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Adem Draek
Saying Goodbye
Sat Jun 30, 2007 21:05 (XFF:

The world felt empty here, as though everyone were sleeping, holding their collective breath, waiting for a sign, for the Last Battle, perhaps, or for someone who would never come. Deserted, save for the stones. Stones, or wooden markers that represented lives lived. Husbands and sons, mothers and sisters. All ground to nothing by the turning of the wheel.

There was no wind, no sound pierced the silence among the graves. Only a solitary figure, moving slowly in the dim evening light. In its hand, clutched tightly, was a small lily. The shadow moved purposefully, pausing every few minutes to read the engravings before moving on again. And then, suddenly, it stopped, and gently placed the lily on the ground in front of a stone indistinguishable from those hundred others around it, save for the freshly-turned earth it guarded.

Adem Draek, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, wiped a tear from his eyes. Not long ago, before his time at the Tower, he would have berated himself for the foolishness of his tears. But that was long ago. Things were different now. HE was different now. He had a life now, outside the Tower. Because of you. He pressed his hand against the stone, feeling the engraving he could no longer see.

Here lies Tor Riglace Sedai, of the Green Ajah.
He gave his life that others might live.
He will be missed.

He would be missed. And by none so much as the man who knelt weeping on his grave.

After a moment that took an eternity, Adem stood. He couldn't stay here, as much as he wanted to curl up and join the man who had shared his Bond in oblivion. He had a job now, a purpose. He would avenge Tor's death. A death that Adem knew was his own fault. If he hadn't been gone so long... No matter. He would remedy that mistake soon enough.

He kissed his fingers gently, before pressing them against the cold stone. He knew what Tor would say, if he saw Adem blubbering like a child. He would laugh, something he'd only ever done in Adem's company, and call Adem a woolheaded fool, and everything would be okay. The thought brought a fresh rush of tears.

"Goodbye, Tor." He turned, and began to walk away. He glanced back, once, sure that he would see Tor standing there, smiling that secret smile, and they would come together, and Adem could forget the world again. But there was no one there. Adem reached the gates of the cemetary, and hesitated one final time. He couldn't shake the feeling he was saying goodbye to something more than his bondmate. Something bigger. An entire world.

"Goodbye," he whispered, feeling both foolish and strangely right. "Thank you for everything." And he turned and vanished into the night.

OOC: Sorry. I've been gone so long... but I had to wrap the two of them up... and say goodbye. It's been fun, and I will miss knowing that I could've returned whenever I was ready. I suppose I won't be ready after all. And as stupid as it sounds, I'm trying not to cry. But all the same, as Adem said... Goodbye... and thank you.

-Johnny C
Adem Draek
Tor Riglace

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