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Is Lovely to Dance Beneath
Wed Oct 18, 2006 11:53 (XFF:

Tira smiled pleasantly at her reflection in the mirror. It was time for another festival, this one to be held at the Black Tower. She held back a grimace at that; the last time she'd attended a festival there she'd been humiliated beyond all measure when she found out the man she had slept with some months previous was the M'Hael, and it was there at the festival she'd found out. Then some woman had the gall to harass her for being where she shouldn't when she'd gone off in private to have a good cry. But, she had been merely an Accepted then. Now she was Aes Sedai and it was her duty to attend, even if only to keep an eye on the initiates. She'd heard the Black Tower had a new M'Hael, barely more than a child in age really. Had he been in the White Tower he'd likely still be in novice white, or very new to the banded hems at least. But no, he was the ruler over all the Black Tower at the tender age of eighteen. She rarely ever thought of Poettre, and put him out of her mind now; he was only a dalliance, nothing more.

She smoothed her new silk gown over her hips; it was a lovely shade of blue with just a hint of grey to it, giving it an almost smoky look. It brought out the blue in her blue-green eyes, and made her ash blonde hair stand out in bright contrast. Her hair was cropped short, close to her skull. Few men, and even fewer women wore their hair as short as she did, but she liked the ease of it. Her full lips still held the hints of a smile, and she never acknowledged the crescent shaped scar that stood out on her right cheek. It had been a part of her for so long now that she mostly forgot it's existence. Her height tended to be her most outstanding feature, at five feet and ten inches she was taller than most women in the tower excepting those of Aiel descent. The gown also had long sleeves and a fairly modest neckline, so she decided just to wear her shawl rather than a cloak. It was certainly large enough to keep out the chill, and that way no one would mistake for an Accepted. She would be glad when she had enough of the agelessness in her face so that people would know her for an Aes Sedai on sight.

At long last she deemed herself ready and glided out into the corridor and down through the tower to the front entrance. From there she moved onto the traveling grounds and a bored looking White sister opened a gateway and nodded her through. Stepping into the traveling grounds of the Black Tower, she saw that they were mainly the same as they'd always been. She pointedly refused to look in the direction of the lake, but instead strode across the green to stand near a small group of people. A tall, mournful looking servant offered her a glass of hot mulled wine and she took it gratefully, enjoying the raspy taste and the way it warmed her body.

Glancing beside her she noticed a man she hadn't seen before, an Asha'man by the looks of him. He stood there, watching the crowd of dancers with a smile and tapping his foot to the tune. He was thin, quite thin as a matter of fact, but his face was quite nice to behold. Feeling emboldened by the wine and the joyful air of the festival goers Tira turned to him suddenly and asked, "Would you care for a dance Asha'man ?" She left her question open hoping he would volunteer his name and waited patiently for a response. Just because she was Aes Sedai didn't mean she couldn't enjoy herself, she thought with a smile.

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