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The smell of blood is sharp and sweet.
Thu Sep 28, 2006 18:56 (XFF:

As the two black-clad channelers began strolling around the Tower grounds, Benoit began speaking to her, explaining what she was going through and why it was important. “The reason you smell rotting meat all the time here is because there is so much violence. It’s called Sniffing – you can essentially smell violence, tell who is violent or has committed violence recently, and where it’s been done. All that sort of stuff. Right now it may seem like more of a hassle than anything, but our talent is infinitely valuable to an army or search party. We can warn them of ambushes, help them plan battle, know when there is dissention in the ranks, that type of thing.”

Afailla nodded as he spoke, glad that she wasn’t crazy, at least. “But isn’t there some way to make it stop, or to at least control it so that I don’t feel sick all the time?” The Asha’Man smiled at her, and she had to resist grumbling at him for the pity she saw in his eyes. That was denial enough, really.

“Unfortunately, no. You will get used to it after a while, and now that you understand what it is, it won’t seem so bad. Though you might start wishing you could just avoid people altogether.” He gave her another sympathetic smile before continuing. “It won’t ever be pleasant for you to be around violence, or in the Tower for that matter, but it will be bearable. For now, my suggestion is that you start looking for the source of your ‘sickness,’ as you put it, and understanding more of the reasons behind it.”

Their wandering had led them to the Training Grounds, and as they stood watching, Afailla began to sense a trend in what she was . . . smelling. Most of the pairs had only a faint sense of rot about them, but there was one that nearly bowled her over. The two men were bludgeoning each other with lathes, obviously practicing the technicalities of sword work. It seemed, also, to be a bit of a grudge match, and the waves of violence coming from them were awful. Benoit seemed perfectly at ease, but he didn’t make them stay for long. “Let’s keep moving; I’d just as soon not stay here and smell this.”

Grateful, Afailla fell into step with him again, and they made their way throughout the grounds. They paused next at the Archery field and watched a lesson for a few minutes. Afailla couldn’t catch a scent here, save the occasional waft of someone (usually a Dedicated, but also off of the Asha’Man teaching the lesson) who had committed a recent violence. Some smelled more strongly than others, which was a bit puzzling. “Does the stronger smell mean a more recent violence, or a more heinous one?” The Asha’Man gave her an approving look, seemingly impressed by the question.

“A little bit of both, actually. The smell is usually more sharp if the act was more recent. If it was worse – say, murdering someone as opposed to being in a brawl – it would smell more rotten. It may take you a while to learn to tell the difference, but eventually it will be second nature to you to make note of all of this throughout the day.”

Afailla nodded again, mulling over what she’d learned. Finally, Benoit glanced into the sky to gauge the angle of the sun’s rays. “I need to be on my way, if you don’t have any other questions?” When she didn’t offer any inquiries further, he nodded and said his goodbyes. She watched him go for a moment, and then turned back to watch the archers. So she was a Sniffer . . . it wasn’t precisely what she’d call a blessing, but she would make the best out of it.

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    • The smell of blood is sharp and sweet. — Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Thu Sep 28 18:56
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