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Letters of . . . nothing in particular.
Wed Aug 16, 2006 18:55 (XFF:

Tsuga frowned down at the small scrap of paper in her hand. It had arrived today, and she’d already read it over several times. It was highly unusual for her to get mail, and after the initial shock had worn off, she’d opened the note to find that it was from her sister.

Dear Tsuga,
I’m writing to you as a Soldier of the Black Tower. I just wanted to let you know that I made it all right. My first lesson’s in a few days – I can’t wait. We should keep in touch. I know that we might as well be strangers, but we’re not. Please write back when you have time.

Soldier Afailla Dafrin

She practically had the words memorized by now. The receival had shocked her, but now the message was beginning to sink in. She wanted to stay in touch. They’d barely said two words to each other after that first day, but now that they were safely hundreds of miles apart, she wanted to keep in touch. How . . . sweet.

With a sigh, Tsuga leaned back until her head hit the tree behind her, at which point she tucked the note back into her pocket and stared at the leaves as they stirred slightly in the breeze. She wasn’t sure what to do, anymore. Should she write Afailla back? Ignore her? She couldn’t afford to shun the only person that was making much of an effort to get past her gruff exterior. There was no telling when she’d need her . . . sister. That still seemed strange . . ..

Dear Afailla,
I got your note. Congratulations on being a Soldier. Sorry the reply took so long – it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Hope this message finds you well.

In the Light,
Tsuga Dafrin, Aethan’Tar

Afailla frowned at the piece of paper she held in her slender hands. She lay on her bed in the barracks, head hanging over the foot so that her red hair rested partially on the floor, her face matching its bright color as she rested in this position, thinking. The note had come nearly three weeks after Afailla had sent hers off by Gateway to be delivered. It was extremely short and terse, and she was almost tempted to just throw it out and ignore it, or to let her sister wait just as long for a reply. But she really did want to stay in touch with the young woman, and besides, she was getting too old to be so petty. With a sigh, she sat up, placed the note amongst her few other belongings and went outside. If she didn’t hurry, she’d be late for her lesson.

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    • They claim the pen is mightier than the sword,Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 18:57
      Dear Tsuga, Thank you for your reply. I do understand about being so busy, but I’d still like to know just what they had you doing, that you couldn’t find the few moments it must have taken to... more
      • But ink fades with time.Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 18:59
        Dear Tsuga, I apologize if my previous letter offended you. I didn’t mean to upset you so much, but I was rather put off by your delayed response. I appreciate your telling me so much about yourself, ... more
        • That is why words mean so little.Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 19:00
          Tsuga was ready bright and early and standing by the Traveling grounds, waiting for the rest of the class to arrive. The content of the lesson was being kept mostly a secret, but she did know that it ... more
          • For blood creates the strongest ties of all.Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 19:01
            “And this is the mess, and of course you know what that is for.” Tsuga rolled her eyes. She’d had no idea, asking for the tour, that Afailla would take her role so seriously. She seemed to have taken ... more
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