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A Faint Affair
Sun Oct 22, 2006 22:41 (XFF:

Khaji felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise. She looked behind her, noticing a man in black watching her. She shook her head, and turned back around. She took a deep breath, and slipped farther behind the orchestra. She saw that she had slipped out of the man’s vision and smiled. He looked left and right, trying to find her again. He’ll soon forget me. She shuddered a moment. A man in black. Most likely one of the Black Tower, which meant he could channel. That sent chills down her spine. Such horrible stories she heard growing up made it hard to look at anyone with a dragon pin. She knew from what Madeline Sedai had explained to her that the Black and White Towers were allies. She couldn’t offend the Black Tower, but that doesn’t mean those monsters have to watch my every move.

Khaji sifted her way through the crowd, looking behind her all the times. She had to make sure the man couldn’t find her. Of course, going anywhere beyond the festival would bring attention to her. White wasn’t exactly easy to hide. In the crowd? Yet another place she was sure she’d stick out. I am shorter than many people here. Her stomach grumbled and she wished she hadn’t left her plate of food behind. Whatever the Aes Sedai had done to her before she walked through was making her weak. She shook head head, bumping into another Novice.

“Hey! I was wondering what happened to you. This is just absolutely amazing. And the guys. Soo handsome in the black outfit.” Khaji tried her hardest not to roll her eyes at her neighbor. The woman was flitting on about men and how cute they were and that she finally got to interact with some. Khaji excused herself. It wasn’t that she hated the other novice, the novice just managed to drain more energy from her. Khaji found the punch bowl and scooped a cup of it. She sipped it lightly. That’s good. She took a deep breath and relaxed a little. It wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

She turned to her right to find a handsome man standing next to her. She smiled shyly.

“Care to dance? A Novice should have fun tonight.” The man smiled. “Name’s Laymen and I’m an Asha’man of the Black Tower.” Khaji’s tongue caught in the back of her throat. Before she could really answer, he had pulled her onto the floor. He was a good dancer and quickly whisked her around the floor. The song ended and Laymen smiled at her. “Now, have some fun.” She was left standing there as Laymen found another dance partner. She was breathing hard and wasn’t exactly sure what just happened. She turned around a little more than dazed. She just danced with a male channeler. Oh blood and ashes

Her breathing quickened and she grabbed the table for stabilization. I will not faint again. She slowed her breathing and found the punch bowl again. She downed another cup and let out a sigh. She’d managed to not pass out. Yet, she had danced with an Asha’man and she hadn’t burst into flame. She refilled her cup and wandered back to her place by the orchestra. She enjoyed the music. She sat mesmerized by a violin player. His bow went up and down at incredible speeds. It was one thing she wished she had learned was to play an instrument. She sighed, and smiled slightly being taken into the music.

She swayed back and forth in time with the rhythm turning her attention to the dancers and revilers. Many people were smiling and enjoying themselves. A couple people looked to be in an argument, but Khaji glanced over them. She spotted several faces she had seen before, but names escaped her. She knew it would take several weeks to get people’s names correctly. I’ll have to get use to channeling. So why not know?

Khaji felt the hairs raise on the back of her neck again. She cursed under her breath, which caught the attention of a nearby Aes Sedai. The Aes Sedai frowned at her.

“That’s a silvery tongue you have there Novice.” She noted. “Perhaps in the future you should keep it shut least someone steal your tongue.” She smiled and moved on to the food table. Khaji just stared after her. I didn’t think she could have heard me. She mentally kicked herself and looked around for the man who was watching her. She didn’t find him anywhere, yet she couldn’t get the feeling off her that she was being watched. She made her way to the drinks yet again and hastily swallowed another one before refilling it again. Her stomach grumbled again. I forgot about food. She wandered over the banquet and filled her plate with more food than she could imagine she could eat.

She paused, her eyes blurring a moment. She swallowed her very throat dry. She shook her head, staggering away from the table. She didn’t make it but two steps before she collapsed. Not again. was her last thought before the world blinked out.

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