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First impressions aren't always good...Embracing
Fri Aug 4, 2006 14:43 (XFF:

A few days had passed since the woman’s arrival here at the so-called Tower. She still wasn’t quite clear on why they called it that, when they didn’t even have a two-story building on the entire place, but she wasn’t about to ask. The people here were just a bit intimidating to someone who has been sheltered for most of her life. Every person here, even her fellow Soldiers, seemed to have adopted an air of impending danger, and they all radiated quiet power and deadly confidence as though without thought. At least now, though, she wasn’t ducking behind anything near to avoid being seen by one of these terrifying people. Granted, she still started when one met her eye, or jumped when they actually talked to her, but at least she wasn’t ducking for cover anymore.

Afailla certainly wasn’t accustomed to walking with her eyes downcast, and had no intention of making a habit of it here. Granted, she did her best to slide her gaze away from any person she happened to meet, but she still carried herself with the pride to which she was entitled for the few things she’d accomplished so far in her relatively short life. As she walked, she took a deep breath to steel herself. Her first lesson. Afailla wasn’t sure how she felt about the prospect of being able to channel, but she definitely had a churning feeling in her stomach. Since she wasn’t expecting to do anything particularly physical today, she’d opted to wear her wild red hair down, and it now framed her face like a personal fire sitting on her shoulders. She was beginning to get used to seeing so much black, but it still didn’t feel right that she was wearing it all the time now. With a little sigh, she finally reached her destination – a bench in the shade of a rather large tree – and sat down, folding her hands in her lap and looking around for her mentor. She wasn’t sure who it would be; she knew only that she’d been told to come to this general area for an Embracing lesson at about this time.

The heat and the relative silence of her position must have lulled her into a kind of half-conscious state, because the next thing she knew, she was startled awake by a figure in black, and moments later they were griping at her for falling asleep. Rather than protest that she hadn’t been sleeping, exactly, she simply sat and waited for the tirade to be over, then mumbled a meek apology. Perfect – my first lesson, and I start it off by getting in trouble. Well, she’d just have to work extra hard and show them that she wasn’t lazy – really, she wasn’t!

OOC: This is for my Embracing lesson, so unless you're stuck being my teacher, please don't reply! ^_^

    • No Time To RestReese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 01:00
      It was the last thing she wanted to do, really, teaching someone how to embrace saidar . There were more important things on her plate – far more important. Figuring out how six men and women had... more
      • But you want me to relax?Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Mon Aug 7 09:42
        As she listened to the tirade of the woman that was apparently to be her instructor, Afailla alternated between flushing furiously and going deathly pale at the threats. But finally, the lecture... more
        • Deep Down, We're All Just a Bunch of Flower BudsReese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 14:12
          Thoughts of Arad Doman kept flickering through Reese’s mind as she watched the young Shienaran slowly lose the tension in her shoulders. She pushed them aside, stubbornly, knowing that there was no... more
          • I know nothing's ever easy, but this is ridiculous!Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Mon Aug 7 16:36
            When Afailla finally felt that she was focused enough to open her eyes, she saw that the Dedicated was watching her expectantly, and the nod of approval and slight compliment made her sit up a little ... more
            • You Might Be Quiet, But Your Stomach Sure is LoudReese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 21:44
              Reese saw the flare of light around Afailla for an instant, and then it was gone. She schooled her expression, though, keeping the pity from it. She knew how it felt to have saidar flooding through... more
              • I think I could eat a horse!Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Tue Aug 8 06:56
                Afailla listened closely to everything her instructor said, trying her best to commit it to memory, so that even if it didn’t make sense at just that moment, she’d be able to mull it over later and... more
                • Where the River Goes, the Wind BlowsReese Laejah, Tue Aug 8 10:19
                  For her part, the young Dedicated had returned to her rooms, and for the majority of the small break had merely sat, sipping from a chipped ceramic cup. The tea she had brewed was as near to perfect... more
                  • Autumn breezes.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Tue Aug 8 17:04
                    Once she’d managed to get over choking, Afailla could smile at the Dedicated and answer her questions with relative ease. “Yes, Dedicated Reese – quite enough.” That wasn’t exactly the truth, but she ... more
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