A different wardrobe.
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Tsuga was seldom eager for festivals, but today was an exception. Since her sister had found her, festivals had become a welcome chance for reunion. Even if they had nothing in common and began to grate on each other’s nerves after a short amount of time. Festivals were perfect – short, rare, and with enough other people around that they couldn’t kill each other without witnesses.

Tsuga stood in her room, frowning at the trunk that held her clothes. It had been so long since she’d bought anything new that everything she owned was worn and patched almost beyond recognition. Well, all but one thing. She still had that green dress that Alleton had bought for her, what seemed like years ago. Maybe it had been; she’d still been an Aethan’Tar then. Unfortunately, Tsuga was not fond of wearing dresses.

She debated for a while, but finally decided that it wouldn’t kill her. After all, they were just clothes, and Alleton had been very considerate buying them, so long ago. Maybe it had been years since she’d last seen him . . .. With a sigh, Tsuga reached into the trunk and pulled out the deep green gown, and then rummaged a bit more until she found the matching green boots. Both were of very fine materials, soft against the skin, but sturdy enough to take a beating.

There was a definite nip in the air, so Tsuga changed clothes quickly, and then stood staring at herself in the warped reflection of the imperfect mirror. She wasn’t really sure how she’d ended up with a mirror in her room, and had never really noticed it before. She wasn’t one of those girls that spent hours staring at her reflection each day. Her hair had grown out a bit too long for her taste, but looking now, it seemed to soften her hawk’s face, impossibly making her ears look smaller, her chin less severe.

After a few moments of deliberation, she settled for running her fingers through her now shoulder-length hair, pushing it around and yanking out the knots until it looked fairly presentable. She may not be stunningly beautiful like so many of the other girls, and she may not be dressed in fancy clothes, but she had a sensible dress that looked nice enough to be worn in public. That was more than could be said for her other outfits. No, she was far from a raving beauty, but the line of muscle on her lean body was evident, and the divided skirts offered the occasional hint of a shape somewhere amidst all the awkward limbs and prominent angles.

Another sigh, and then she was out the door, with one last, fond glance at her worn work-out clothes, she walked out of her small room, bracing herself for . . . she didn’t know what. Catcalls? Teasing? Harassment? Ah well. It didn’t much matter. She joined her comrades – well, some of them were Initiates, but she was beginning to see them as human, rather than witches as she had before – in gravitating to the courtyard.

The Accepted were easy to identify as she came closer to the meeting place, as were the Trainees – they were the ones in color, those without shawls. A few faces seemed familiar, but Tsuga made no effort at conversation, and before long the gateway was opened. Those still creeped her out a bit, but she managed to get through without her discomfort being too obvious.

The Black Tower. Last time she had been here, she had arrived too early for a lesson and spent hours with her sister Afailla. It had been interesting, and Tsuga had received the full tour. She wondered vaguely if her sister would be attending – she wasn’t familiar with that part of the stranger. Did Afailla like festivals? Or was she more private, like Tsuga? The Sei’Tar had taken to attending most festivals, mostly for a change of scenery, though she wasn’t fond of the presses of people.

After stepping through the gateway, they were herded aside so that others could follow them, and Tsuga was promptly swept away into the ebb and flow of the crowds. Her brown eyes began looking for a familiar face, but before she could focus her search on seeking a red head of hair, she heard a particularly odd thing – a child’s voice. What in the name of the Light was a child doing at the Black Tower? Her gaze fixed on the source of the voice, watching for a moment. The kid wore the whites of a Novice, and she was chattering away to an Accepted. The older girl’s rank was obvious from her wardrobe and the fact that she didn’t yet have the ageless look that the witc – erm, Aes Sedai had.

Tsuga fell into step beside the Accepted for a few paces, listening as the kid yammered on a bit, waiting for silence. Their conversation didn’t much give her a chance to get a word in edgewise, so finally she just picked a place to jump in. “. . . A ball.” The Sei’Tar leaned a bit so that her words wouldn’t carry to the Novice, directing her comment to the Accepted instead. “What’s with the kid? Is she your little sister, or something?”

OOC: Sorry it's so rambly, and....sucky. It's late, and I'm tired, but I wanted to get at least ONE of my charries posted. Maybe if you don't mind, I'll bring in Afailla later??

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    • A different wardrobe. — Tsuga Sei'Tar, Fri Oct 20 20:02
      • Little ConversationsAccepted Sonja Meranes, Sun Oct 22 09:53
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        • A stroke of genius.Tsuga Sei'Tar, Sun Oct 22 14:20
          Tsuga couldn’t believe the kid’s impertinence. “I’m not seven,” she declared indignantly. “I’m nine. And I’ll be ten next month.” The young woman shook her head, curious as to why the Tower would... more
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            • Novice on the Loose!Accepted Sonja Meranes, Tue Oct 24 08:05
              Sonja could have cried from embarrassment. It was bad enough having a bloody nine-year-old clinging to her leg, but to have her spouting off this sort of nonsense in front of perfect strangers was... more
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