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Deep Down, We're All Just a Bunch of Flower Buds
Mon Aug 7, 2006 14:12 (XFF:

Thoughts of Arad Doman kept flickering through Reese’s mind as she watched the young Shienaran slowly lose the tension in her shoulders. She pushed them aside, stubbornly, knowing that there was no way she’d be able to channel a whit if her mind was cluttered with things of that nature. Even as it became obvious that Afailla was as calm as she was going to get, Reese found herself going through the exercises of a Novice herself, trying to find some calm in that.

Finally, just as Afailla opened her eyes, Reese found her own inner serenity. Good. She thought, nodding mentally. At least I won’t look a fool now. She smiled tightly when the girl’s eyes finally found hers, nodding to emphasize her approval. “That didn’t take you as long as I thought it might.” It was a small praise, but in the Black Tower even those were rare. It obviously meant something to Afailla, though, because she straightened, just a little.

“Now, I want you to think of a flower bud. Just a single bud.” Light, but she hated this part. It was no different from what she had learned in the White Tower, and deep down that rankled her. But it was the best way – and likely the only way – that a woman could control the One Power. Or at least, begin to learn to control it. “It can be any sort of flower you like.” She continued, thinking of the bud she herself had chosen, what seemed an age ago. “You can close your eyes if it helps. Just picture the flower bud, and focus on it until you know every part of it. Every leaf, vein and petal. Until you are the flower bud – are one with it.” She kept her voice level – not the droning monotone voice that instructors often used. There was a touch of encouragement in her tone – she knew how hard it was to do what she was asking.

“Keep trying until there is nothing but yourself and the flower bud.” She kept talking, watching the Shienaran’s breathing slow to almost nothing, but knowing that she herself had sat in just such a way many times before. Over and over, she repeated the same words, the same phrases. Then, when she thought the girl might have it, she changed her words just a little, instructing now.

“See the light? That is the One Power. Let it fall onto the petals of the flower bud, causing them to open to it as it would to the sun. Let the light wash over you and through you, helping you grow.” She continued, speaking in a soothing, almost singsong tone of voice, knowing that this part of learning to use the one power was supposed to be nearly hypnotic, at least at first.

She knew that Afailla might not be able to embrace saidar the first time, or the first ten times, or even the first twenty she tried. But eventually it would come. It always did. And now, she was waiting for the small gasp of surprise, the nimbus of light to flash briefly around the girl as she embraced saidar for the first time. She remembered it herself, still. And even now, so many years later, it was still a wondrous thing when she embraced saidar.

Feel free to have her succeed or not, it’s up to you! And if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to send me an e-mail or contact me via AIM (breakingorange).


  • But you want me to relax?Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Mon Aug 7 09:42
    As she listened to the tirade of the woman that was apparently to be her instructor, Afailla alternated between flushing furiously and going deathly pale at the threats. But finally, the lecture... more
    • Deep Down, We're All Just a Bunch of Flower Buds — Reese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 14:12
      • I know nothing's ever easy, but this is ridiculous!Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Mon Aug 7 16:36
        When Afailla finally felt that she was focused enough to open her eyes, she saw that the Dedicated was watching her expectantly, and the nod of approval and slight compliment made her sit up a little ... more
        • You Might Be Quiet, But Your Stomach Sure is LoudReese Laejah, Mon Aug 7 21:44
          Reese saw the flare of light around Afailla for an instant, and then it was gone. She schooled her expression, though, keeping the pity from it. She knew how it felt to have saidar flooding through... more
          • I think I could eat a horse!Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Tue Aug 8 06:56
            Afailla listened closely to everything her instructor said, trying her best to commit it to memory, so that even if it didn’t make sense at just that moment, she’d be able to mull it over later and... more
            • Where the River Goes, the Wind BlowsReese Laejah, Tue Aug 8 10:19
              For her part, the young Dedicated had returned to her rooms, and for the majority of the small break had merely sat, sipping from a chipped ceramic cup. The tea she had brewed was as near to perfect... more
              • Autumn breezes.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Tue Aug 8 17:04
                Once she’d managed to get over choking, Afailla could smile at the Dedicated and answer her questions with relative ease. “Yes, Dedicated Reese – quite enough.” That wasn’t exactly the truth, but she ... more
                • Credit!Renee, Tue Aug 8 17:40
                  And to answer your question, yes, she can channel all she wants. Obviously, if she doesn't have the strength to do something then it's not possible -- or if she hasn't been shown a complicated weave. ... more
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