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But you want me to relax?
Mon Aug 7, 2006 09:42 (XFF:

As she listened to the tirade of the woman that was apparently to be her instructor, Afailla alternated between flushing furiously and going deathly pale at the threats. But finally, the lecture ended, and she caught herself just short of sighing in relief when she was told to sit down. When the Dedicated introduced herself, Afailla returned the courtesy as she settled onto the bench, being careful to find an uncomfortable position to ensure that she wouldn’t let her mind wander, though she doubted that would be an issue once she had something to occupy her.

She was still feeling a little cowed by the Dedicated, and apparently it showed. “I understand you are nervous. I was too, in the beginning.” Afailla managed a weak smile at that, though she couldn’t picture this gruff woman ever being anything like nervous. She was too confident, too collected, to have ever been as jittery as the Shienaran felt at this moment. But she wasn’t about to argue – Light knew she was already on the woman’s bad side.

When she was told to calm herself, Afailla nodded and followed orders, though her stomach was still churning excitedly. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her thoughts, focusing on her breathing and relaxing the tense muscles in her shoulders and back until she felt considerably calmer than before. Finally, once she had relaxed enough to be able to concentrate on something other than physical pain, she began emptying her mind, carefully dismissing all of her thoughts. Her breathing leveled off, and while thoughts still tried to invade her serenity, she managed to dismiss them without too much trouble. Scared to open her eyes or speak lest she lose her concentration, Afailla managed a tight nod.

Even that much made her lose her concentration a bit, and she had to work to clear her mind again. Eventually, she regained the meditative state, but it took a little while again, though it did come a bit easier this time. She wasn’t sure how long she was taking, but she was starting to wish that she hadn’t picked such an uncomfortable position. This was turning out to be a much longer lesson than she’d expected.

OOC: Sorry it's so short...

  • No Time To RestReese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 01:00
    It was the last thing she wanted to do, really, teaching someone how to embrace saidar . There were more important things on her plate – far more important. Figuring out how six men and women had... more
    • But you want me to relax? — Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Mon Aug 7 09:42
      • Deep Down, We're All Just a Bunch of Flower BudsReese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 14:12
        Thoughts of Arad Doman kept flickering through Reese’s mind as she watched the young Shienaran slowly lose the tension in her shoulders. She pushed them aside, stubbornly, knowing that there was no... more
        • I know nothing's ever easy, but this is ridiculous!Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Mon Aug 7 16:36
          When Afailla finally felt that she was focused enough to open her eyes, she saw that the Dedicated was watching her expectantly, and the nod of approval and slight compliment made her sit up a little ... more
          • You Might Be Quiet, But Your Stomach Sure is LoudReese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 21:44
            Reese saw the flare of light around Afailla for an instant, and then it was gone. She schooled her expression, though, keeping the pity from it. She knew how it felt to have saidar flooding through... more
            • I think I could eat a horse!Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Tue Aug 8 06:56
              Afailla listened closely to everything her instructor said, trying her best to commit it to memory, so that even if it didn’t make sense at just that moment, she’d be able to mull it over later and... more
              • Where the River Goes, the Wind BlowsReese Laejah, Tue Aug 8 10:19
                For her part, the young Dedicated had returned to her rooms, and for the majority of the small break had merely sat, sipping from a chipped ceramic cup. The tea she had brewed was as near to perfect... more
                • Autumn breezes.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Tue Aug 8 17:04
                  Once she’d managed to get over choking, Afailla could smile at the Dedicated and answer her questions with relative ease. “Yes, Dedicated Reese – quite enough.” That wasn’t exactly the truth, but she ... more
                  • Credit!Renee, Tue Aug 8 17:40
                    And to answer your question, yes, she can channel all she wants. Obviously, if she doesn't have the strength to do something then it's not possible -- or if she hasn't been shown a complicated weave. ... more
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