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A Lively Girl
Sat Oct 21, 2006 13:47 (XFF:

She’d been searching for it. She’d been lusting for it, even. Something as simple, as seemingly commonplace as a basic, decent conversation, and it had been given to her. Or, rather, Evie had found it. What was the most refreshing? The smile? The fact that his opinion fell in with all the intricacy of a blacksmith’s puzzle with hers? How he even wished to set aside trivial banter on the subject of the White Tower to engage in . . . in more festive affairs?

“Would you care to dance, my dear Evie?”

Her smile was roguish, and her gaze was intent. “I would love to, Karen.” She laughed appropriately, anticipation whelming inside of her. Bloody Light, but she thought she’d never find the proper likes of company as this!

Upon her acquiescence, another smile appeared to curve across Karen’s face, and the Soldier placed his hand comfortably around Evie’s waste. He’s done this before. And so, following the man’s lead, she draped her arm around his shoulder. The two clasped hands. Their eyes locked, eschewing all else short of assertiveness and confidence, and broke into a dance.

She liked the song. Evie had never been more than the slightest afficionado of music, not like her sister, Emberlinn, but she knew a good song when she heard one. And this one was good. She knew not its name, but it was vaguely familiar; it was an onslaught of aggravated strings hustling against one another for each musical crescendo, blaring and bustling with life and lustre, before silencing so suddenly in a mix of sharp, dulcet notes. It was pretty.

Karen was a good dancer. He knew what he was doing, even if he didn’t seem overwhelmingly fluent or rhythmic. The Light knew she wasn’t going to win any awards, either, either. She could not say whether his competence was due to his training, practising footwork to compliment sword-swinging and the like, or if he’d actually had lessons in dance. They were both just past average in their dancing, and she knew they were evenly matched. It was proper.

When the song died, Evie’s legs were practically lilting in fervid glee, happy for having done something she’d not since . . . since last Bel Tine back in Paedrig Rill. Light, too long, and part of her had consigned herself to perhaps never doing so again. The two gravitated evenly back over to the punch table, downing a glass in rhythm, and smirking.

“So,” the Domani fellow intoned, “how did you come to find yourself at the Black Tower?” It was such a staple of a question, though it followed logically. A thousand festivals could have been waged across the world for a thousand years, and in spite of this, every bloody festival would include one bloke asking to another how they came to come to the status quo. Asking for the story of their life. It was common sociological cornerstone, but it made sense. They were getting to know each other. What illumined the present better than the past?

Breathing, Evie said, “It was a matter of training. I knew I had done something I should not have done, and I knew it was the One Power that granted me this. And–”

“Something you haven’t done?” He left his question hanging openly, awaiting an answer like a harrying dog.

“I was attacked. Think of it akin to a man cornering a woman in a barn. He was the size of an ox, and in spite of my shoulders and the like, I could never have faced him. I did manage to beat him with unseen cudgels. It had to be the One Power. It was the only answer. I came to the Black Tower because it was geographically closer than the White. Training was training, and I was anxious to learn about saidin.” A confusing pause levelled the moment. “No, I mean saidar. I wanted to know of saidar. I still do, in fact.”

She was only just readying herself to ask the same of the man, asking how Arad Doman, once his home, had been replaced by Andor and the Tower. She was. However, another song struck a clout through the level hubbub of the evening. This one was much livelier, and would demand much less contact from Karen. This was not necessarily a good thing; her Domani beau was, in his own idiom, a pretty one, not yet entirely hardened by the circumstances. Nonetheless, something rousing to place a sparkle on the evening would be welcome.

It was a courante brand of dance, and the philharmonic had unexpectedly procured brassy horns to suit the mood. It was an Altaran take on an old Cairhienin dance, taking slow, stately steps and replacing them with rapid, gliding, swinging motions that constituted as much of a workout as running circles around the perimeter of this bloody Tower. She wore not skirts, no, but merely clutches the sides of her britches in lieu thereof. She tossed about her feet inexpertly, laughing, knowing that this was nowhere near proper technique, but nobody in their presence seemed to be a refined dance critic. They shimmied and swerved and all the like, and Karen was her mirror.

“So!” she shouted over the music, laughing. “How did you get to be one of the Tower, Master Karen?” And she hastened up to him, aggressively stradling his hip with an intentness, swaying her body. She laughed. Oh, how her father, Warly, would react if he knew how she really danced with the boys back home.

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