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The Beginning of the End - The Final String
Thu Mar 29, 2007 23:44 (XFF:

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Fifth Age by some, an Age just passing, a girl became a woman.

A common enough story, but one with magic in an Age where magic was rare. The girl loved to read. She read, she thought, she wrote, and dancing electrons carried her words to far lands. Others of her kind answered, and together they wove stories, each better than the one before. Soon the threads of stories began to weave in new patterns, and a new web was needed.

Taking the role of Creator, she spun others into the new web. Willingly they came, and joined their threads with those of the Creator. Beautiful shining stories emerged, containing a tapestry of characters that fought, loved, and celebrated life. And all the while, the wheel turned. As those stories grew, thread by thread, the girl was also growing. She found friends, and learned how to share the threads, trusting her friends to keep the weave tight. When the web shuddered and weave became unbalanced, she learned about resolving conflict. And through it all she followed the light, the radiance created by imaginative people working together to create a thing of beauty. Truly, that light shone upon the entire web and all the threads within.

But then a strange thing happened. Perhaps the weave of the world had shifted, perhaps the light was altered slightly, perhaps the Wheel itself had turned too many times… but one by one, the threads broke apart, and floated away. The fabric of the woman’s web was dimming. Still beautiful, and still there for all to read the words, but dimming nonetheless. The Creator called her friends. Should they try to strengthen the weave of this web? Should they try to fire the imaginations of its weavers—try to inspire more threads and another tapestry? No, they thought. The Wheel turns, and all things pass. All things come to an end. But they remembered the good times, and the festivals, and all the people who had grown with them as the web itself had grown. So they planned one last festival, one final glorious festival, where they would take the light and fracture it into a hundred fragments, so each master of words could keep a fragment, a flame, in their heart forever.

One day, after the grand festival, it was time to close the web. The Creator, and each of her friends, carefully picked up a shard of light. One by one they turned away, smiling, illuminated from within. They would remember the web forever, always reminded by that flame in their heart, and by their love of spinning stories with words.

And the Creator? As each friend turned away, she remembered how each had shared the years of her growing, and she remembered the stories she had written with each of them. When they were all gone, she gently grasped the web, shook it free, and released it. Her heart was full, for she knew that the magic of words, and their light, would always be with her.

OOC: The beginning of the end… the WoT RP’s final string. This little exposé was written by my mother, in honor of the site’s closing. I was planning on writing something similar, but you know—this one says everything I want it to, and I know not to mess with a good thing.

That said, have at it! A few things to keep in mind, that I outlined in the OOC post:
  • Time is not an issue. You can RP within a couple months, or several years.

  • Feel free to depict your character rising through the ranks, going through their Arches, earning pins, going to the Blight, whatever is necessary. Within reason, your character can also gain real rank—become a respected Gaidin, a blademaster, a Sitter, etc. We do ask that you stay within 4th rank; anything above this should be cleared with an Officer. (Simply because we don’t want ten people deciding they’ll one day become Amyrlin, or something like that.)

  • If you want to write something with someone else in this string, go for it!

  • We do still want you to remain within the rules, so keep your characters’ stories realistic—no conquering kingdoms, defeating the Seanchan single-handedly, or becoming the second Dragon Reborn. Yadda yadda, you know this stuff. All normal rules apply.

  • Have fun!

Please try and get it all wrapped up by about July 1st. (I know I said June 1st, but this was a little late in getting up, so… y’know.) Still though, that’s a goal, not a deadline. All members, past and present, are welcome to post on this with whatever character (past or present) they wish.

Thanks for all the good times, guys. Let’s give it one last go… and don’t forget to check out onWords if you feel you still need to write somewhere!

Light Bless,

Creator of the WoT RP

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