Or is that heroine?
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The woman who stood over here looked down, the cascade of white-blonde hair creating a curtain before she moved it aside almost impatiently. "My name is Jeseia, not that it matters at this point. He is too strong for me and I will not be able to hold him for long." She motioned with her hand. Kat looked over at the Dedicated and though she couldn’t see that he was doing anything, Kat had spent enough time around channelers to know that he was no doubt fighting against whatever this Jeseia was doing.

Getting up from the dirt, Kat sent the woman—Light no, she was a Novice!—a look of reassurance and strode forward to where the Dedicated stood. His hand moved and she gripped it in an iron hold, yanking down so that he was bent and looking up at her awkwardly. “Walk away from this, Dedicated.” She warned quietly. Her normally even and easy going temper had been replaced by steel resolve. “And I won’t go to your M’Hael and our Amyrlin and tell them that you tried to rape me.”

The man’s mouth thinned into a line, tension marked by threads around his eyes. “Do you think it matters?”

“I think that you’ll want to keep your head on your shoulders.” She said, tightening her grip and feeling his bones grind together beneath her fingers. “That woman and I are going to walk away. She’ll release you from whatever she’s holding you with and we’re going to go back to the dancing and fun. Stay here and think about it, but don’t try to come after either of us or I’ll go directly to your M’Hael and demand justice for what you tried. This is my only offer, Dedicated, and considering the circumstances, it’s the best one you’ll get.”

He was silent only for a moment, his gaze flickering to the Novice behind them and then back into her flat, hazel stare. “All right. My word.”

His word meant little after what she tried, but she released his wrist and the Dedicated straightened. Turning her back to him, it was only a couple long strides to the white clad woman and Kat nodded at her. “You can stop whatever you’re doing, Jeseia. He won’t hurt us.” The woman looked at her with skepticism that Kat mirrored on some level in herself. “It’ll be okay. Besides, if you’re caught channeling without supervision, you’ll get in more trouble that this one’s worth.”

Jeseia shook her head minutely and gave a soft sound that almost sounded like a laugh of derision, but after only a moment, she said, “There, he’s released.”

“Good.” Nodding her head, “Let’s go back to the dancing. And talk.” Glancing to the woman, Kat saw a sense of agelessness about the woman that was qua Aes Sedai and yet not. There was a true feeling of age around Jeseia, even as her features looked to be no more than Kat’s age. “I owe you for stepping in like that.”

The Novice gave a small wave of her hand that could have meant anything, Kat interpreted it as a gesture of “It was nothing.” Returning to the gaiety of the Festival, it felt like she’d been absent from it for hours, and yet it had been nothing more than moments. Two minutes at least. The same song was even playing from when she left with the Dedicated and it placed her in a surreal frame of mind. “Over there?” She pointed to a table that was far enough away from the musicians and dancing to speak, but not so removed that if others wanted to join them they could.

The Novice nodded her head and Kat led the way, taking over the role of protector to a channeler instinctively. Even if the woman had played the role of champion to her. They settled to the chairs easily, facing the floor where everyone danced, Kat turned slightly so that she could keep her gaze on their backs. “You’re a Trainee.” Jeseia observed with a placid expression, but did Kat see something of amusement in the woman’s eyes or was it merely friendliness? Channelers were always so hard to read, especially for her, a woman who believed in hiding nothing of her emotions or thoughts, so long as it didn’t hurt anyone.

“I am.” Kat agreed, raising her hand to flag down one of the passing drink bearers. Pulling a goblet of punch from the tray, she waited for Jeseia to make her selection and the bearer to leave again before continuing. “A Sei’Tar as a matter of fact.” The Novice inquired politely after Kat’s origins and after a soft pull from the refreshing drink, Kat replied, “Kandor. I served in the Queens Army for about six years before Demetri Sedai—the Keeper that is—offered me the opportunity to come here. My brother’s around here somewhere, I think. He’s an Accepted now, though. Surya Tenzin.”

“I’ve heard the name.” Jeseia said quietly with reserve. Again there was the presence of age and maturity in such a smooth and youthful face. After a moment, she asked, “Where’s Kandor at?”

The question took her by surprise and she answered almost in a stammer. “In the Borderlands, to the north.” The Novice nodded her head, as if that explained everything, and yet it didn’t explain anything at all. “If you don’t mind me asking, Jeseia, where do you come from?” The woman raised a brow and Kat gave a small laugh. “Most people have heard of Kandor and know it’s one of the Borderlands, but you—where are you from, Jeseia?”

OOC: I'm assuming her isolation would have made her unfamiliar with most of the Westland nations, if not I apologize and you can give Jeseia a reason for asking or something. I also hope that I didn't write her incorrectly, I tried to make her as in control of her emotions as she could so that I didn't miswrite something. Feel free to write for Kat with your reply, and if you're not sure how she'd react or say something, email or IM me and I'll be happy to help you!! =)

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