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To Drown a Viper (Fin!)
Tue Oct 10, 2006 15:31 (XFF:

Dear Warly,

I am able to write this if only by the flickering illumination of a tiny wax candle. Night has descended, and my first day in the Black Tower is no longer. If never before, I am ripe with things to say. You can’t ever say that I don’t ever talk to you, after all.

It was the strangest thing. Call me stubborn, but I went swimming in a frigidly cold lake today if only to prove that I could. What I discovered. . . . Sitting at the bottom of the lake, tangled and tied in lengths of seaweed, was a cadaver. A body. A human body, Warly. I recovered it, not knowing what it was, and . . . I couldn’t say who it was. There was no noticeable decay, but really–how long could it have been down there? Bottom of a lake. No oxygen. Few creatures to devour the skin. It could have been there for years as readily as it could have for hours.

As unsettling as this discovery was, it pales in comparison to the truth, and it was this truth that was dangled beneath my nose today as if suspended on a piece of yarn. This is the life of the Black Tower. Imagine caging the Forsaken in one unified compound together. What deception would there be? What lies, what trickery–what foul play? What would they do to each other? I must watch my back, as this is the Black Tower. A thousand men and women with the ability to kill, to kill cleanly and well. It’s an unsettling reality, but there is naught I can do but accept it as the reality that it is.

I swore the oaths today, irrevocable words that bound me to the Tower, that bound me to these four walls, that bound me to this small room in which I write this humble letter to you. I am bone-tired, and the days to come will push to the pinnacle of exertion. Light. If a knife to the back and the bottom of the Black Tower’s lake won’t someday kill me, the training regime will, I do not doubt.

My thoughts are often of you, and my prayers, my wishes, and my hopes linger constantly of you and everyone else back home. May the hand of the Creator shelter you, and may the Light illumine your name. I will close in saying that I am not ready to be a weapon. I did not come to the Black Tower to wage wars, to slay men, to cleave the world in my own image. I came to the Black Tower to better myself. It is I using the Black Tower–not any other way–and these Asha’man will come to realize it. He who thinks I will sit comfortably at the bottom of a lake will be educated, and properly.

Yours truly,
Evie Holinshed
Soldier of the Black Tower
Jack of All Trades

Closing her Book of Letters, Evie snuffed the candle, retiring for the evening.

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