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They claim the pen is mightier than the sword,
Wed Aug 16, 2006 18:57 (XFF:

Dear Tsuga,
Thank you for your reply. I do understand about being so busy, but I’d still like to know just what they had you doing, that you couldn’t find the few moments it must have taken to scribble the scant couple of words I received. I’d like to find out a little more about you, and would appreciate it if your next response were longer.

In the Light,
Afailla Dafrin

Tsuga wadded up the piece of paper, clutching it in her fist as she scowled at the ground. “Just who does she think she is, talking to me like that? Well, I’ll show her. We’ll just see how much she really wants to know about me!” Still grumbling, Tsuga stomped off, kicking the occasional pebble in her path far more fiercely than was necessary. Bloody sister . . ..

Afailla had to look again at the signature. Yes, it was Tsuga’s handwriting. But she couldn’t believe that such a long letter had come from the same woman that had scarcely written two sentences in her last note.

I would like you to know that I rather resented the tone of your last letter. I apologize for committing myself to my training, but I can’t allow you to take priority over my lessons. If you can not be appreciative of the way I wrested time from my busy schedule to write you, then perhaps I should simply stop bothering. So, because this may be my last letter, unless you take a more considerate view to my life, I will grant your request of learning more about me.

Firstly, my – our – father never told me he was a Warder. As far as I knew, he was just your run-of-the-mill fighter. I’m still not sure how I feel about being lied to for my entire life. Secondly, I have been at the Tower here for about three years, and I still don’t seem to be much closer to gaining any rank. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s perfectly alright, because I think I need some time to work through some more personal issues as it is.

I prefer sword work over anything, though I have been working to improve my abilities with any weapon they are willing to instruct me in. I have been burying myself in lessons and chores to avoid the idle time to think. I do not enjoy mulling things over too closely, and am perfectly happy being consumed by my goals.

If this is not enough information for you, I suggest that you either address me in a less offensive tone next time. Also, if my attitude in response to your insults seems inappropriate to you, I suggest that you take it up with me in person the next time we happen to meet.


Afailla frowned. She hadn’t thought that her letter had been that harsh . . .. Tsuga seemed to have been positively insulted by it. With a sigh, she sat down to write out an apology.

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