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An Offer to Join the Festivity...
Wed Oct 18, 2006 15:27 (XFF:

Zander was enjoying himself immensely as he leaned backwards in his chair, placed titbits of food into his mouth, and watched people dance from side to side within the raging throng that sprawled across the green of the Black Tower. He realised that he was mildly drunk, but knew that he could still handle any trouble that could come his way, even if they had had nothing to drink. He grimaced at the thought of the many times that he had had to prove that thought to preserve his own life, and took another gulp of wine. Draining his glass, he poured another hefty portion into his glass and settled back once more. And just as he was about to break into a smile, a figure caught his peripheral vision just as a strong female voice announced herself.

“Young man, I hope that is the last of the wine you are having today, festivals are to enjoy, not to waste away with drunkenness. May I sit here?” She asked, with a slight startle when he gazed at her. Zander nodded and motioned with his hand slightly. She sat down fluidly and regarded him with a cool expression. “I am Menaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah.” she added, as if it were an inconsequential aside.

At that Zander glanced around on either side of her and around the general vicinity of her. His face didn't change position, but his eyes searched for a few moments. When he found nothing, he transferred his gaze back to Menaihya and her cool stare. There seemed to be a slight spark of annoyance that hadn't been there before, as if he had touched upon a sore subject without actually saying a word. He was puzzled at that, but even more intrigued as to what she was doing here alone. Greens all have Warders don’t they? So where the hell are hers? Her face is all agelessness, which suggests she has wielded the Power for a long time. Therefore she should be bonded. Interesting the thought raced like quicksilver across his skull. He considered her before he replied. She wasn't classically beautiful, but she possessed a certain attractiveness. He couldn't put his finger on any particular feature that caused it; rather it was a general aura to him. And she held herself with consummate confidence.

"I may get punished for this, but I suppose I should give an honest answer to such a pretty woman. It will most likely not be the last bit of wine that will pass my lips. Festivals are indeed to be enjoyed, and this is how I enjoy them. I drink to forget, so that I may live in joy." he raised his glass and brought it towards his mouth. Menaihya sighed angrily and his glass slipped from his grip and floated towards her resting hand. He smiled at her and chuckled slightly before creating a weave of his own. The liquid rose up in a thin line through the air and quested towards his mouth. He let it into his mouth and swallowed. "Okay, that will be the last bit of wine to pass my lips this night, promise." he said with an edge of humour in his voice when he caught her raised eyebrows descending quickly down her brow.

"But tell me, if you will, where are your chaperones as it were? I may be only a Dedicated, the most rebellious of them to be sure, but even I who do not attend lessons know that Greens always have Warders." he inquired with a disarming grin. She merely glared at him once more, opened her mouth and then closed it a moment later. He cocked his head to one side and blinked at her. He let the moment hold out for just a few seconds longer, and then let the subject drop. Probably doesn’t want to tell me that they are ready to step in if I get a bit too friendly he thought slowly. In any case, her answer was not that important to him, he had been merely curious. He drew a knife from its sheath, though it would look as if it had appeared from no where to her. He began to clean his nails as he looked at her considering.

“Well, my name is Zander Kilgas, and, as you can guess, I tend to get into trouble quite a lot. I suppose that I don’t like authority much, for reasons that I shall not go into right now. My favourite colour is Black, as you can tell from the stylish uniform, and I like to take centre stage on occasion. So that’s me. What about you? Tell me about yourself.” He asked tentatively. Her mouth worked, but she did not reply with anything coherent. Perhaps she isn’t used to socializing. Guess I’m going have to take her out of herself! he thought mildly.

"Not one for talking eh? Well, I can deal with that, but with actions rather than words. May I entreat you to a dance oh silent Lady of the Green" he said whilst rising smoothly and bowing to her with only slight dramatis. He rose once more and held out his hand expectantly.

OOC: I hope this is okay. I sort of picked up on the not comfortable with socializing theme and thought that she might not therefore be good at small talk with a stranger. Please don't be mad if I got it wrong! Just torment Zander a bit. He's toughr than me and so can take it *grins* You can accept the offer to dance or not. But if you do, then you will find that Zander has a very unique way of teaching, as you will see if you read the Beginner's Sword lesson he is teaching right now ;)

  • Warder HuntingMenaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Wed Oct 18 02:41
    Festivities had never sparked a huge portion of her interest. In fact, there was nothing of ‘interest’ to be said about them at all. What was a festival, but an occasion in which to watch the dances... more
    • An Offer to Join the Festivity... — Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Wed Oct 18 15:27
      • Snappish RefusalMenaihya Sedai, the Warderless Green, Fri Oct 20 19:50
        Curse you, Gaben Ashfair. Her eyes widened just a fraction as the Dedicated—a Dedicated!—assumed the temerity to actually channel in her presence and direct a clever little channel of wine towards... more
        • Apologies are in Order...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Sat Oct 21 03:27
          Zander waited expectantly, his hand outstretched, his cloak rustling slightly in the wind. He was merely waiting for her to accept, everyone usually did at a festival. He accepted every chance to... more
          • Sallow act at an apology, I say...Menaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Sun Oct 22 03:45
            The man was arrogant! First he told her to take a seat, as if it were wholly convivial and proper for Dedicated to traipse around the world these days, telling Aes Sedai they could be seated! No, he... more
            • Trying to Mend Offences...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Sun Oct 22 06:55
              Zander had kind of hoped to be stopped mid-stride by Mehaihya Sedai. Whilst she had an evil temper, she intrigued Zander. He had never met a woman who was actually angered by his innocent questions,... more
              • You remind me of someone.Menaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Tue Oct 24 05:31
                There were no bounds on the rudeness, she saw. Respect ‘grudgingly given’…? Daring to bluntly disagree on what an Aes Sedai said? She, however, thoroughly tired of the entire process by this point,... more
                • A Punch can do Wonders...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Tue Oct 24 14:17
                  To his un-asked question, Menaihya merely directed a level stare at his eyes, daring him to say any more, even though she probably knew by now that he would respond in a more persistent manner, and... more
                  • That Which BehoovesMenaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah, Thu Oct 26 08:50
                    She simply couldn’t figure out why she should feel so subdued, but as Sinurin Allavich always put it—it never mattered why; what mattered was that it was . The pale green depths of her gaze probed... more
                    • As to That....Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Fri Oct 27 14:42
                      Zander thought that Menaihya grew rather sad as they walked. She acted very pleased, laughing at his jokes, even though she must have known that it was all just a carefully crafted act. He was trying ... more
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