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A Name? Oh I have one of those!
Wed Oct 18, 2006 14:15 (XFF:

He introduced himself, and she politely extended her hand, which he took and pressed his lips gently to her knuckle. It was a surprise but Tira's face remained calm and serene. It was nothing more than a gesture, though she could remember her younger years when something like that would have sent a thrill up her spine. Then he said, "It would be my honor to dance with you, though by my own speculative observances of our respective physicality's, I believe you will be leading - and I don't know if I can quite move my hips like a good partner should." She smiled at that, he was an amusing man. She didn't know what had possessed her to ask someone to dance who was so much shorter than she, but at first she hadn't really noticed his height. Her own teacher of dance, Soradrelle, had also been shorter than she, though not as much as Locke. But, she thought, if tall men can dance well with short women, it shouldn't be too much trouble the other way around.

As they began to dance, she certainly wasn't disappointed, the man danced beautifully and lead with confidence. She liked a man who was confident, one who knew what he wanted and went after it. The dance was an easy one, she could almost see the clearing in the tower gardens where Sora had taught it to her, humming the tune in her ear as they twirled about. Really that is what helped her overcome her initial clumsiness and shyness when she had first come to the tower. Sora's friendship, and his dance lessons. As her physical clumsiness had faded away, so to had her clumsiness with the power, and she found ended she up spending less time as an Accepted than she had as a novice. Shaking off thoughts of the past, she instead focused on her dance partner, noting the interesting coloration of his one eye. The interesting thing about it was that there was no color at all. She wondered if he could see out of it, it seemed that he could, but one could never tell.

As they danced he said, "I don't believe we've come into contact before, madam." Rather than answer at the moment, she remained silent, merely enjoying the dance and the brisk fall air. The blue fringe on her shawl swayed as she danced, and finally it came to an end. When the two came to a halt he asked, "Might I ask your name, then?"

Realizing she'd made an utter fool of herself for not thinking to give her own name, she nodded her head politely and replied, "I'm sorry Asha'man Locke, how very rude of me. I am Tira Sedai. It's not surprising we haven't met, I've only ever come here for festivals or lessons. And the last was some time ago. I really don't have much acquaintance with anyone of the black tower, to be honest." Though her face was serene, she mentally floundered on something else to say, until she seized upon an impulsive thought, "You know, I've never seen much of the grounds here at the Black Tower. Would you be up to giving me a little tour?" She gave him her most charming smile, and extended her arm.

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