Masquerading as an Accepted
Wed Oct 18, 2006 04:15 (XFF:

Kiani heard the voice behind her and she turned nonchalantly towards the voice, thinking it was some kind of joke, that she was mistaken for an Aes Sedai. The man was taller than her but then again most people were. She smiled sweetly at her, though the scar across her cheek marred the smile. “Why yes,” she said, “I am an initiate of the White Tower.” Her lips twitched. Not a lie, in itself. The first oath tightened a little around her, anyway. But I didn’t lie! I’m still, technically, an initiate of the White Tower. “Thank you for making me feel so welcome here.”

Kiani took a sip of her punch, savoring the flavor within it. It tasted of autumn, of apples, of new beginnings. Or of charades, she told herself humorously. Light, this was going to be the best Festival ever, if only because of the ruse she would play on this poor Soldier! She knew he was a Soldier, and not a Dedicated, from the lack of silver sword on his collar. His fingers itched within his coat, as if he held something there, and she scanned him with a weave of Spirit and Air, basking in the light given by the True Source when it was embraced. Sure enough, he was concealing a weapon.

“Why are you armed at a Festival, when you need not be afraid of anything?” Kiani asked, her rosebud mouth smiling curiously. Her blue-gray eyes were intense, studying him. She wanted to know why a Soldier of all people was armed at a Festival, Bel Arvina, to be precise. She had never had to use weapons, had relied on the One Power to be her weapon. But, then again, she was surrounded by male channelers, so having a dagger might not have been a bad idea. “Do you dance, Soldier Kandra?” Kiani asked, smiling. She crossed her arms under her ample bosom, unconsciously emphasizing it. The golden goblet was draped in her hand, the slim white fingers of her left hand wrapped around the narrow stem, displaying prominently the Great Serpent ring on the third finger of her left hand. Accepted wore their ring on such a finger; Kiani just hadn’t changed it yet, that was all.

The orchestra struck up a lively Saldaean country dance, and she lifted a slim black eyebrow at him. “Or are you going to leave a girl without an answer?” Her smile, wide and genuine, even with the scar, told him that she was jesting. She hoped he knew she was jesting, anyway.

OOC: You can take this in whatever direction you want, as well. It’s fun for Ki to pretend; I think she’ll go along with her little ruse for as long as she can! lol

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