Trying to Mend Offences...
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Zander had kind of hoped to be stopped mid-stride by Mehaihya Sedai. Whilst she had an evil temper, she intrigued Zander. He had never met a woman who was actually angered by his innocent questions, or his glances, to such an extent. Granted, he had chosen quite a bad topic to ask questions about, but he was naturally curious and overly wary of those who usually had bodyguards. In his memory, bodyguards seldom boded well for Zander in any situation. But alas, she saw no reason to stop him, either out of lack of interest or because Zander had not really been quite diplomatic in his little talk with her. If he let himself examine his thoughts in detail he was sure he would feel guilty about what he had said, it had been quite harsh of him in retrospect. But he hated people who grabbed him by the collar, and he didn't much like authority figures who thought they could bully their way of thought into you, or punish you for a little question. So for the moment he viewed his actions as justifiable enough to dismiss them offhand.

He glode through the crowd, feeling slightly rejected and sad, yet relieved at the same time also. It was a weird feeling for Zander. He barely noticed the many people who turned and smiled at him, or exchanged a pleasantry or two. His voice sounded of its own accord, by rote. He assured everyone that he was okay, that he just wanted to think for a bit. That of course he would dance with them later. He waded through the mass of smiling faces, his gaze not really focusing as his guilt slowly seeped through his bones like poison. He shouldn't have said those things, but the woman had just flicked a switch inside him, allowing him only to respond in a callous way. He shook his head and sighed, making his way to the next refreshments table.

He put his bunched fists upon the wooden surface, scraping his knuckles slightly along the rough surface. He ended up by slapping the table with the palm of his hands out of frustration. I suppose I will have to apologise properly at some point or I will just be consumed by guilt he thought with a wry smile. He could tell what that encounter would be like, but he was nothing if durable. He turned and leaned against the table, almost sitting on the edge of it. Glancing around he could see some friendly faces. Kieran was having enormous amounts of fun with some new Soldier he could remember from one of his lessons. Rey was twirling through the crowd like a spinning top. The smile on her face was one of the rarer things to be seen at the Black Tower. He smiled. At least you have found happiness for a time girl. And may it never fade, and if threatened may I be there to lend a hand he thought, knowing it was a farfetched and silly wish.

"How are you holding up oh glorious leader of the pack?" chimed in a merry female voice just to the right of his neck. Jessica he identified. She would expect him to jump up startled. Zander smiled and didn't give her that satisfaction.

"Better than ever Jess. We have had no missions since the Seanchan were sent packing, and I have had us all in daily routine exercises. The next group mission will be easier and by far smoother. Which I wouldn't mind in the least" he informed her with warmth, putting his arm around her as she laughed richly.

"Yes, as I recall you ended up a sword jutting out of your leg and a million other injuries besides. And all to make sure that none of us would die. You took the worst target for yourself to save us, and you knew he would be awake, tat you would have to fight him with the sword. I realise that now, though I didn't at the time." she stated matter-of-factly.

"What can I say? I have a soft-spot for all of you" he tried to divert her gaze, but it locked his eyes and she bent her head forward to brush a small kiss on his cheek.

"I thought so Zander. You will always have us, no matter what else happens. We owe you that much for getting us all out of that hell unscathed. For taking hurts for us" she said sadly, before walking back into the crowd, silent as a spectre. She's learning well he thought as he took a bite of the apple he still carried. In truth he had forgot it was even in his hand. And a second later, when he spat it out onto the grass, he wished he had just thrown it instead. Rotten! he thought, his eyes coming to swing to the crowd. This can’t bode well he thought as his eyes locked with Menaihya's cold-eyed gaze, full of anger. Not well at all he thought grimly. He plated his feet and turned to face her.

She strode purposefully up to him and launched into yet another angry speech, peppered with glares, snorts of disdain and many shakings of her fingers under his nose. She looked as if she wanted to fist him in the ribs. As it did in these kinds of situations, Zander's mind faded in and out of her talk. He caught the important bits and let the others slide away from his memory. Chances were he would be punished for angering her, and at these times Zander was filled with a great lack of self-preservation. He didn’t care what would happen to him anymore. It was a wonderful feeling, and one he lived for. In these moments it was almost possible to forget.

"Who said I was whining" he filled in when she expected him to reply.

"Whatever it was, it was very close to whining, and you cannot deny it. You cannot compare the White Tower and the Black Tower in the sense of which is hard and which is easy. You focus on battles and battles only. We focus on that as well—yes, we do, and you should do well to remember that—but that is only one division of many. While you are out there blasting rocks and commanding troops and assassinating folk—all military-oriented things—, we take the time to learn and manipulate politics, international relations, arts, literary knowledge, worldly knowledge, culture, even things you may consider as trivial as falconry and gardening, and the list goes on without bound. Our scope of learning is huge, but our focus is different from yours, too. You have no idea how ‘difficult’ it is to dwell in the White Tower with hopes of success, and the endurance it takes to last through the years the ranks require. Do not undermine the White Tower.” she concluded with a tone of voice that seemed close to normal. Somehow her tone had calmed as she spoke, as if the words were poison dripping from a wound, running until only the last few drops were left, and when they were gone the healing could begin.

"Well, I will be sure to remember that, you have my word on it. But the Black Tower has all of those things too, and a few professions a little bit dangerous that you would find at the White Tower. I accept some of your points but reject others. I wouldn't know anything about falconry or other such tasks, as I have no time to enjoy myself, even if such tasks are not important. You get that much at your Tower you must agree. You get to enjoy yourselves on occasion. I admit that the White Tower has been around much longer and as such has more world-wide responsibilities as it were, but the Black Tower is in its early years yet, and is learning rapidly. And seeing as we are opening up about some things let me tell you how I got to the Black Tower. I was on a mission of my own at the time I used the One Power for the first time. It saved my life, but condemned me in the eyes of the only protectors I had, even if their protection was small. I was hunted through that city like a dog and I had to hide, move then hide again. I would be dead if I hadn't evaded them so artfully. There may be an amnesty, but that matters little, as old trends of thought do die hard. I came here because that there was no place left. But don't get me wrong, I do like here, so I'm not complaining. But I would ask you that before you judge me, because you can channel you are accorded some respect, if grudgingly given, but because I could channel, I lived in squalor and had no safe haven for a good while." he finished. Somehow he had ended up looking at her eyes, and their gazes had locked as he spoke. He was not a good speaker, but he was good enough to get his thoughts across, even if they seemed un-crafter when he put them into words.

"But I really do offer my apologies for what I said now. Before I was sarcastic and angry, but now I apologise once more for my bad behaviour," he said with a bow, "although I must say, the apple trick was a bit mean. They're my favourite fruit after all, so if you will excuse me" he turned and grabbed another from the new table, and took a bite. Turning back to her he fancied that he liked this fiery Aes Sedai. She may be willing to put ash in his mouth, rotten fruit even, but she seemed like his kind of person besides.

"Although, I am curious why you would go to so much trouble just to teach me a lesson Menaihya. A good slap or a punch in the ribs would've been enough I feel" he left the un-spoken question hanging.

OOC: I thought it best that Zander didn't commit suicide just yet *grins* But who knows where this festival will lead. I mean, we're already almost past the arguements phase. That's good right? ;)

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