Novice on the Loose!
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Sonja could have cried from embarrassment. It was bad enough having a bloody nine-year-old clinging to her leg, but to have her spouting off this sort of nonsense in front of perfect strangers was just too much. Sure, she was nine, but did she have to be such a child? She herself certainly hadn’t been so…young at that age, had she? What sort of insane upbringing had she had, that she should feel it was okay to talk like this to people you just met? ‘Are you a traitor’, indeed…!

She realized that she really didn’t know a damn thing about her young charge, only that she had been found with her family by an Aes Sedai and that she was close to her first touching. Yesterday’s initial lesson had been interrupted—okay, not exactly interrupted, Sonja had sort of left it—and she hadn’t gotten farther than the girl’s name and age and that she missed her mommy.

And now she was responsible for the kid! At a festival at the bloody Black Tower! Or she might as well be responsible—she couldn’t just let her run off on her own now that she’d attached herself to Sonja. Madeline would have her head in a minute, she was sure of it

She eyed the two women nervously. The newcomer was obviously one of the Asha’man, or at least one of the trainees. With that brilliant mane of red hair against the stark black of her uniform, she certainly stood out. Ryell was watching her with shining eyes.

“Ooh, she’s pretty, Sonja! Who is she?”

“I think she’s the trainee’s friend. Or sister, maybe, to look at that them,” Sonja muttered. The two women were talking off to the side—they looked cheery enough, but who knew what to expect from someone trained here?

“She’s one of those---Asha’whatever?”


“Oh, I wanna meet her! Can I meet her? Huh?” Ryell was tugging on Sonja’s sleeve again, for all the world like a toddler at a circus. Sonja shook her arm off irritably, wondering if they could just make a quick exit. Trainees were okay, but she really didn’t want to get too involved with an Asha’man, or whoever she was.

“Let’s just leave them alone,” she murmured. “We don’t know them, really.”

“Well that’s the point!” Ryell insisted. “This is a party! We’re supposed to mingle and get to know people! What’s the mater with you, anyway? You don’t dance, you don’t mingle…what do you do?”

“I make sure little girls stay out of trouble, that’s what I do,” Sonja snapped. The two women were coming over to them, and before she could make a hasty exit, introductions were being made.

“Hi there. How do you know my sister?”

So they were sisters, Sonja thought, green eyes flickering from face to face. The red head looked younger, but if she was a channeler she could actually be years older. “We just kind of ran into each other. But the kid wanted to meet an Asha’man, and I told her she could meet you, since you’re . . . training to be one.”

The redhead smiled, and shook her head. “Well, okay then, I guess. But why do you want to meet an Asha’man so badly?”

“Because I’ve never met one before,” Ryell said, thrusting out a hand, grinning from ear to ear. “But now I have! I’m Ryell, and this is Sonja. I’m just a novice, but she’s an Accepted, and she’s gonna be Aes Sedai any day now!”

Sonja choked. “Right. Any day as in…probably never,” she said sardonically. “I didn’t catch your name…?”

“Afailla,” the redhead said.

“And you’re an Asha’man…?” Sonja glanced down to the girl’s collar, noting the lack of pins.

“Soldier,” she said.

“So you’re like a novice, then!” Ryell exclaimed. “Sonja explained it all to me. Funny, that I wear white and you wear black.”

“Right,” Sonja said, interjecting before Ryell could go off on another tangent. “Anyway, we were just—“

“Oh, Sonja, look!” Ryell cried out, pointing at something unknown in the distance. “Do you see that?” Before Sonja could do anything, the girl took off, darting into the crowd shouting something that was lost in the tumult of sound.

“Ryell, wait!” Sonja shouted. “Don’t just—“ She threw up her hands,, exasperated. “Great. She ran off.”

“Are you supposed to be watching her?” Tsuga asked, curious. “I thought novices were allowed to be on their own for these things.”

“Yeah, well, you saw her. She’s a child. Anything could happen to her.” She shook her head, exasperated. “I should go get her. Did you guys see what she was running after?”

OOC: Ah, posting at work. Such fun. Anyway, this can go wherever you want. I have no idea where Ryell went or how lost she will get, but the adventure is open for anything to happen….

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