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Disgaea 2 Dark Assembly
Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:13am

Kurt just got done playing a long session of Disgaea 2, in which he successfully defeated a Lv. 1000 Senator of the Dark Assembly. It was just a routine bill of "More RES Growth" of an Imperial Seal, except that one stupid senator caused the bill the be denied by saying Nay. Since his level is so much damn higher than anyone else attending the vote, he pretty much had all the decision power. So I guess I should of just gave up...or should I attempt to the "Persuade By Force" option even though all my party members are at Lv. 100 or lower. It is like 1:55 am in the morning...So I did what any stupid real man would do when he is tired and not thinking straight. $#%^ that senator! Oh look their is an Invincilbility Geo Symbol on the ground and only one color of Geo Panels on random parts of the assembly hall. At 4:35 am in the morning the bill was passed. Three party members who got credited with the defeat of the senator increased their experience level by over 20 each. On a side note, him and his political party loathe me with a vengance that I do not even remotely have the resources to counter act anytime soon.

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