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No Time To Rest
Mon Aug 7, 2006 01:00 (XFF:

It was the last thing she wanted to do, really, teaching someone how to embrace saidar. There were more important things on her plate – far more important. Figuring out how six men and women had been murdered was number one, but when the M’hael said jump, you jumped. Still, she couldn’t help but to mutter beneath her breath as she dragged a comb through her hair. There was no requirement for serenity in the Black Tower, after all.

“Burn it all! I should be out hunting for those men, not leading some twit by the hand!” The brush caught on a tangle --- even short-shorn, her hair still found ways to tangle – and she dropped it with an oath. It would have to do, she decided, and snatched up her coat from the back of a chair.

She moved through the Black Tower grounds quickly, still irritated. Soldiers darted out of her way, and the few Dedicated who paused long enough to look at her moved, too. She was obviously not in a mood to chat idly. And I won’t be, not while those men are still out there. She thought sourly.

Reese found the girl where her orders had said she would be – on the western side of the Black Tower, in the shade of a huge oak tree. What she had not expected was for the black-garbed young woman to be half-asleep where she sat. She wasn’t the sort to use the Power to wake someone – she still remembered the flicks of Air that had tagged her behind in the White Tower – but she wasn’t about to do nothing at all.

Fool girl, sleeping as if she had nothing in the world to worry about. Light, she’ll not survive her first battle if she falls asleep every time the sun hits her face! She realized she was grinding her teeth, and stopped. “If you have time for naps, Soldier, than maybe you should be in the White Tower after all!” She barked, and felt a small amount of satisfaction when the girl leaped to her feet.

Already, Reese could feel the beginnings of a headache forming behind her left eye. She groaned mentally, and in a lecturing tone, went on for a few more minutes, berating the girl standing uncertainly before her. She wasn’t really sharp with her, but Reese made it plain that what the girl had done was not to be repeated.

“Do you understand?” She finally said, lifting one golden brow. The girl nodded, seeming relieved that the tirade had ended. “Good. Now, I am told that you need to learn how to embrace the One Power.” A small nod was all she got in response – maybe the girl was nervous – but Reese decided not to correct her regarding that particular error just then.

“I am Dedicated Reese.” She said, gesturing to indicate the girl take her place on the bench again. She did so as well, feeling the ache in her muscles as she eased down on the bench across from the new Soldier. Afailla introduced herself, in a shaky little voice, and Reese nodded, eyeing the Shienaran – her whole manner spoke of a Borderlander -- up and down briefly.

“I understand if you are nervous. I was too, in the beginning.” She said, and tried to smile as if there were nothing wrong in the world. Maybe she even managed it, too. “So what I want you to do first is to calm yourself. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, clearing your mind of all thought. Once you have done that, I assure you it will be far easier to embrace saidar.”

I just hope she doesn’t fall asleep. She thought, wryly, and watched as Afailla settled herself, evidently preparing to do just what Reese had said.

  • First impressions aren't always good...EmbracingSoldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Aug 4 14:43
    A few days had passed since the woman’s arrival here at the so-called Tower. She still wasn’t quite clear on why they called it that, when they didn’t even have a two-story building on the entire... more
    • No Time To Rest — Reese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 01:00
      • But you want me to relax?Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Mon Aug 7 09:42
        As she listened to the tirade of the woman that was apparently to be her instructor, Afailla alternated between flushing furiously and going deathly pale at the threats. But finally, the lecture... more
        • Deep Down, We're All Just a Bunch of Flower BudsReese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 14:12
          Thoughts of Arad Doman kept flickering through Reese’s mind as she watched the young Shienaran slowly lose the tension in her shoulders. She pushed them aside, stubbornly, knowing that there was no... more
          • I know nothing's ever easy, but this is ridiculous!Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Mon Aug 7 16:36
            When Afailla finally felt that she was focused enough to open her eyes, she saw that the Dedicated was watching her expectantly, and the nod of approval and slight compliment made her sit up a little ... more
            • You Might Be Quiet, But Your Stomach Sure is LoudReese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 21:44
              Reese saw the flare of light around Afailla for an instant, and then it was gone. She schooled her expression, though, keeping the pity from it. She knew how it felt to have saidar flooding through... more
              • I think I could eat a horse!Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Tue Aug 8 06:56
                Afailla listened closely to everything her instructor said, trying her best to commit it to memory, so that even if it didn’t make sense at just that moment, she’d be able to mull it over later and... more
                • Where the River Goes, the Wind BlowsReese Laejah, Tue Aug 8 10:19
                  For her part, the young Dedicated had returned to her rooms, and for the majority of the small break had merely sat, sipping from a chipped ceramic cup. The tea she had brewed was as near to perfect... more
                  • Autumn breezes.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Tue Aug 8 17:04
                    Once she’d managed to get over choking, Afailla could smile at the Dedicated and answer her questions with relative ease. “Yes, Dedicated Reese – quite enough.” That wasn’t exactly the truth, but she ... more
                    • Credit!Renee, Tue Aug 8 17:40
                      And to answer your question, yes, she can channel all she wants. Obviously, if she doesn't have the strength to do something then it's not possible -- or if she hasn't been shown a complicated weave. ... more
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