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Demetri Sedai, Keeper of the Chornicles
Breaking the Ice
Mon Oct 16, 2006 07:04 (XFF:

“…and from what I can see, it’s another wave of supporters for the White Tower and the Dragon Reborn.” Tabitha Marnon, Sitter for the Blue, said, her voice brisk and businesslike.

Demetri rubbed at her eyes, weary, tired of the meeting that had dragged on for two hours longer than it should, the Amyrlin had excused herself over an hour ago, leaving Deme alone with five Sitters to discuss political situations in the eastern nations. “Tabitha,” Demetri began, her voice sharper than she intended. “It’s getting late, I’m tired, hungry, and it’s Bel Arvina. Let’s wrap this up and try to enjoy the Festival.”

One of the Yellows turned to smirk at Tabitha with an expression of “See? I told you.” Demetri turned a glare to the woman, “Is there an opinion you wished to state, Liara? Oh come now, your lips so no, but your eyes say yes.” The Yellow Sitter, still new to her position, paled, her smirk fading away under a shake of her red-gold curls.

One of the Whites, another Sitter that had been appointed in recent years as well, cleared her throat. “She may wish to voice that you appear to find the celebration of Bel Arvina more important than the business of the White Tower, Demetri.”

There were no nods of agreement, but she saw the same smooth countenances among the five. “I see. And did your flawless logic take into account that this meeting has run two hours over its schedule? That I may genuinely be tired and wish to postpone these talks for another time and meeting? And that I might take offense at the insinuations that you’re making, Sitter?”

Tabitha didn’t quite shift in her seat, she was far too old of a woman to do so—streaks of gray were beginning to show in her dark curls—but she did look slightly uncomfortable beneath her façade of calm. “No one is questioning your loyalty to the Tower, Demetri.”

“Good.” She interrupted. “Then I’m bringing our meeting to a conclusion. And in the future, I expect that when we have a syllabus to adhere to, that our meetings don’t deviate from that syllabus.” Her voice was quiet, but it cracked like a whip in the room. Demetri didn’t have the power of the Amyrlin Seat, but she stood head and shoulders above the Sitters not only in raw power, but in status within the Tower. “My time is precious and I don’t have extra to waste talking about things that can wait until our next meeting, when it’s scheduled. Do I make myself clear?”

The five Sitters, women and men of all ages and nationalities, bobbed their heads in silent acquiescence. “Yes, Keeper.” The Yellow murmured, her voice quiet with deference.

“Good, this meeting is adjourned, as it should have been two hours ago. And ladies, do not ever make insinuations like that again. I am your Keeper and you will respect my position implicitly. To doubt me is to doubt your Amyrlin Seat.” There was quiet steel in her voice, a steel that made even the eldest Sitter flinch as she walked from the room.

Back in her rooms, Laurian was sitting in a chair reading a book, long slender fingers propping it up on his palm. He was dressed in a deep brown velvet coat, ivory silk shirt that had a high collar and a cravat tied in a simple knot, and snug trousers that disappeared behind his “dress boots” of black leather with gold scrollwork on the tops that had been turned down. He looked magnificent and it took her breath away as she entered, even in her flustered state. He smiled, looking up from the book as she entered. “Why thank you.”

“I’ll be just a minute getting dressed.” Disappearing into her room and drawing her Festival gown from the wardrobe, she heard Laurian call out what took her so long. “The bloody Sitters.” She growled. “They were trying to be more important than they were and drew out the flaming meeting to stroke their egos, I think. Over things that could have waited. Light, Eve left the meeting when she got tired of it and left me to deal with it!”

He poked his head in with a smile, “She’s the Amyrlin Seat. She can be rude and walk out of a meeting any time she likes, even with Sitters.”

“While I, on the other hand, have to find a politically correct way to nip their verbosity in the bud.” She pulled the green silk over her head and Laurian entered to do up the buttons while she stood patiently. His fingers worked quickly and she moved to the mirror to pull out some pins in her hair and rework some of the twists in the golden locks, tucking a string of emeralds through the mass. She watched Laurian lean forward in the mirror and kiss the back of her neck, sending a shiver down her spine.

“None of that, now.” Laurian laughed, drawing her away from the mirror. “You look beautiful, so let’s make our fashionably late arrival at the Festival, shall we?”

Nodding her head, Demetri embraced saidar, feeling the light and power flood through her, washing away her anger and frustrations and leaving her only with the light headed sensation of pleasure at holding the Source. There wasn’t any need for Demetri to go to the Traveling Yards and have someone open a Gateway for her, her strength in the Power and ability in the Talent more than sufficient for her to create one in her own room, a place she knew with her eyes closed. The thin sliver of light widened with a shhhhsking sound and beyond were the grounds of the Black Tower.

Stepping through, the Gateway opened to their own Traveling Yards, she looked to see lights in the near distance and a walkway of Power wrought lights guiding them toward the Festivities. The Green had been decked out as it had in the past, with garlands lit with little lights along the trees and limbs, tables set out, a band playing lively music that Novices, Accepted, Soldiers and Dedicated alike swirled to. She caught glimpses of fringed shawls, her own stole looped on her arms, and some ageless faces that appeared without the benefit of their shawl.

She found the M’Hael standing nearby, his eyes scanning the crowds, glittering with purpose. Giving the man a short curtsey in deference to his rank, Demetri smiled. “Good evening, M’Hael, your men and women have done a fine job for this evening.”

“Demetri Sedai, thank you.” He gave a nod of his head, his face smooth of emotion. “They work hard and like to impress the White Tower.”

“I am impressed.” She smiled, sensing that he was speaking to her only because propriety demanded it and that his attention was elsewhere. “I won’t keep you any longer, I wanted to come and pay my respects and now I’ll leave you. Good evening, M’Hael.” She gave another small curtsey returned with another nod of his head and turned away.

Laurian looked around. “Well he was pleasant enough.” The Brown observed. “I liked the woman M’Hael better but it’s just because she was prettier.”

Laughing, Demetri tugged Laurian toward the dancing area. “You would. Now dance with me, fool, and then we can go find Dai.”

“Bah.” The man scoffed. “He’s probably seducing some young Soldier.” And with another laugh, he twirled her into the dance.

“Dai, I don’t want to get involved. I can’t get involved. Light help me, but it’s not my right, not as Keeper, and even when I worked as a Field Assigned it wouldn’t have been my jurisdiction.”

The Shienaran frowned at her. “You don’t find it odd that the former M’Hael stepped down and not half a year later disappeared without a trace?”

“That’s not accurate,” Laurian interjected. “One of the Asha’man I spoke to said that she’d gotten into a fight with someone else and that they struck each other with balefire. That’s not all that suspicious, Dai, when someone gets hit with balefire, it’s more suspicious if they don’t disappear.”

Daigonyt Gaidin was a Shienaran with a very defined sense of honor, and he was particularly weak when it came to women in distress. Or at least susceptible; she’d never had reason to ever doubt his loyalty to protecting her, and knew that this concern was merely of his own imagination. “Besides, the M’Hael launched an investigation into it, found out what happened and that’s that. Unless you want to do something suicidal and accuse him of murdering the woman who stepped down so he could be M’Hael…you don’t do you?” She cocked her head had him, feeling his frustration and trying to send him reassurance through the bond.

“Oh please don’t do that.” A voice drawled from behind them. “So many women would cry themselves to sleep when Lysander burned that pretty face of yours to a cinder.”

Demetri turned to see a gaunt man standing over them, his clothes of black but not of the typical Asha’man cut. He had brilliant blue eyes against pale features and dark hair that had been pulled away from his face almost severely. Something about his face tugged at her memories, but it wouldn’t come. “Do I know you?”

He bowed deeply, hand over his heart, and in the dim lighting of the Festival decorations, she saw pips glinting beneath the red lacquered dragon pin. She knew that two pips indicated some elevated rank among Asha’man—Generals among Colonels. “I am Asha’man Kyran do Rian a’Nuneth. And you are the Keeper of the Chronicles, Demetri da’Faile, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah.”

“What gave it away? Was it the ageless face or the green stole on her arms marking her office?” Laurian quipped dryly, but Demetri could feel that his jibe was friendly and not hostile. That meant that Laurian had at least heard of Asha’man Kyran and knew something of his reputation.

The Asha’man’s smile was wan, but not entirely unamused. “And you are one of her bondmates, Laurian Allessandro al’Sabatino, Brown Ajah. And you are Daigonyt Gaidin. I have heard so many passionate accounts of you, Gaidin, that I think I could write a series of romance stories. Do you mind if I join you, Keeper?”

“Not at all, Asha’man.” Demetri gestured to one of the empty seats; Dai glowered at her as the man settled next to the Gaidin, almost uncomfortably close and Demetri wondered if the Asha’man was attracted to her Gaidin; it wouldn’t be the first time someone had become besotted by the handsome man, nor would it be the first man, either.

“No, my tastes don’t run in his direction, Keeper.” The Asha’man said, a trace of amusement in his voice even as she felt slightly alarmed at him seeming to read her mind.

“You’re very observant, Asha’man.”

“Not clairvoyant?” He arched a slender brow at her.

“Come now, let’s not be coy. You’re no doubt a brilliant man because Laurian has heard of you and he values high intelligence first. And with intelligence you have remarkable abilities of observation, but not only that, but of deduction too.” Demetri’s arch smile was nearly a match for Kyran’s. “I don’t look at you think that you’re clairvoyant or that you can read minds, Asha’man Kyran. I look at you and see you as an extremely clever man with abilities that are extraordinary, rare, but nothing beyond that. You’re facile in the talent of observation and deduction, but not clairvoyant.”

The Asha’man’s face registered surprise momentarily and then he burst out laughing. It was a rich and hearty laugh. “I have to say, Keeper, that you are the first to have deduced my ability of deduction. I like you.”

Dai sent Demetri a gaze that said he wasn’t amused, but Laurian was impressed both by the Asha’man and herself, something she didn’t quiet understand given her past life with a woman of equal talents to Kyran. Nonetheless, “Can I flag down a Soldier and get you a drink, Asha’man Kyran?”

“Please, call me Kyran. And yes, I’d like that very much.”

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          • A Turn About the GroundsMedaea Sedai, Blue Ajah, Thu Oct 19 08:19
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    • A Few Tricks for the Crowd....(Amy!)Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Mon Oct 16 08:46
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      • Warder HuntingMenaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Wed Oct 18 02:41
        Festivities had never sparked a huge portion of her interest. In fact, there was nothing of ‘interest’ to be said about them at all. What was a festival, but an occasion in which to watch the dances... more
        • An Offer to Join the Festivity...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Wed Oct 18 15:27
          Zander was enjoying himself immensely as he leaned backwards in his chair, placed titbits of food into his mouth, and watched people dance from side to side within the raging throng that sprawled... more
          • Snappish RefusalMenaihya Sedai, the Warderless Green, Fri Oct 20 19:50
            Curse you, Gaben Ashfair. Her eyes widened just a fraction as the Dedicated—a Dedicated!—assumed the temerity to actually channel in her presence and direct a clever little channel of wine towards... more
            • Apologies are in Order...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Sat Oct 21 03:27
              Zander waited expectantly, his hand outstretched, his cloak rustling slightly in the wind. He was merely waiting for her to accept, everyone usually did at a festival. He accepted every chance to... more
              • Sallow act at an apology, I say...Menaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Sun Oct 22 03:45
                The man was arrogant! First he told her to take a seat, as if it were wholly convivial and proper for Dedicated to traipse around the world these days, telling Aes Sedai they could be seated! No, he... more
                • Trying to Mend Offences...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Sun Oct 22 06:55
                  Zander had kind of hoped to be stopped mid-stride by Mehaihya Sedai. Whilst she had an evil temper, she intrigued Zander. He had never met a woman who was actually angered by his innocent questions,... more
                  • You remind me of someone.Menaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Tue Oct 24 05:31
                    There were no bounds on the rudeness, she saw. Respect ‘grudgingly given’…? Daring to bluntly disagree on what an Aes Sedai said? She, however, thoroughly tired of the entire process by this point,... more
                    • A Punch can do Wonders...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Tue Oct 24 14:17
                      To his un-asked question, Menaihya merely directed a level stare at his eyes, daring him to say any more, even though she probably knew by now that he would respond in a more persistent manner, and... more
    • Scream for Help (Attn: Anyone!)Kat Tenzin Sei'Tar, Mon Oct 16 07:56
      The Gateway that led them from the White Tower to the Black Tower in one step was manned by a stern looking Aes Sedai, Yellow sash slanted across his wide hips. As Ekaterine Tenzin Sei’Tar stepped... more
      • An unlikely hero.Jeseia Moretia, Mon Oct 16 12:00
        Jeseia smoothed down her white skirts, and stared apprehensively at the ... gateway ... that would grant her access to the Black Tower. A year prior, she had not even known such a place existed. She... more
        • Or is that heroine?Kat Tenzin Sei'Tar, Thu Oct 19 06:54
          The woman who stood over here looked down, the cascade of white-blonde hair creating a curtain before she moved it aside almost impatiently. "My name is Jeseia, not that it matters at this point. He... more
    • Breaking the Ice — Demetri Sedai, Keeper of the Chornicles, Mon Oct 16 07:04
      • Hiring Some HelpAsha'man Kyran, Spymaster, NPC, Wed Oct 18 09:20
        “I didn’t want anything in particular, Demetri.” He responded with some surprise to her question. “To be honest, I remembered your visits from times past and thought to renew our acquaintance. With... more
        • Deal with the DevilDemetri Sedai, Keeper of the Chornicles, Mon Oct 23 09:16
          There was silence around the table as the Asha’man left, but she felt a disturbing sensation from the bond between herself and Laurian. It was mirrored by her own sense of unease at the fact that the ... more
          • Of Bonds and MarriagesDemetri Sedai, Keeper of the Chornicles, Mon Oct 23 10:10
            Her conversation with Kyran should have been the end of it for her that night, she should have been able to go back to the Festivities, enjoy herself, perhaps try to apologize to her Warders, and... more
            • Hey, JealousyDemetri Sedai, Keeper of the Chornicles, Mon Oct 23 11:37
              The walk through the Black Tower grounds was made with some amount of careful stepping; the moon was beginning to reach zenith as the couple removed themselves from the lamplight of the Festival and... more
              • Skimming the BoundariesDemetri Sedai, Keeper of the Chornicles, Thu Oct 26 06:39
                By the time anyone could react, it was too late. Dai's sword had cut into Kyran's shoulder before any of them could shout or even before the Asha'man could put up any physical defenses. Demetri... more
                • Shady AffairDemetri Sedai, Keeper of the Chornicles, Thu Oct 26 08:20
                  She slipped the ter'angreal over her wrist and looked at her two Warders. "Stop that." She ordered them as their expressions were identical to one another. They were worried. Disappointed. Angry. She ... more
                  • AnticlimacticismDemetri Sedai, Keeper of the Chornicles, Thu Oct 26 10:00
                    The woman laughed and shook her head. "Light, Ronan! To say something like that! I remember a time when you used to look at Aes Sedai with pity!" She looked to Demetri again, sobering. "But, I... more
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