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Fri Jul 7, 2006 16:00 (XFF:

"Good generals of ancient times took care of their people as one might take care of a beloved child. When there was difficulty they would face it first themselves, and when something was achieved they would defer to others. They would tearfully console the wounded and sorrowfully mourn the dead. They would sacrifice themselves to feed the hungry and remove their own garments to clothe the cold. They honored the wise and provided for their living; they rewarded and encouraged the brave. If generals can be like this, they can take over anywhere they go."

Locke had read that passage out loud many times, and each time it spoke to him. It was where he was going, it was what he was. Or, rather, what he should be, once he'd noticed he'd become what he needed himself to be, at the core of his being. The risk of failure in his attempts to become a wise person was negligible, based on another quote from another book he'd read so many times, it was likely he could reproduce it word for word, given the ink, the paper, and the time. "To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates."

It was here, in his straight-backed wooden chair, pulled up tight against his walnut writing desk, that Locke did most of his reading, now. He always had two, four, or six books out at once - one strictly militaristic, and one for the other sensibilities of the mind - arts of destruction and arts of creation combined at the same table, combined in his head. Hours, like this - any free time he could possibly seize as his own, was spent striking this balance, this harmony, of conflicting ideals. To know Total War was to annihilate - but to know true peace was in the creation of something wonderful. The young man tried, at the cost of an average of four nights of sleep a week, to ascertain what it was, the Prime Mover, the final variable in the equation that was the mindset he wanted to reach... that would balance everything out. If he strayed too far towards the ideals of War, he would become malevolent; too far towards the confines of artisinal expression and philosophies, and he'd become a poor judge of effeciency on the field. I am a mold - this time I spend, daily, nightly, it's all... for me. For my ability to help my men; to keep them trained, organized, motivated...alive. And the rest - the rest is for me. It is my pursuit, to counteract the destruction I can foresee myself sowing in the future - the ability to create, fostered with the guilt of having to destroy. No, not guilt. A simple, elegant kind of regret. The kind that stays in your heart, until you yourself no longer care that it's there. That kind of apathy is what I have to avoid, in my rise to power.

The moon shone through his circular windows, watching him intently. The pale light radiated across his exposed skin - it was a pallid, princly sheen of it's own - but in the light now, it seems like white gold, or pearls. Locke's black hair had long been down, out of his ponytail. The straight black strands brushed across the crests of his shoulders; it was gently combed. The feathered pen in his delicate hands came to rest, silent on his empty sheet of paper. It was startlingly clear, now.

To strike my own balance, I must first strike my own system of thought. I have the foundations, yes, but it is finally time. My Treatise - on my Way.

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