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A Place of Light and Mirth
Tue Oct 17, 2006 08:05 (XFF:

Medaea tilted her head one way and the next to ensure that the girl she’d hired for the evening had done her hair properly—with dark sable tresses drawn up and expertly entwined with gold and sapphire stones, her slender neck was exposed. Violet eyes stared back at her from an olive complexion and the deep V neck of her blue-black Mayener dress made her no less than she was—stunning. The thin gold belt that wrapped around her waist several times accentuated her slender form against the shimmering fabric and as she stood and moved from the mirror, there wasn’t even a whisper from the light fabric. She’d paid a good deal of money for the dress, for this very occasion, and it had been well worth it.

“That will be all, Dala.” Medaea dismissed the girl, the young woman’s legs curling into a deep curtsey before she left Medaea to solitude in her apartments.

It was time to leave for the Black Tower, the sun was already beginning to set even early in the afternoon, casting a deep golden light against the world. She’d spent only minimal time there for lessons as an Accepted and knew that her own limited exposure to it wouldn’t prepare her for how it would most likely be adorned. There was a heightening hush that overtook the halls of the White Tower as Novices, Accepted and Aes Sedai alike all marched toward the Traveling Grounds to be brought to the Black Tower.

The audible hum of excitement thrummed in her own veins even as she maintained her Aes Sedai calm, a soft smile curving full lips as a minor indication of her pleasure for the Festival. She was excited to go there, to mingle and speak with their “mirrors”, the Asha’man, Soldiers and Dedicated of the ebon Tower. It was also a time to speak freely and openly with Gaidin. Medaea wasn’t certain she wanted to bond for the next half decade, but it never hurt to examine the possibilities and opportunities among men and women. Aethan’Tar and Sei’Tar would be full fledged Gaidin by the time she was ready, even if they would be rather juvenile at this moment.

“Loric Sedai,” Medaea smiled at the Brown holding the Gateway open for her. “You’re a gentleman and a scholar.”

He glowered at her, but there was a twitch to his lips. “Vixen.” Winking at him with a smile, she stepped through the Gateway, her filmy skirts brushing against the sides of the Gateway and into the world of the Black Tower beyond.

It was different than before in that the sounds of booming thunder and explosions of earth had been replaced with the thrumming of stringed instruments and punctuated by conversation and laughter. For this night, for this moment, the Black Tower was a place of light and mirth.

Gaggles of men and women swathed in black, head to toe, hovered around the Gateway as she emerged, their eyes casting upon her hopefully until they saw the glint of the Great Serpent ring on the fourth finger of her right hand. Most backed off as they bore no decorations on their collar, one Dedicated moved forward as he recognized her. “Medaea sur Yvaine. And you’re Aes Sedai, now. How fun.” He bowed deeply.

“Jaret Karatha. And you’re still not Asha’man.” Medaea smiled at the man; during one of her lessons at the Black Tower, she’d become acquainted with the man. He was roughly her age and probably near his raising to Asha’man Ambassador if time was any indication. She liked him and he was handsome enough with the trimmed beard that ran along a strong, square jawline and tawny brown hair kept short and neat. “It looks like I outrank you.”

“I will do as you bid, Aes Sedai.” This time the deep bow was mocking, but out of friendship and she smiled. “What shall you order me to do?”

“Walk me to the refreshments. I could use a chilled wine.”

Extending his arm, they began moving through the light crowd toward a set of tables that had been set up with glasses and goblets of refreshment. Punch, wine, even tea had been arranged and were kept at the proper temperature by a series of black clad Soldiers. Before they could even touch what they wanted, a young woman came sprinting up to Jaret, nearly falling over in a bow before whispering something into his ear. His green eyes went wide and he turned to Medaea. “Medaea, I apologize, but something urgent has come up. Perhaps when I am Asha’man I’ll visit you at the White Tower and we can speak. For now…”

The Dedicated bent over her hand, brushing his lips to the back of her fingers and then released her, leaving her alone, looking stunning and without a conversation partner. At that moment a man strode up to the table, his ebony breeches and boots snug against a muscular frame, black coat nearly as dark as his breeches. There were no pins on his collar, merely a Soldier she assumed, but as he took a controlled drink from his cup, Medaea smiled as their eyes met. “Your Tower Grounds have certainly changed some since last I was here. How long have you been training at the Black Tower?”

He stared at her with blank confusion a moment, the cup held in strong fingers but trembling slightly, no doubt from whatever strong emotion had caused him to stomp toward the table. “I beg your pardon?” His accent was Ebou Dari, even if the flaming hair and bright blue eyes didn’t seem to fit the normal dark, olive skinned Altarans.

“As a Soldier.” She replied patiently, reminded by Jaret that Soldiers and Dedicated could be bondmates and Warders just as well as Aethan’Tar and Sei’Tar. The confusion didn’t falter from his scarred features and she felt a flash of irritation before quickly sweeping it aside. “You’re in uniform, it’s a little difficult to miss.”

The bewilderment drained from his features and he gave a short laugh, almost a bark. “I’m no Soldier, I’m Aethan’Tar.”

Medaea laughed with him, her eyes suddenly taking in the difference in cut of the coat, the breeches rather than trousers, and realized her error. “And I’m a little embarrassed now.” She confessed with a smile. “Please accept my apologies, Aethan’Tar.” Extending her hand. “I am Medaea Sedai, Blue Ajah. May I have the pleasure of your name?”

OOC: Looks like you picked up me! Feel free to take it where you will, and if you have questions on how she might react or respond to something, give me an email and I'll be more than happy to let you know. =)

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