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The Armor of Time
Tue Aug 15, 2006 07:14 (XFF:

There are many amongst the people of the world that rest on the wings of time, idle. They are content to speak of the Wheel as a static object, infallible, unchangable, forever committing us to the same courses of history. This is purely laziness on the mind's part - men and women who choose this path are the men and women that have no heart in them to fight for change. The easiest thing in the universe is to say, idle, "I can't do that." It's an escape route for the mind, it shuts your brain down, halts thought, gives you a way out of the predicament you find yourself in. It is much harder, however, to change that little phrase into something else entirely:

"HOW can I do that?"

The irony of the situation is that most philosophs of this era and the one before touted a strictly literal interpretation of the Wheel, and of our Times. There seems to be a disturbing tendency in everyone to decide flat out that the efforts of the living will not haply give life to rewards in the future; this is very sad. For, why, if nothing we do can change anything, do we form armies? Why, if nothing will change how Tarmon Gaidon will end, do we train every day? Why do people try and find joy, to build lives, to make the world safe for their children? Why do any of us aspire to anything, if it will never matter to the Wheel? Because the sensible amongst us no better! That is why.

There is no doctrine in the universe that can completely encompass the power of will. The Lord Dragon purified saidin, tainted by the Dark One himself, by pure, stark, impetuous willpower. The Black Tower defeated the Returners in the Southlands due to the will and vision of our leaders; I defeated them twice, outnumbered and overpowered, with the same. With will, with leadership, with ambition, and with unity, we can puncture the Armor of Time - we are Asha'man - we are men of action - and to speculate idly that these wars we fight to prepare for are all for nothing, save the repetition of a cycle, does not become us. We can explode new events into the cycle - and we can change the past, the present, the future... and with the reigns of the Armies in my hands... we can change time itself.

Locke leaned back in his chair. The treatise, all told, was over four hundred pages long - new rules for the Army, new battle tactics, new training regimens, new rewards and punishments for the battlefield, stipulations for every situation he could possibly think of - finished with that - his hope, and his dream. Locke didn't want to have power, if it was simply to attain power. He wanted it so he could help change the entire world. The dawn of a brand new cycle of Time, for the Wheel - a cycle with no Shadow. A cycle made up of Ages of happiness, and the silence of arms. I will not be needed, in that new age. What a miraculous thing that is - a military genius, no longer a tool of the times.

Locke smiled.

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