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But ink fades with time.
Wed Aug 16, 2006 18:59 (XFF:

Dear Tsuga,
I apologize if my previous letter offended you. I didnít mean to upset you so much, but I was rather put off by your delayed response. I appreciate your telling me so much about yourself, but since you apparently forgot to ask that I return the favor, I will spare you the formality of doing so.

When our father left, my mother was rather heartbroken, but she kept living because she felt that heíd left a small part of himself for her to cherish. She raised me well, but she was always a little depressed. I donít think it surprised her that I wanted to leave, but she still seemed to be rather hurt that I didnít stay with her.

You know most of the rest, except for what happened after I arrived here at the Black Tower, which isnít much. Iíve had a few lessons, but I havenít found anything that I particularly favor over the rest. Itís quite busy here, also, but they really push using the Power here Ė all the chores are done with it, and once you learn how to see when someoneís channeling, thatís all you see. Itís kind of like seeing hundreds of lanterns, all winking on and off, and some of them burning constantly.

In the Light,
Your sister Afailla

Tsuga couldnít believe that her rather heated letter had gone so unnoticed. Afailla had simply blown it off, apologized for any slight, and acted as though it had never happened. That was surely something to be admired, though Tsuga certainly didnít understand the logic behind it. With a shrug, she set the letter aside, planning to write a response later that night.

Dear Afailla,
I didnít ask because you already told me more than I did in that letter. I figured I was just returning the favor. Oh, by the way Ė Iíll be coming to the Black Tower in three days for a lesson. Maybe Iíll get some time and we can visit for a few minutes before they herd us back.

Your sister,

  • They claim the pen is mightier than the sword,Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 18:57
    Dear Tsuga, Thank you for your reply. I do understand about being so busy, but Iíd still like to know just what they had you doing, that you couldnít find the few moments it must have taken to... more
    • But ink fades with time. — Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 18:59
      • That is why words mean so little.Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 19:00
        Tsuga was ready bright and early and standing by the Traveling grounds, waiting for the rest of the class to arrive. The content of the lesson was being kept mostly a secret, but she did know that it ... more
        • For blood creates the strongest ties of all.Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 19:01
          ďAnd this is the mess, and of course you know what that is for.Ē Tsuga rolled her eyes. Sheíd had no idea, asking for the tour, that Afailla would take her role so seriously. She seemed to have taken ... more
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