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There were no bounds on the rudeness, she saw. Respect ‘grudgingly given’…? Daring to bluntly disagree on what an Aes Sedai said? She, however, thoroughly tired of the entire process by this point, and did naught but direct him the unchanging flat stare. He held her gaze even as he said, “Before I was sarcastic and angry, but now I apologize once more for my bad behavior.” Her opinion was that he hadn’t sounded sarcastic and angry at all, and that what she had been trying so hard to correct was his ignorance, but she left it as it were. Asha’man were incorrigible, yet this one was just plain impossible. She watched as the initiate reached out and grabbed another apple for himself—which stimulated her brow to draw down in a little confusion as to whether he was doing this to insult her even further. She had just handed him an apple, the twin of the one she had channeled to rot, and yet he was rejecting it for another? Is that what he was doing? Whatever it was, it was childish play.

Perhaps he had just forgotten. “Although,” he said, “I am curious why you would go to so much trouble just to teach me a lesson, Menaihya. A good slap or a punch in the ribs would’ve been enough, I feel.” In that moment she did so—balled her right hand into a tight, seasoned fist and punched. She did not appear of Aiel origins for nothing, nor did any of the three Oaths forbid Aes Sedai to enact anything….physical. The flatted top of her fist careened into the soft space between the ribcages, meeting it squarely and thus quelling her speculations as to whether the length of disuse had rusted the power behind her swing, and naturally Zander Kilgas folded inwardly in effect to the hit. The grunt was still emitting from his lips when she swung her fist again, and this time its back caught the rough plane of the man’s cheek with a smack. The impact led him to stumble a few steps back, this time. When he regained his footing, he lifted a slow hand to the surface of his facial skin—fast sporting a red blotch—in what appeared to be bewilderment and surprise. “Well then,” he uttered in dark amazement.

She was about to mouth her reply when steps sounding behind them heralded someone’s approach, and she turned her head regally to perceive a man in blacks walking in his clipped, brisk walk towards them. Her eyes lingered on the enameled Dragon pin and single pip pinned below it on his collar, before they flicked up to his hard-planed face. “Any trouble here, Aes Sedai?” the Asha’man queried, glancing towards Zander with a lifted brow and then directing his sights on her once more. His look was one of mingled knowing and concern, the former possibly for the Dedicated’s reputation for showing cheek, and the latter obviously for the fact that a sister had openly hit on one of the Black Tower’s trainees. And ‘hit on’, in this sense, meant in the literal form. Menaihya’s expression was cool.

“All is well, Asha’man,” she replied, “I was just teaching one of yours a lesson on ‘insubordination’.”

“On what premises?”

“Asha’man,” she said flatly, “Must I relay the entire night’s events to you? Or can we rest assured that my judgments as an Aes Sedai are sound?”

The man’s stony face seemed to ponder this for a moment; he glanced at Zander Kilgas and narrowed his eyes. “If you wish to do so, you may hand the initiate over to me. I’ll extract the tale of accounts from him and deal with him as needed.”

She could’ve walked away then. As a matter of fact, she should have been done with the whole matter right and clear, and ever deem it a fleeting, harassed night that was lost to the grains of the 'past'. The man would have, possibly, punished Zander Kilgas far more than her responsibility had the right to or could. “I am fine, Asha’man.” However, she didn’t. The Asha’man took his leave and she was left staring just slightly vexed-facedly at an undistinguished spot near the vicinity of the barrels. She vaguely heard the Dedicated approach her from her left, and she turned her head to face him. “You are right in one thing,” she said in her low-toned voice, “I should have left you a sound bruise from the very beginning. Perhaps it is true that I would have made a better Wise One than an Aes Sedai.” The heat had left her words, and now she was just mildly annoyed at nothing in particular. “Perhaps it took me decades of fast-obeying novices and Accepted and one slick-tongued Dedicated to teach me the truth of that.”

Or perhaps Zander Kilgas just reminded her of Tyaoris too much. That would explain things. She whipped her head to regard the man with a low-browed, level-eyed gaze, her expression torn between somewhat of dryness and somewhat of earnest probing. A moment later, the dryness took prominence over the other. “I went through ‘so much trouble’, Dedicated,” she said in reply to the man’s earlier implied query, “because you seem to want to be corrected.” The way he persisted in invoking her irritation, yes. But it wasn’t entirely fair; he had, after all, disappeared into the crowds after their last encounter. And she had been the one to pursue him. Only because I had wanted to clarify a few of his choice opinions on the White Tower! As an Aes Sedai I had the responsibility to set our dignity to rights! Zander Kilgas opened his mouth, but Menaihya didn’t want to hear whatever cinching comments that would emit from it—and most likely they would be cinching. She felt….weary.

“No, you said it yourself,” she overrode him, “That a punch or a slap would have been perfectly adequate, and thus I have awarded you with both. Now are your opinionated feelings towards me set aright?” She arched a brow. She had thoroughly given up on trying to force the stubborn initiate to respect her, as was due towards a full-ranked sister, and now she simply was. “In Aiel terms, it would be called: ‘you owed me toh so I have exacted a price from it’.” Her green gaze rested on the man’s for a moment longer before it narrowed and drifted wide towards the crowds milling before them, going about their merry ways and dances and festivities. Her half-Healed palm had begun to itch again, but instead of rubbing it or scratching she reacted naught to it and folded the annoyance in her mind. Her other wrist twitched to set the heavy ivory bangle proper.

Novices in their white, woolen dresses were bunched in little clusters, blushing and giggling and curtsying towards any sisters who glided past with all their Aes Sedai serenity shrouding them like an aura. Accepted, who were allowed liberties with festive garments to suit the special occasion, marked a more colorful batch of men and women, from colors ranging from deep beige satin to wine-red wool. Andorans from the town had meandered through the gates to join the event, and they in themselves created yet another party that immersed itself as part of the assemblage. A happy, merry reunion. Her eyes picked out the golden-haired form of her near-sister, but she could not sight her. I could use a good talking companion right now, as for some reason I feel a little melancholy. Shaking these ill-boding feelings away, she let her sights rest on a pair of Accepted who seemed to be doing some sort of a caper. Can those skirts get any shorter? They nearly showed the calves! In the cold of autumn, too!

She had not forgotten the presence of the Dedicated altogether. As a matter of fact, she was very aware of his standing alongside her, but at the present, both of them seemed a trifle subdued. The man broke the taciturn silence between them. “I think I want some more wine,” he said.

“Bring me a glass, please,” she responded, her indifferent expression not altering.

From the corner of her eye she perceived Zander Kilgas’ teeth bared in what appeared to be a faint grin. “What, you’re not going to admonish me for drinking anymore?”

“You are a grown man,” she replied, “You should know how to take care of yourself all on your own, and know when to refrain if needs be.”

The man peered at her. “What makes you so certain I’m going to return here?”

She looked at him then, and the gaze with which she did wasn’t sharp or wry, nor was it anything at all. There was a faint trace of a challenge in it, and of unblinking flatness, yet it was wholly indifferent, too. The confidence of an Aes Sedai gaze. Yet she didn’t entirely care. Do I? The Dedicated left for the glasses of wine, and she returned to staring ahead. The musicians had begun to strike up a colorful jig, of which she heard, but did not hear.

OOC: So this post didn’t satisfy an incredible length. But I’m running out of ideas of what can possibly happen in a festival. *sigh* Hey, maybe Zander can ask her for that swim now. She’s not on a murderous rampage anymore.

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