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The Sin Repented
Sat Jan 13, 2007 20:42 (XFF:

Tira slept only a few short hours, knowing she would need some rest before starting her journey. She rose from her bed well before first light to make preparations. Laras was taking care of her food provisions, and a novice would deliver those to the stable where the hostlers were readying her new horse. She’d been to the bankers to withdraw some of her stipend money, though she was careful not to take too much. She’d had the banker draw up some notes for her in case she needed to obtain money elsewhere. She had no idea how long she was going to be gone, and it wasn’t a good idea to carry large amounts of cash on one’s person.

She sent the novice on duty in the blue wing to find Soradrelle and bring him to her. Normally, she would go and look for him herself, but the sense of urgency she'd felt in her dream seemed to have embedded itself in her skin, and she fairly itched with anticipation at leaving. She could talk to Sora while she packed. Her saddlebags contained the few gowns she had that traveled well. They were also brightly colored, thought not garish. The line between blending in with the Tuatha'an and also blending in with anyone else she might meet on her travels was an almost impossible one to walk, but she would do her best. She left her shawl behind reluctantly, but she knew it wouldn’t really be necessary. With winter fast approaching, she made sure she had a good woolen cloak, with a deep hood to help protect her from the wind.

When Soradrelle entered a short time later, she looked up from her folding and smiled. He seemed glad to see her, though puzzled at why she would have him fetched here with no reason given. Dismissing the novice so that they could talk freely, she said, “I’m sorry to have you summoned here like this Sora. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything important?”

Sora shook his head. "Not at all," he said with a smile. "What do you need?"

She invited Sora to have a seat, while she continued to check her supplies and pack her saddlebags. “I wanted to let you know,“ she began, as she rifled through the drawers of a side table, “That I’m leaving the tower for an extended period of time. Do you remember the dream I told you about, about the Tinkers? And the tree?" Sora nodded. "I had it again, but it was different. I saw of a vision of you, and though you didn’t say anything, I got the sense that I couldn’t wait any longer. "I have to leave now." She paused, thinking as she packed away her brush and other simples she might need, then continued. “I was wondering if you could maybe give me a bit of advice where dealing with the Tuatha’an are concerned. I’ve decided to conceal the fact that I’m Aes Sedai, but I’m not sure about the best way to get them to let me travel with them without making them distrustful of my motives.”

"We let anyone travel with us, so long as they don't commit violence. You don't even need to hide the fact that you're Aes Sedai," Sora shook his head. "Simply ask them for shelter, and when you are there help with things that need it, and they should accept you as one of their own before long."

“Are you sure? They won’t mistrust me because I’m Aes Sedai?”

Sora shook his head. "Some individuals might, but the Tuatha'an fear violence, not the One Power."

She nodded - it made sense. She was glad she thought to ask Sora for his advice before she left. It would be easier not having to be deceptive. She still hadn’t quite got the knack for skating around the oaths as well as most Aes Sedai could. She straightened up from her packing, and as she turned to face Sora, he stood as well, “Thank you Sora. I appreciate your advice. And I’ll miss you. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, or if our paths will cross outside the tower, but I want you to know that our years of friendship have meant a lot to me. I hope the time comes soon when you’ll gain the sash and I can call you brother.” She hugged him tightly, feeling as though she was leaving a sibling. An only child, she envied the relationship Sora had with his long lost twin sister, though she was glad for him too.

Sora hugged her back and thanked her for everything. He also wished her luck and with a look that was part serious and part mischievous, told her to be careful. Tira laughed; though she might be Aes Sedai, she was still younger than he, and he wasn’t likely to let her forget that.

After Sora had left, she took one last glance around the room. She’d only occupied it for a short time, but she would be leaving it for the foreseeable future. Sighing, she gathered up the last of the things she wished to take with her, and had a servant fetched to carry her saddle bags. A brisk walk took her to the stable, where a groom was ready with her horse.

“Good afternoon, Aes Sedai. I’ve got her all saddled up for you.“ The groom said as she approached.

“Thank you. I need these bags placed on the horse and secured. Have her shoes been checked?”

“Yes Aes Sedai,” he replied, then set to work. It wasn’t long before all her baggage was secured, and the groom helped her to mount. It had been some time since she’d sat a horse and she had a feeling she was going to be sleeping with a sore bottom that night. Taking one last look at the tower, Tira then rode the sprightly creature, which she’d named Happy Feet, out of the tower gates and into the city. It wasn’t long before she approached the bridge, and once over it she set her sights to the west. It was as good a direction to start as any.

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