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Snappish Refusal
Fri Oct 20, 2006 19:50 (XFF:

Curse you, Gaben Ashfair. Her eyes widened just a fraction as the Dedicated—a Dedicated!—assumed the temerity to actually channel in her presence and direct a clever little channel of wine towards his lips. She was too shocked to react, but then, considering Aes Sedai technically had no authority over Black Tower denizens (technically, but proven wrong often, she thought ominously), perhaps it was not the fact that he had channeled itself that startled her so. The fact that the infamous Black Tower insolence would rear its head this way, to her! As if it weren’t enough when he insulted her by accentuating the truth that she was accompanied by no Gaidin. Any Aes Sedai would have bristled to Seandar’s end—one simply did not do that!—, and Menaihya, being of Aiel heritage, had been inbred with an extra measure of staunch pride. It boded ill on the horizon for this clever young Dedicated.

But apparently, he had no idea of it being the case. “But tell me, if you will, where are your chaperones as it were?” the young man asked with an innocent mien, as if he truly were curious. Menaihya’s stare was still incredulity, but it fast shifted to nails. “I may be only a Dedicated, the most rebellious of them to be sure, but even I who do not attend lessons know that Greens always have Warders.” He dared! Black Tower insolence! This was worse than! She replied with naught but kept her piercing gaze directed at him, and whether the man actually felt threatened or self-conscious she knew not, but he suddenly drew a knife—a knife!—and began giving it close study. A short breath of hot disbelief emitted from her mouth and she turned her vision elsewhere, to the blur of dancing men and women on the green, for an instant.

“Well,” the Dedicated spoke then, “my name is Zander Kilgas, and, as you can guess, I tend to get into trouble quite a lot.” Truly? I was beginning to worry the Black Tower encouraged audacity and such incredible boorishness. “I suppose that I don’t like authority much, for reasons that I shall not go into right now. My favourite colour is Black, as you can tell from the stylish uniform, and I like to take centre stage on occasion. So that’s me. What about you? Tell me about yourself.” A moment later, “Not one for talking eh? Well, I can deal with that, but with actions rather than words. May I entreat you to a dance, oh silent Lady of the Green?” A classic bow and an offering of hand.

For some unexpected, phenomenal reason, Menaihya flicked her glare up at the man’s eyes, which in themselves were wreathed in an earnest expectancy—he really had no idea!—, and suddenly she felt the humor of the situation pouring in upon her, pressing at her from all sides and permeating into even her anger. She felt like laughing, this was so atrocious! Gaben Ashfair, I will have your hide. Her lips, as she stared up at the man who had named himself Zander Kilgas, curved in a dark, challenging smile. “You may entreat me all you like,” she said, “but if you will think for a moment that I will dance with you, you will be better off spending your time on that wine.” Her Aiel accent became a little more prominent near the end of that sentence; she had found over the years that some situations drew her to revert to her ways of her former life. Light, she nearly added, Unless you mean the dance of spears, in which case I will oblige happily, but she held her tongue in time.

The Dedicated appeared a little surprised, as if he truly had expected her to accede to his offer. This fed her humor. A male channeler—and because of that masculine attribute, chances were that he was stronger in the One Power than her—who was restricted by no rules to fashion saidin into whichever heathen form he chose, was taunting her! There was something unfair in the fact that he held so many advantages over her! And yet….he dared? Menaihya slowly rose from her chair, all regality and Aes Sedai grace, her silken skirts rustling softly as she unconcernedly straightened them around her. She took a step towards him and stood facing him with an expression that was an unsettling blend of patience, amusement, sinister, and not exactly lewd. She took a breath, and all this was swallowed by ascetic coldness.

“I appreciate your….concern for my deprivations, Dedicated. However, what an Aes Sedai does or have or lack must follow the basis of what she plans and has in store for the general pattern of the White Tower. Even an Asha’man does not have the right to question that or the right and wrong of it.” Her eyes narrowed a fraction, and her teeth were not exactly bared, “Upon my word, had you been an Accepted you would have been whipped to the White Tower immediately and made to howl like the pig at slaughter…” She suddenly reached out and grabbed a handful of the man’s lapels of his black coat in her fist. The sharp point of the sword pin dug into her palm.

“But do not think that just because I have no writ of command over you that I cannot punish you. I know your military ways.” Of course she did. The Green Ajah was in itself a military, with Captain-generals and the like. “I had plans to bond, a long time ago. The first was towards a man whom I fell in love with during my novice days, which was very childish, might I mention, and very egregious. Novices should stick to studies and studies only, but back in my time I knew no better. The man I loved turned out by some cruel twist of fate to be my blood brother whose existence I had harbored no knowledge of in my entire life, but that did not change things much. I still wanted to bond him. But no. He is an illogical choice and has been for much time, now, because his bond is not meant to be shared by me. It is reserved for someone else.

“There was another man to whom I inanely grew to love—very silly of me. Also during my initiate years, when I had become Accepted. He is a Gaidin now, a Warder-in-training back then, and our feelings for each other blossomed into certainty that I would bond him someday. There was no reason I could think of that I should not. But after I was raised to the shawl I was sent out for a series of travels that took me the better part of several years, and when I returned to the White Tower I learned that he had made plans with another sister in my absence to become her bondmate. Something about them having known each other well before, and an affair during a festival. I never learned of the specifics.

“Aes Sedai do not bond for love, certainly not, and it is rare that they do. Love is something the sisters have no time for, and yet twice I have built up and decimated plans for Bonding because of love. It is ironic that it should happen to me, of all people. In the decades of being Aes Sedai I have not thought to bond, nor do I specifically plan to in the near future, because in element sisters bond because there is a need. Greens have multiple Warders because they face the most trouble in their missions and worldly activities, and thus need multiple protectors at their back. I have not felt the need to bond, the need to be protected, as of yet, so I have not. That is my reason, so how can anyone judge the right and wrong of it?”

All this had been said in brisk spurts without giving any chance whatsoever to allow the man to edge in a thing (though who knew whether he wanted to), as if the words, which were certainly unnecessary in this situation, were grudgingly yet inevitably being wrenched free from her. Her expression grew caustic then. “And do not ask me why I am telling you all this. I do not know what madness has possessed my head to, but considering you will run off and make tail when and if I let you go, I see no harm. No doubt,” she said wryly, “this is the longest explanation you have ever received to accompany a turning down of a dance proposal.” Her face suddenly grew blank just then, and she pulled back from Zander Kilgas in letting go of her clutch at his collar. She opened her palm and both perceived the bloody hole before she could conceal it.

Folding her hand closed she offhandedly attempted to rub the sticky runnels of blood away, but the whole was too large and round to be satiated. With a growl of annoyance—why did Asha’man wear pins at their accursed collar?—she spun towards the table and whisked up a fold of linen to press against it.

She expected the man to leave.

OOC: You had to have known she would refuse! XD Anyhow, don’t let her personality daunt you. Just don’t. (She is in truth intrigued by Zander’s…um. Twanginess. A man’s gotta have some bone.)

And sorry for this slow pace of mine. Life harasses.

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