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As it Will Be
Sun Apr 15, 2007 18:28 (XFF:

Before starting out on my last mission, I wrote in this book that there were precious few things a man has to fight against. I will hold that to be true until life proves me wrong - and it is with the greatest of confidence that I say I sincerely doubt it ever will. Locke smiled. He always wrote these sort of entries when he felt philosophical, which, lately, one could say happened entirely too much. The stand lamps in the corner let of a faintly fatty aroma as the oil burned; the warm glow encompassed both writer and written word. It seemed silly at times, that the same place in the same room, with the same bubbled window, the same... most everything, kept him so content, unquestionably happy. Just to sit and be alone was a great wonder to Locke. However, given the nature of the things I have been doing since my arrival at this Black Tower, I have neglected, mostly out of self-imposed restrictions, to write about why I have done anything. Until now, it has been enough for those around me to say that "I do because I can", or, "because I'm good at it." This, of course, is entirely correct, but the Prime Mover behind all these choices, all the roads I've walked are as yet a mystery to the pages of this book. He sighed. I fight because I believe I must. I train my men, lead them, teach them to kill my enemies, because I believe I must. I am their general, and they are my soldiers. They are not my weapons, nor my tools - they are my family. They are my men, and as such, they are my life. They are the life of the Tower they fight for, and, now, more than ever, perhaps each soldier in the Dragon's Army... perhaps they are each breaths of Life and Light, keeping the world as we know it as it is. I fight because, if we all fight, perhaps what we know now will continue to be all we know.

The scritching of the pen nib on the paper was rhythmic and serene. It lulled Locke's thoughts into coming out, a siren song. There are many who would say that a soldier is naught but a weapon, for it is so that he is employed to kill. There are some that would say that a soldier is a tool, for he is a means of carrying out his lord's wishes. While perhaps these thoughts are rooted in a fragmented idea of truth, I hold neither to be acceptable: I am a soldier, and I am none of these things. It is important for all men to know that they are not conscripts. They are not disposable. We are crafters of new hopes, and dreams. In times like these, chaotic and uncertain, soldiers are men who do not resign themselves to letting the Wheel turn as it wishes; we do not accept that the Pattern will weave what it wills.

The epidemic of acceptance runs rampant in our world. This age will end, and another will come, and it will repeat, a cycle unending. I disagree. We disagree. Nobody throws down their lives to keep things the same. People die for what they believe - and in this Age, the ones dying by the sword belive in change. We are not puppets to an Age that will end and then begin again. I fight to break the cycle. I want to destroy the notion that the Shadow will taint this place forever. I will die knowing that I did all I could with what I had, in an effort to change things. We are not tools of the Dragon, country, or our fellow men. We are believers in a better tomorrow, and it is with that in mind that we don our armors, that we march into battle, endlessly, but not without end. For us. For you. For tomorrow.

  • As it IsBrigadier General Locke Lemain, Sun Apr 15 17:55
    "The force assembled this time is greater than that of the last incursion, sir." The corporal sidled up at the command table and saluted smartly, adorned in his blacks, and over that, armor. Locke's... more
    • As it Will Be — Brigadier General Locke Lemain, Sun Apr 15 18:28
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