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An Awkward Conversation...If You Could Call It That
Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:52 (XFF:

Stella straightened and eyed the stranger who had bumped into her, slightly aggravated that her angry had been wasted on someone who took it so calmly. His black coat marked him as an initiate of the Black Tower – a Soldier, if she remembered right. He was the first person from the Black Tower she had ever met - Well, collided into, she thought.

“I'm terribly sorry milady. Please, accept my humble apologies,” he told her, and she blinked, the embarrassment at her own outburst compared to his tranquil response increased a tenth fold. She coldly glanced to the dancers to her right to hide her awkwardness.

“I’m no lady,” she finally muttered, turning back to look at him. “I apologize for….speaking so rashly.” The apology was from her firm training not only from her mother but from Madeline Sedai and the White Tower as well – otherwise, she never would have said it. When I become an Aes Sedai, she thought, I won’t have to apologize to anyone unless I want to.

An awkward silence stretched between them, and Stella was trying to find an acceptable way to leave. She gave him a dry smile as she noticed him watching the dancers.

“Silly way to get your feet stepped on, if you ask me,” she murmured, unconsciously tugging on the sleeve of her dress. She saw several Novices she recognized dancing; the women being wheeled around the floor like flowing dolls, their skirts whirling amongst the colors of the people fortunate enough to not have to wear white.

Stella had avoided these sorts of occasions not only because of the foolishness of dancing, but also to avoid getting stuck doing small talk with strangers – or worse, people she didn’t like at all. And here I am, right in the situation I used to try and avoid, she thought ironically.

All right, she thought firmly. If this silence isn’t going to go away, I’ll just have to say something.

“I’m Stella Celesta, by the way,” she told him. “From Shol Arbela, in Arafel.” There, that would have made her mother proud.

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    • An Awkward Conversation...If You Could Call It That — Stella Celesta, Novice, Fri Oct 20 11:52
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