Changing Attitudes
Thu Oct 19, 2006 09:37 (XFF:

Another festival had begun again, and Kieran couldn't help his grin. What better was there than an excuse to spend the night drinking, and flirting with some women, be them White Tower or Black Tower initiates? He certainly couldn't think of a better alternative. At first, he pondered asking his friend Zander if they could spend the night drinking, as it seemed that's what they did nearly all the time when they were together, but the celebration came, and Kieran had yet to find his friend. It just gave Kieran an even bigger incentive to go look for some company of the feminine persuasion.

Kieran grinned even more at that thought. He certainly enjoyed the company of females, even though he could still claim that he was an innocent. Not that he would let anyone know that in the near future if he could help it, since it was almost a matter of pride to men such as he, especially since he was a Domani by heritage, and handsome if he had to find a way to describe his looks. Of course, he was by no mean vain, but he knew that he was not hard on the eyes to look upon; at least, not what showed when clothing was on. His torso was a different story in and of itself, riddled with scars, some years old, others mere months. Not that anyone would be seeing those any time soon, either. Only two people had ever seen those scars here at the Black Tower, and one of them was Zander, but Kieran wasn't planning on parading his past around, seeing as those times had been mistakes, and he had momentarily forgotten their existence.

He sighed softly, his breath misting in front of his face for seconds before dissipating into the air. Moving one foot in front of the other, he walked towards the Green neither fast, nor slow, but rather at a steady pace, as he sunk deeper and deeper into thought. The light hearted factor of the festivals always seemed to catch him off guard, even though he had a tendency to try and find humor in things that might not usually get a laugh from someone. It was almost ironic, really. The times where he should be mischievous were the days that he'd rather spend mulling over the past. There was no good explanation for why his mind worked thus; he just knew that it did.

Seeming unimpressed when those from the White Tower arrived, Kieran went to stand by a table, neither too far away from anyone, nor so close as to have to strike up unwanted conversation. His thoughts had turned from a willingness to flirt with all possible females to things much less appropriate for light conversation at a festival. Kieran looked out at the people around him, those dancing, and those just striking up friendly conversation amongst others, sometimes from different Towers, sometimes from the same. He actually spied Zander speaking with what looked like a Green Sister. That put a damper on his plans to spend the night with his good friend. Kieran brushed a bit of his black hair out of his blue eyes, and continued surveying the crowd, noticing with just the barest sense of hearing someone, the words of the young woman filtered across his consciousness before, after a moment, her words finally took hold of his attention. He tilted his head slightly, to look over at the young woman, who he wouldn't name as a breath-taking beauty, but she wasn't anywhere near being mule-faced, either.

He shrugged with a slight lift of his shoulders, leaning so that it appeared his palms on top of the table were what were keeping him upright. He turned back to the crowd as he spoke, softly answering her, even though what he said didn't only pertain to her question.

"It's a matter of it being both of those situations you mentioned…." Kieran began. "They are afraid of us, because we’re made to be the killers, the assassins, the spies, all of the dirty jobs they don't want to stain their pretty hands with. They believe they are better than us, because as our name implies, we are the soldiers, the lowly ones that are trained to kill, and be killed. We are easily dispensable, because we are quickly trained, and we don't spend decades being pampered by our superiors. It's a matter of us versus them, which is the basis of all humanity, and if the attitudes are not changed soon, something might just happen." Kieran glanced back over to her, giving her a slight smile. "To answer your question, yes, they usually are this cold towards us, even though there are a few exceptions. My name is Soldier Karen Ohanzee, and I begin to wonder why a pretty one like you would have been shown their rudeness." He stood up straight after that, still looking at her. "The nature of a festival is for us to enjoy ourselves, but it seems we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot, and I apologize." He gave her a bow, and upon straightening, held his hand out to her. "Would you care to dance, my dear Evie?"

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