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For blood creates the strongest ties of all.
Wed Aug 16, 2006 19:01 (XFF:

“And this is the mess, and of course you know what that is for.” Tsuga rolled her eyes. She’d had no idea, asking for the tour, that Afailla would take her role so seriously. She seemed to have taken her assignment as guide straight to heart, pausing at every building or landmark, declaring what it was, what purpose it served, and occasionally an additional small fact that Tsuga had absolutely no interest in. She’d been expecting her wanderings around the Tower to take less than a mark, but the sun was making a steady progress across the sky. Unfortunately, it still hadn’t crept close enough to the point that would signal the start of the lesson that she had originally come through the Gateway for, so she was stuck listening to her sister.

“There aren’t any magnificent gardens here, like there are at the White Tower, but then, they don’t give us much time to enjoy them even if we had something like that.” The two girls paused to let a procession of black-clad Asha’man pass, both bowing from the waist until they were past – Tsuga was an outsider, after all, and Afailla merely a Soldier. Once the group had moved on, the two young women straightened and continued on the tour. WHY did I have to ask for the tour? For what must have been the millionth time in the last few minutes, Tsuga stifled a sigh and forced a smile as Afailla commented something on the protocol of the Black Tower. She really had no interest in this at all . . ..

Finally, Afailla seemed to be out of things to show her, and they came to a halt under a tree, where Afailla promptly seated herself on a bench. Firmly resisting the urge to sigh in relief, Tsuga allowed herself to sit down as well, and there were a few beats of blessed silence in which the Aethan’Tar reveled gladly. She had just closed her eyes and was starting to think that maybe, just maybe, Afailla had run out of words, when the Soldier gasped and pointed. Tsuga opened her eyes to follow the finger, then winced when she noted the height of the sun. “What time was your lesson supposed to be?” Tsuga groaned and stood up, looking around in an effort to get her bearings so that she could find her way to he designated place for the lesson. “About half a mark ago.” The taller young woman groaned and turned to Afailla. She was already late, so she might as well take the time to say a proper farewell, right?

“Listen, thanks for the tour.” Even if it was far more than I ever wanted to know about the Black Tower in my entire life, all crammed into a mark or two. “It was . . . informative.” Afailla winced at the word choice, but Tsuga forced a smile to soften the words. If the Soldier already knew how wordy she was (perhaps she was as uncomfortable with Tsuga as the Aethan’Tar was with her new-found sister, and just better at hiding it), then the younger Dafrin wasn’t about to rub it in her face. “And I enjoyed getting to see you again. Keep in touch, hmm?” Afailla nodded, extending a hand for a shake. Tsuga hesitated a moment and then grabbed her sister up in a firm (but brief) hug. She then promptly turned and set off at a brisk jog for her lesson, leaving the Soldier gaping in shock behind her.

Once Tsuga was out of sight, Afailla sat back down on the bench and buried her head in her hands. At least she’s not still mad at me . . .. Though she did regret the extensive tour she’d given. She’d made a fool of herself, and all because she couldn’t bear to let the silence stretch between them. Hopefully, Tsuga hadn’t noticed, though by the way she had carefully avoided mentioning just how in-depth it had been, Afailla knew that it was a vain wish. Oh well; there was no taking the day back now. It was done. With a little groan, she braced her shoulders and pushed herself to her feet, setting off to find something to occupy the rest of her time until her own upcoming lesson.

OOC: Yay, I'm finally done! Whoo-hoo!

  • That is why words mean so little.Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 19:00
    Tsuga was ready bright and early and standing by the Traveling grounds, waiting for the rest of the class to arrive. The content of the lesson was being kept mostly a secret, but she did know that it ... more
    • For blood creates the strongest ties of all. — Tsuga Aethan'Tar & Soldier Afailla, Wed Aug 16 19:01
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