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I: Consolation Prize
Fri Apr 20, 2007 12:20 (XFF:

Quirin rubbed his lower back and buttocks; he had been riding in the back of a wagon for the best part of five hours and had lost all of the feeling. This bleedin' place better be worth my numb backside... The irony was that he had come to the White Tower Training Grounds in order to avoid an arse paddling by his father. Frowning as the sun shone down into his eyes the Mindean boy continued up the road towards the ever looming presence of his final destination. The cobblestones were hard under his weary feet; despite hitching with various men in their wagons for most of the way, Quirin had had to do a fair bit of walking in order to make it to Tar Valon in good time; he was tired and needed proper sleep.

As he approached the White Tower a tall figure could be seen standing erect against a large gate, Quirin sighed and made his way over; this would be where his journey ended and where it would also begin. The man shifted as Quirin’s presence became evident, “Well lad, what can I do for you?” He was not as tall as the Mindean boy, smartly dressed but with a rough, unshaven appearance, he smelled a little of alcohol and his face did not appear to have been washed for several days. Quirin grimaced but swiftly exchanged it for a smile.

“I’m here to become Gaidin.” He spoke with a jolly tone and his words must have been riddled with naivety because the gate guard’s reply was preceded with a chuckle. “You make it sound easy, lad.” He loosened his straight figure and rolled his shoulders before pointing in a direction beyond the gate, “You’ll want to head in that direction, someone else’ll let you know where to go once you’ve entered the forecourt. I’d help you but it’s not my business to be showin’ folk about; I can’t leave me post, see.” Quirin smiled and gave the gate keeper a polite bow before making his way up the short track and onto the courtyard.

The grey-stone cobbles bustling with all sorts of different characters were quite a sight to see despite lying in the awesome shadow of the magnificent White Tower; it was the most skilled piece of architecture that the ex-lace trader had ever seen in his life although the ignorance of his youth disallowed him that knowledge. Of course, he had taken in the grandeur of the Tower long before making it onto the grounds but the sight that he had seen from the streets of Tar Valon, standing proudly in the distance, paled in complexion to what he saw up close. He stood and watched the still, unmoving form of the Tower for a few moments before the loud gurgling of his own stomach woke him from his awe. He frowned at the ferocity with which it moaned at him and tapped it with his hand to reassure it that soon he would be fed. It grumbled again and from somewhere behind him a chorus of giggles could be heard.

Quirin’s cheeks flushed red before he could turn to see who was laughing at him but when he did he was met with the sparkling stares of three lovely young ladies dressed in white with their hair tied in neat braids at the backs of their heads. Clearing his throat from a quiver of embarrassment the Mindean boy wandered over to the three girls and gave a short, shy wave, “Erm, hello, I was wondering if…well if you ladies might know where I might find the Gaidin…what I mean to say is, where I might find their leader.” The girls giggled again before one of them stepped forward to speak, she was small and much younger than Quirin, perhaps four or five years his junior, her long brown hair contrasted a pale face that appeared sickly in combination with her long white smock.

“You’ll want to speak to the Head Gaidin. Just follow that path sir until you come to a small gathering of trees, from there turn left and you’ll know where to go because you’ll see the men and women with their weapons.” The young girl’s fingers played with the loose hair at the end of her braid and her cheeks were as red as apples, she smiled from ear to ear and her feet wriggled nervously in her small, leather shoes. Quirin could not help guessing that the girls had been asked to wait out on the courtyard in order to assist newcomers and visitors to the Tower and he found his mind wondering on the idea that they were the trainees under the watchful gaze of the Aes Sedai. He smiled back at the girl, gave a swift, low bow and turned to make his way across the courtyard towards the small path that she had pointed out to him.

The journey to the training grounds of the Gaidin passed through what appeared to be the Tower gardens in which there appeared to be a similar multitude of people as he had witnessed on the forecourt. There were men and women in varying white costumes, some with patterning on the hems, digging at the borders of well placed grassy areas and others, who were not dressed in white but other uniforms, planting saplings and rose bushes. Those who were not working lounged over the grass or reclined on benches. Girls fraternised with boys in an almost secretive manner, discretely touching hands and shoulders or flashing coy smiles across the short distance that they sat from one another. Quirin stared in amazement; he had never seen a place with such vibrancy and he had never witnessed so many different people before, certainly he had never seen a woman with skin the colour of copper near his home in Mindea before.

He continued on until he came to the small gathering of trees and turned left walking for a while until he could hear the distinct sound of metal touching metal.


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