Soldier Kandra sur Samarand
Mistaken Identity
Tue Oct 17, 2006 19:00 (XFF:

Kandra scratched the back of his head nonchalantly. He had an itch back there, and it was bothering him. He slipped his free hand into his coat, and felt the cold steel inside. He had bought the knife after completing his Knives lesson, as a kind of reward to himself. A merchant who had come to the Tower had sold it to him, for a reasonable price. Usually two types of merchants came to the Black Tower: those in desperate need of profit, and those too stupid to care. Most people were uneasy around men channelers, so they rarely came in. This man fit into the latter category. After he sold the knife to Kandra, he had gone about, yelling to be let in to see the M'Hael. Apparently he had some special wares to sell. Unfortunately for the man, he was dragged to the gates, and thrown out on his rump.

Testing the sharp edge of the blade, Kandra pulled his hand out. He knew there was almost no danger here, it was a festival after all, but you never knew. He was still a little distrustful of some people, and the knife made him feel safer.

Kandra decided to go and speak to some of the White Tower guests. No sense making them feel unwelcome. He made his way through the crowd, accidentally jostling some people. As he jostled one person, he heard a muttered curse. He turned, and was face to face with a young woman in a green dress. Nothing wrong with that, except that she had a scar down the side of her face, and ravens feathers in her hair. Raven's feathers? Strange woman, why isn't she wearing an Accepted's dress? Maybe she was exempt. Might as well be courteous.

"Hi, my name is Kandra. You must be an Accepted from the White Tower. Welcome."

Hehe. Now we all know that she's an Aes Sedai, but I thought it would be funny if Kandra mistook her for Accepted. Take this wherever you want.

  • Cheery Determination (Attn: Anyone!!!)Kiani al'Jaqhar Sedai of the Green Ajah, Tue Oct 17 14:54
    Kiani al’Jaqhar turned away from the tree in the center of one of the Accepted Gardens in the White Tower, her hands lingering on its fading leaves. It was fall, and the tree was preparing for... more
    • Mistaken Identity — Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Tue Oct 17 19:00
      • Masquerading as an AcceptedKiani al'Jaqhar Sedai, Wed Oct 18 04:15
        Kiani heard the voice behind her and she turned nonchalantly towards the voice, thinking it was some kind of joke, that she was mistaken for an Aes Sedai. The man was taller than her but then again... more
        • Being Misled...Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Sat Oct 21 15:09
          Kandra's mind wandered for a second, until he was jolted out of his trance. “Why are you armed at a Festival, when you need not be afraid of anything?” How had she known? Light! She must have used... more
          • A Close CallKiani al'Jaqhar Sedai, Tue Oct 24 15:19
            Kiani saw his glance go elsewhere, saw his eyes sort of glaze over as he thought of something else. Or someone, she thought sourly. Although she was most happily taken by Ty, it didn’t stop the fact... more
            • Question PeriodSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Wed Oct 25 16:52
              Kandra watched Kiani smile as he had said he felt more comfortable around her than he would around an Aes Sedai. Well it's true. Hopefully she won't think I'm a coward, I'm just a young man who... more
              • The RevealKiani al'Jaqhar Sedai, Thu Oct 26 13:54
                Kiani kept glancing sideways at him, wondering how much he had picked up. Light, she thought, If he finds out about my charade, I’m done for! Kiani wasn’t sure exactly where they were headed, but she ... more
                • Taking it in Good StrideSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Mon Oct 30 16:25
                  Time seemed to freeze. Kandra stared at Kiani for a long moment. Then the reality of it all cam crashing into him. An Aes Sedai? Light! Here I was thinking she was an Accepted, how could I have... more
                  • Kiani gets Angry <(^_^)>Kiani al'Jaqhar Sedai, Wed Nov 1 13:55
                    Kiani stood, looking at Kandra through narrowed blue-gray eyes. She wasn’t sure what Kandra was going to do; those who handled saidin could be so unpredictable at times, it seemed. “This is certainly ... more
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