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A well deserved escape
Wed Oct 18, 2006 03:16 (XFF:

“…. Bonded to Amelia Sedai you know Tain!” Dante paused only for a second, to take a small sip of his wine.

Trust me to get saddled with this fool! Tain sighed shaking his head wryly.

The boy had been far to quick in fetching the drinks, having only left Tain’s side for a total of about five minutes. Dante had found him propped idly against a tree beside one of the dance areas, staring out at the merriment with barely any interest. Tain must have been in some sort of mental fit when he had allowed the boy to join him. Dante never shut up, his mouth literally went non-stop.

Light! Please save me from this, someone anyone! Tain took a large gulp of the goblet of wine the boy had brought him. If he could not escape him, he would drink his problems away.

“And Tarik Gaidin says that if I try hard enough and focus solely on the sword, I could become a Blademaster by my twenty sixth winter. Isn’t that amazing Tain?” the boy squeaked animatedly.

“Bloody Light, Dante cant you j…” Tain was cut off as someone grabbed his wrist and squeezed hard.

Turning his head slightly he looked down and nearly jumped. Standing beside him, in a dress of dark green, stood a most welcome guest. Faoelin smiled up at him friendly and reached up to pat his cheek, before stepping around him and grabbing Dante’s wrist.

“Come on Aethan’Tar, I want to dance!” the Arafellin Sei’Tar shot him a grin over her shoulder, as she led the young man away to the centre of the dance floor.

“Thank the Light! Tain whispered, whirling on the spot and setting off toward the refreshment table, wasting no time in distancing himself from Dante and the Sei’Tar.

As he moved slowly through the crowds he idly thought of a problem that had been ailing him for some time now. Since coming to the Tower he had failed to catch much interest from any of the women, be they Trainee or Initiate. This had not bothered him at first, as he had preferred to settle in and get himself ahead, before he thought of anything else. But it had been three long years since he had first enrolled. Three long and lonely years. Tain had not one friend among the Trainees apart from Faoelin and the Arafellin woman was so busy, what with her own training and teaching Aethan’Tar, that he barely saw her once ever few days.

You’re an attractive man Tain, cant you do something about being alone? he shook his head slightly as he pushed forward through the throng, finally coming to one of the refreshment tables. Do I have the time to do anything about it? he thought acidly, scooping a goblet off the table and staring at it for a second as he rotated it in his hand. Light bloody light! he swore to himself and took a gulp of the wine, turning slowly as he did and catching the eye of a very attractive woman stood close by.

“Your Tower Grounds have certainly changed some since last I was here. How long have you been training at the Black Tower?” the light musical tones that came from the woman mesmerized him for a second, as he stood there silently, the goblet forgotten in his hand.

When finally he regained his composure, thoughts flew into his mind. Training at the Black Tower? IS she talking to me? “I beg your pardon?” he said softly, taking a small look around to see if he had been mistaken and there was someone else she was addressing.

“As a Soldier.” the woman replied calmly, as if watching her words.

A Soldier? She thinks I am part of this Light cursed group! Tain’s gaze met that of a Dedicated nearby and he grimaced.

“You’re in uniform, it’s a little hard to miss.”

In uniform? Oh… the black! Tain laughed sharply. “I’m no Soldier, I’m Aethan’Tar.” Light; I hope I didn’t insult her by laughing!

He gulped slightly as he caught sight of the Great Serpent ring decorating her hand and almost made to drop into a bow there and then. The urge to bow lessened slightly when she began to laugh. Tain breathed a sigh of relief and composed himself once more.

“And I’m a little embarrassed now. Please accept my apologies Aethan’Tar,” she extended her hand toward him with a smile. “I am Medaea Sedai, Blue Ajah. May I have the pleasure of your name?”

Blue Ajah eh? Least it’s not a White or a Red! he smiled slightly and took her hand, bowing fluidly to her. “Tain Aethan’Tar, at your service Aes Sedai. May I say, if it does not overstep my position too much, you look absolutely ravishing! May I have the honour of this dance?” Tain braced himself for the onslaught.

Why had he said such a thing to an Aes Sedai, when it would most likely lead to getting called down?

Am I that desperate for entertainment tonight? he thought with a laugh.

OOC: Hey thanks for joining! Am glad to have the chance to RP with an Aes Sedai! Thanks again and torture Tain as you wish! :-)

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