her bed and opened her wardrobe, rifling through and choosing the items she would take with her. She was filled with the same urgency that had been so prevalent in the dream, and warder or not, she could no longer sit in the tower and bide her time.

Traveling clothes laid out on her bed, Tira sat down to pen a list of the other things she would need, among them a horse. If she hurried she could leave the tower by afternoon the next day. She didn’t know how soon she would find a band, but she felt confident that she would find one in time to prevent whatever danger her dream was communicating from happening.

OOC: thanks to Will for editing help.

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