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Questionable Reactions
Sun Oct 22, 2006 17:46 (XFF:

Kieran couldn't have been more pleased then when Evie accepted his offer to dance. His night already seemed to be brightening as he placed a hand expertly around her waist. Not that he had ever officially learned to how to dance, but he had seen it time and time again enough to know what to do. His footwork came from his experience as an assassin, but he wasn't going to suddenly divulge that information onto the girl that placed one hand on his shoulder, and had her other hand clasped with his free one. He looked down into her eyes, smiling wider as they began to dance.

Since he had no proper training in dancing, he knew that he was not the best of dancers, but neither would be ruin this night by stepping on her toes, or humiliating her so much that she wished for a new dance partner. He could tell that she was obviously enjoying herself, and although she was no expert in the subject of dancing either, she had a natural grace that much matched his own acquired through years of his profession, but he could also tell that she had had some experience dancing. Neither of them outshone the other, and that was just as Kieran liked it.

Once the song ended, the two of them meandered back to the punch table to down a cup each. He couldn't help his grin. He was truly enjoying himself. Trying to start up conversation, Kieran asked the token question.

“So,” he began, “how did you come to find yourself at the Black Tower?” As he listened to her explanation, he nodded, to show that he was listening, even throwing in the question 'Something you haven’t done?' to let her answer with her story. Of course, there was a slight confused silence as Evie misspoke and said saidin rather than saidar, but she corrected herself soon enough that Kieran didn't mention the little slip on her part. He knew that she would be repeating some form of his question towards him, and he wasn't quite sure what to say. He was glad for the time to think as the next song came on, and through the dance, he was able to formulate the answer to the question that came before the song was even finished, as she shouted it over the music.

For a while, however, he just let himself get entranced by her dancing. As was understood before, she was no expert, but Light she tried, and Kieran admired her for that, and her improvisation skills.

Before he was able to answer her question, however, Kieran gained the surprise of his life. The young woman came up to him, and straddled his hips. His eyes widened a bit, and the slightest blush could be seen on his cheeks as she did this, but otherwise he seemed unperturbed by her forwardness, even though he was in no way use to this sort of thing. His grin turned a bit naughty, but before doing anything else, he answered her question, to not appear to be rude, or as distracted as he was getting from her being like that.

"My story is somewhat similar to yours. I was in a tavern when a brawl broke out. I had had a knife with me for protection, but it was knocked away. To protect myself, I channeled, and to either my fortune or extreme bad luck, an Asha'man witnessed the occurrence, and brought me here to the Black Tower." Most of that was true. The only part that wasn't, was that he had not had the knife for protection that night, but rather he had been there to murder one of the patrons. "There is more to my story, but it is not fit for such a pleasurable occasion as this. So, I will not worry you with it now. However, if you ever wish to hear it, I would entreat you to some nice drinks so that we could drown those memories with the nectar of the Creator, formally known as wine."

He was hoping for a laugh on that, but he wasn't entirely kidding. A drink would do him some good, and just maybe he'd relax around her. Of course, she'd have to be raving drunk before he revealed too much, because he didn't want to run the risk of her remembering what they had spoken about the morning following. The last time, both he and his drinking partner had had the trouble of drinking too much. Kieran hoped that he was not the only one of the two that had forgotten what was spoken that night in drunken stupor. Zander had not mentioned anything about it, so Kieran guessed that he was missing a chunk of his memory of that night as well. That suited him best, since he didn't want to risk being found out for the liar he was. He was paranoid about others knowing about his past, and he knew that it would be a long time, if it ever happened, for him to open up to someone.

Grinning, Kieran wrapped his arms around her a bit, pulling her against him slightly, and without a word, captured her lips with his as he closed his eyes. The worst that she could do to him was slap him, or maybe use saidar on him, but because of her actions earlier, Kieran did not believe that this young woman would be one to do that. Kieran may still be an innocent in most ways as far as women went, but he knew how to kiss. The reaction he got out of her, however, was not as he would have expected, or dreamed of in his greatest fantasies. She did not pull away from the kiss, but rather, she kissed him back. Encouraged by this action on her part, Kieran deepened the kiss slightly, letting her gauge just how much she was going to let him do with her. However, one thing he did not take into account was that if her arms decided to go around him as well, she may just feel the scars that his tunic hid so well. His mind could not be bothered by such thoughts at this moment, and he was rather enjoying himself too much to worry about such consequences. He was going to get all he could out of this festival tonight.

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