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Sat Jun 2, 2007 17:35 (XFF:

Nearly four months later, Shayla found herself teaching a Concealment lesson. The Soldiers, none of whom had the Talent, were not doing so well. It was the last lesson for this particular group, and so far, none of them had managed to get to her.

The goal of the lesson was for the Soldiers, using their new knowledge, to locate and sneak up on the Asha’man, while attempting to prevent their classmates from doing so. More than two hours into the allotted five-hour time slot, and not a single Soldier had gotten to her. It was proving to be a very disappointing week.

Soldier Yutirr, a tall blonde man, was the first to reach Shayla; it took him two and a half hours.

“Nice work, Soldier,” she told him, “you’ve passed this lesson on Concealment. Go wait near Traitor’s Tree for the rest of the Soldiers to finish.”

“Thank you, Atha’man,” he replied, his lisp easily recognisable.

The last of the Soldiers completed the lesson only ten minutes before the time limit was reached. Shayla and the Soldier walked out to the Tree, where the other Soldiers were waiting.

“Congratulations to all of you on completing this lesson on Concealment. You are free to go,” Shayla informed them.


As she returned to her quarters, Shayla’s thoughts turned from the lesson to her roommate—the same Asha’man who had run in after Shayla’s visit from Cyndane.

I’m sure that Anna suspects me…but Lysander is still M’Hael, so I doubt anything would happen to me…however…there is still a possibility of discovery…perhaps I should keep a closer eye on her…

[Anna’s PoV]

Shayla al’Cazor is a Darkfriend, I am sure of it! There is no other explanation for her actions, especially recently. Constantly going to visit the stables, even though her gelding died a month ago…writing letters which I am never allowed to read…that Darkfriend presence that I felt four months ago, emanating from this room, only one week after she had been made Asha’man…there is something off about her, and I am positive that it is because she is a Darkfriend….The Dragon Reborn will be here tomorrow; perchance I can inform him of Shayla’s treachery when I see him.

When the Dragon Reborn arrived at the Black Tower the next day, Anna was ready—she even had evidence. Asha’man Anna had followed Shayla the previous day as the other girl went to the stables, watched as al’Cazor removed a scroll from a pouch and buried it within a pile of hay in her horse’s old stall. Once Anna was sure that Shayla had left, she had removed the scroll, knowing it was the only evidence to support her claim of Darkfriend.

There was a small ceremony in front of Traitor’s Tree to welcome the Dragon, after which everyone was allowed to return to his or her business. Anna, however remained, saying that she had an urgent message for the Dragon.

“M’lord,” she began, “I have reason to believe that one of the other Asha’man is a Darkfriend, and a Dreadlord as well. I brought this letter that she wrote to one of the Forsaken as proof.”

The Dragon looked at Anna, took the letter, and quickly read through it.

“LYSANDER!” he yelled, using the Power to magnify his voice. The M’hael appeared within seconds, having Travelled to the Dragon’s side. “There is a Darkfriend among my Asha’man. I want Shayla al’Cazor’s head on this tree by the end of the day.”

“Yes, m’lord.”

[Shayla’s PoV]

Shayla was on her way to the mess hall when the knife entered her left lung through her back. She coughed blood onto her hands as she turned around to face the killer. His face was unfamiliar, but handsome even so. Short, wavy auburn hair framed a round face and ice-blue eyes which were cold and unforgiving as they looked at her--why do my thoughts turn to trivialities even as I die?...some Dreadlord I have turned out to be, she thought bitterly.

“Wh-why?” she gasped.

“The Dragon Reborn does not tolerate those who would betray him, Darkfriend scum,” the assassin sneered. “Your head shall soon be another ornament on Traitor’s Tree.”

With her last breath, the raven-haired Dreadlord spat into the man’s face, then fell to the ground, dead. Robert—for that was the man’s name—unsheathed his sword and used it to behead Shayla’s corpse. He brought it to M’hael Lysander, who then tied it up in Traitor’s Tree with a coarse rope.

The Darkfriend, Dreadlord, and Asha’man was no more.
OOC: Well, there it is. The final end, the cutting of the thread, for my first and last character here at WoTRP.
It's been great writing here, and I'll definitely miss the fun I've had roleplaying within the Wheel.
Shayla al'Cazor

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