Mmm, good drink.
Mon Oct 23, 2006 15:50 (XFF:

Darius was extremely amused when the Novice vanished into the crowd. He looked around, but he couldn’t see anyone besides the occasional flamboyant dancers. Not finding her, he watched the Aes Sedai instead. Every now and then, one of them would stare back, or a warder would ‘slouch’ his way over to ‘chat’.

After awhile of simply standing there, waiting for someone to engage him in conversation, he began to get hungry. He remembered that he had to skip lunch to provide time for his lessons, as he had got lost numerous times. More importantly, his stomach remembered.

Stomach rumbling, he moved to the food area. He heard a commotion, however, and decided to investigate the ruckus. A few people had gathered around something, and he caught a flash of white.

Novice? He wondered, Maybe the same one that was having trouble with the gateway?

If he had only learned to embrace the Source at will, he might be able to heal her. As it was, one of the other students got to rouse her. As he contemplated healing, he began to think of his sister. The Novice - Khaji, someone said, probably an Aes Sedai come to heal - reminded him of her.

He grinned, but it a fleet as he remembered what had happened when he had seen his sister last. The entire village had died, along with his best friend, a girl he had liked, down to the village pet. Just remembering those chilling screams made him shrivel up inside.

Khaji began to rouse. He stood back a little, trying not to alarm her much. The Aes Sedai muttered something about ‘fool novices’ and left. He began to get some punch, as he was thirsty and hungry. The food was excellent, especially the ham. The bread was warm, the meat wasn’t under or overcooked and the drink seemed to warm him from the inside out.

He sat there, contemplating and taking in the sites of the festival.

  • A Faint AffairNovice Khaji, Sun Oct 22 22:41
    Khaji felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise. She looked behind her, noticing a man in black watching her. She shook her head, and turned back around. She took a deep breath, and slipped... more
    • Mmm, good drink. — Darius al'Ceer, Mon Oct 23 15:50
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