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A stroke of genius.
Sun Oct 22, 2006 14:20 (XFF:

Tsuga couldn’t believe the kid’s impertinence. “I’m not seven,” she declared indignantly. “I’m nine. And I’ll be ten next month.” The young woman shook her head, curious as to why the Tower would accept such a youngling. “Are you an Asha’Man?” Tsuga groaned, not really listening to the rest of the flow of questions. Was the kid really that dense, or was it just too hard for her to remember a time when she’d been that innocent? She’d grown up on the road, after all, and violence was such an integral part of her day-to-day life that she’d never had a chance to be so naive. No use mourning her lost childhood, though. Might as well snip that idea in the bud – the last thing she needed was for someone to spread the rumor that she was a channeler.

“No, I’m not. I’m a Sei’Tar, actually. And no, I’m not a traitor.” Was that a chill that crept into her voice? It was never a wise thing to accuse someone of such an evil existence. She shook her head briskly, not wanting to sound – too – rude. “And yes, I have a sword, but I can’t have it back until I earn the fancloth.” She resisted the urge to tell the kid that she wouldn’t be able to hate being strung up on a tree because she’d be dead, and instead turned her attention to the kid’s escort.

“I’m Tsuga.” As the little girl continued to chitter, Tsuga looked up, brown eyes sweeping the crowd. Finally, she located what she was looking for – a short, vividly red head bobbing through the crowd. That long, curly hair could belong to none other. Feeling her spirits suddenly lift – it was a festival, after all! – she looked back down to the squirt in her whites. “I can’t channel, but my sister’s a Soldier. Would you like to meet her?”

When the little girl agreed, Tsuga bid them wait a few minutes and then set off, weaving through the crowd as quickly as she could. Before long, she popped up at her sister’s side, and after a quick – and far too huggy – greeting, they made their way together back through the throngs of people. Tsuga wasn’t really sure why she was going to such lengths for a little kid, except that she wasn’t sure how much she wanted to be along with her sister. She was still a little iffy about the whole touchy-feely sister relationship.

“Afailla, this is Accepted Sonja and Novice Ryell. Ryell, this is my big sister, Afailla.”

OOC: Part two on its way. Sorry these are so rambly.......

  • Little ConversationsAccepted Sonja Meranes, Sun Oct 22 09:53
    Sonja had hoped she would be able to shake off her juvenile escort once they’d entered the grounds of the Black Tower, but the kid seemed clamped to her side like a bad habit. To be honest, once she... more
    • A stroke of genius. — Tsuga Sei'Tar, Sun Oct 22 14:20
      • What's going on here?Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Sun Oct 22 14:23
        Afailla had spent days helping the rest of the Soldiers and Dedicated ready the grounds for the Festival. They had all had to pitch in – cleaning up, decorating, cleaning, and even cooking. She... more
        • Novice on the Loose!Accepted Sonja Meranes, Tue Oct 24 08:05
          Sonja could have cried from embarrassment. It was bad enough having a bloody nine-year-old clinging to her leg, but to have her spouting off this sort of nonsense in front of perfect strangers was... more
          • Found: NoviceNovice Khaji, Wed Oct 25 14:09
            Khaji ran a hand over her forehead, eating what was given to her. The Aes SEdai had look none to pleased with her. She sighed. I am never going to make it in this world. She took a deep breath and... more
            • Excitable Friends?Darius al'Ceer, Wed Oct 25 16:20
              Darius had wandered up again to Khaji, as noone else showed any reaction when he got near that was positive. Most were outright fear and bigotry, as though they wished the had a pitchfork and torch... more
              • Like squirrels in the maze.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Oct 25 18:37
                Afailla loved children. This much was obvious from her willingness to be dragged over to talk to a strange kid, as well as from the easy rapport she established with the young Novice. At the... more
                • So . . . is she the squirrel, or the acorn?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Wed Oct 25 18:38
                  After bidding her new acquaintances to wait for her, Tsuga plowed off through the crowd, following the bobbing beacon of Afailla’s red mane. Before too long, they had caught up with each other, and a ... more
                  • Squirell Returns... With a sweet tooth.Darius al'Ceer, Wed Oct 25 19:29
                    Darius smiled at his fellow soldier, but as he was about to state his track the Aethan’tar revealed she was really a Sei’tar, and he bowed his best bow. She was equivalent to a Dedicated in rank, and ... more
                    • Oh great! Angry Asha'menNovice Khaji Nagora, Thu Oct 26 21:42
                      “You’re new in the Tower, then? Well, don’t worry. You’ll settle in before long. I’m a Sei’Tar. Been in the Tower for going on four years, now. After that long, it’s almost hard to remember living... more
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