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Sun Oct 22, 2006 21:05 (XFF:

Darius was standing in a corner by himself, in his unadorned black coat that all soldiers were force to wear. All around him people reveled in the beginning of Fall, and the celebration of Bel Arvina was rousing. Bright colors and dancing were all around, as well as a loud background murmur of speech. The Míhael himself had just finished starting the festival.

He pondered the peculiar set of events that had led him down this path, the path to the Black Tower. He kept wondering if his sister was doing okay with the merchant, and if she was wondering about him at that very moment.

He sighed, shifting his stance. Maybe the Black Tower wouldnít be as bad as he feared. Who knows, it could even be fun to channel. Then again, the stories he had heard of when Saidin was tainted were pretty horrific. As he hadnít felt it himself, he wondered if it truly was cleansed, or if it was just some monumental lie to get the Aes Sedai off of their backs. He was looking forward to and feeling apprehensive about learning, but he didnít have any other choice.

The hair on his arms lifted, goose bumps forming. He blinked. It wasnít chilled enough to cause that. His answer came in the form of a vertical slash appearing in the courtyard. He shivered, thinking of what would happen if he got too close to that slash. A hand, finger, leg or a full half of him would be lopped off. He knew this from rumors and the way that everyone avoided them when one happened to appear.

Out of the gateway came a few Aes Sedai, Accepted, and a handful of Novices. One of them looked about to faint, he noted. Maybe she was sick. Or maybe she just felt disoriented, like he had been his first trip. He kept on pondering, not realizing he was watching the delegation the whole time.

  • A Reluctant Novice (anyone!)Novice Khaji Nagora, Sat Oct 21 15:54
    OOC: I thought I'd start here, since I already wrote the post. Then I figure i'll write my entrance to the Tower. I just didnt want to miss it.. course. it does go till nov 12.. heh.. but still..... more
    • Standoff — Darius al'Ceer, Sun Oct 22 21:05
      • A Faint AffairNovice Khaji, Sun Oct 22 22:41
        Khaji felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise. She looked behind her, noticing a man in black watching her. She shook her head, and turned back around. She took a deep breath, and slipped... more
        • Mmm, good drink.Darius al'Ceer, Mon Oct 23 15:50
          Darius was extremely amused when the Novice vanished into the crowd. He looked around, but he couldnít see anyone besides the occasional flamboyant dancers. Not finding her, he watched the Aes Sedai... more
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