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Roses and dead animal? Not a good combination.
Wed Sep 27, 2006 18:50 (XFF:

Afailla could see that the M’Hael was growing increasingly impatient with her. As she launched into a description of her symptoms, she saw irritation flicker over his face and then disappear. She saw no other sign of the Asha’Man’s emotions, but when she fell silent at last, the lack of sound began to grate on her. Finally, Lysander shook his head and ordered her to be still. She froze, scared to move lest she earn a brutal reprimand – no doubt his temper was already made short by what he must feel was insanity, or the simple fact of a weak woman – and then shuddered as she felt his Delving weave sink beneath her skin.

“I see nothing.” Afailla nodded, having expected this. All of the Healers had said much the same. ”You’re tired,” they’d said, ”but so are we all. Nothing’s wrong with you, Soldier. Now get out of here – there are plenty of people that actually need that bed.” When the M’Hael stopped talking, she took the opportunity to explain further.

“Well, it’s not so bad right now. In here, I mean. In your office, or with you. It’s one of the few places in the Tower that doesn’t smell like rotting meat. You don’t smell like it either.”

This, finally, seemed to surprise him – well, as much as anything seemed to surprise him. He blinked and gave her an odd look, but that was all. The moment passed so quickly that she wondered if it had been imagined, and Lysander was speaking as though offended – or thinking her insane; she couldn’t quite tell which.

“Of course my office does not smell, Soldier. I have it cleaned weekly.”

Afailla nodded, as this was obvious from the tidy appearance of the small room. “I’m sure you do, M’Hael, but I also know that the rest of the Tower is kept in similar cleanliness, and it smells horribly. And I can still smell it outside, even from in here. It doesn’t smell quite as bad from a distance, but it’s still pretty foul.”

A few more beats of silence passed, and then the Asha’Man called in what Afailla presumed was his assistant. The M’Hael barked a quick reprimand at the poor man, and then, though Afailla couldn’t see it, seemed to . . . attack him, somehow. The man leapt forward as though kicked, and Afailla paled at the sudden, wafting scent of rotting meat. She wondered briefly if there were a dead mouse in some hidden niche of the office that the cleaners hadn’t found. “Light, it smells in here too, now,” she muttered, firmly resisting the urge to pinch her nose. She hadn’t thought that she’d spoken loud enough to be overheard, but the Asha’Man’s eyes cut to her quickly as though he had heard her words.

Just as quickly, the smell faded, though it still lingered faintly, as though a smell that weren’t quite there, a mere memory of a scent. The assistant was called back in, and Afailla cast her eyes downward, lest she seem impertinent for watching the poor man be punished again. This time, however, the man was merely sent off, and she was once again left alone with the M’Hael. . . . Who was this Benoit of which he’d spoken?

Neither of them seemed willing to break the silence between them, Afailla embarrassed for the M’Hael’s harsh treatment of his assistant, and the Asha’Man no doubt thinking her a simpleton. She estimated that some fifteen minutes passed without a sound between them – likely an over-exaggeration, but the time certainly seemed to drag on for that long. At last, the door opened again and an Asha’Man that Afailla didn’t recognize walked in. He was promptly introduced, and Afailla rose quickly to give him the proper greeting.

She was told (indirectly; Benoit was actually the one being spoken to) that she and this stranger had the same “unique skill,” as Lysander phrased it. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of this, but she was promptly herded off by the new Asha’Man. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt about sharing anything with this man, but at least he didn’t smell like rotting flesh.

OOC: I'm out of time for tonight, so I'll continue this tomorrow, or as soon as I can get online again. ^_^

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