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A Decline and an Offer
Tue Oct 24, 2006 08:27 (XFF:

The pleasure that resulted from Evie's actions in not only accepting his kiss, but giving as good as she got, as it were, could not be described. He was indeed enjoying himself nearly too much at this time, but even that didn't seem to bother him like it should. He was throwing caution to the wind, hoping that it wasn't blowing straight into his face. He knew not what to expect from this night, but if that kiss had been any indication, he may just be one of the luckiest men in the festival tonight.

He looked down at her, after their kiss had, sadly, ended. A true smile graced his lips as he did so, which grew once she began speaking. He was going to be having a good night. Even though it was out of character, Kieran let her drag him around by the hand. He wasn't going to make her slow, trying to figure out where she was taking him. He just followed wordlessly, letting her lead the way. As to what Evie was laughing about, Kieran did not ask, but couldn't help but be caught with the mirth as they arrived at the current destination, a table with drinks.

Taking the offered drink, and accepting the challenge that Evie put before him, he started drinking, rather more like chugging, the ale, but not so fast as to beat Evie too badly in the little contest. He didn't want to dishearten her, but he was a true drinker. Of course, that sure got him into trouble at times, but he blissfully forgot that truth once he congratulated Evie with a grin.

"Nice work," was all he said, but he was also pleased not only with the fact that he had won, but that he had found a young woman that wasn't averse to having a nice drink of ale with him. Kieran didn't know what his life would be like if she had not been a drinker. The night would probably already be over for the two of them if that were the case. His grin widened as she beckoned him yet on. She led him even farther away from the celebrations, but not so far that they couldn't still hear the festivities. Where she ended up leading him, however, would have normally killed the mood, but he did not let the scenery around them bother him. He was completely in tune with Evie, and only Evie.

The explanation that she gave fell on what might as well be deaf ears as she initiated the second kiss. He shuddered slightly under her hands, energy running through him that he couldn't contain for much longer if she kept at what she was doing. Without much time from the beginning of the kiss, the two of them were on the ground, Evie under him, working her feminine skills on him, removing his coat. Of course, her hands weren't the only ones not staying idle; as he had his hands at her fastenings worked much the same as hers had on his.

As she run her cold, so cold, hands over his abdomen, he shuddered, and would have gasped if his mouth hadn't been so otherwise occupied. Her hands traveled other places on his exposed skin, and his mind vaguely registered those cold hands touching his back, his scars. It wasn't until Evie drew back that he realized what she had done. He was confused about her actions. Had the scars appalled her? That must be what the reason was, because his mind couldn't come up with any other reason why she would act thus out of character. He placed the tunic on his shoulders, not fixing the fastenings quite yet. Instead, he watched her, for some indication as to why she had ended their progression towards…more intimate actions. The answer he waited for wasn't long in coming. The phrase that she spoke about how willing she was made his heart beat a bit faster from excitement, but he knew that there had to be some sort of catch. Women didn't normally throw themselves onto the first man they saw at a festival, and had only known for less than a few hours. At least, they didn't based on Kieran's understanding.

She spoke about the incident that had led up to her being by the drink table at the beginning of the night, and Kieran hesitantly had her continue, by telling her that she was correct in calling those men Aethan'Tars. He had an ill feeling about where this conversation was leading. The descriptions she was giving him were akin to ones he had heard many years before, always describing a new person, but the intent was always the same. As Evie stepped nearer to him, their lips not even an inch away, Evie stated her terms.

For a moment, Kieran's mind raced as he took in the implication of what she had said. Both sides of the argument, whether to kill the man or not, seemed to have equal outcomes. Kieran had killed men, even women, before, for no other reason than he was told to, or nothing more than in hopes that there wouldn't be a whipping that night. He had learned the 'killing' weave recently in a lesson about Healing. He knew an herb that would quickly make an end to the nuisance. He could use the trusty knife that he had used so many times before. There were many different ways to commit the act, some of them even leading him to not be caught if he was careful enough. He was an assassin by trade; he did this sort of thing for his life. Taking care of the two or maybe just one of the young man would not be a difficulty for him. However, as quickly as these thoughts had filled his mind, the opposites began filtering in. What kind of man would it make him if he killed someone, possibly two people, just for the chance to lay with the young woman in front of him? It was true that he had killed for what seemed like no reason, but he would not kill men to get what pleasure Evie offered him. He just couldn't do it.

He stepped back from Evie, taking great care in closing the fastenings on his coat. Being that close to her had been more intoxicating than the ale they had both just drunk. Once he finished closing the fastenings, Kieran looked over at Evie, his eyes, and words, beginning soft, but slowly becoming more firm in their commitment, but never harsh.

"I apologize, my dear Evie, but I cannot kill that man. I would do almost anything for you but that. It's not that I do not wish to sleep with you, I just can't kill him." Kieran was telling the truth, and not wishing for her to think ill of him. "I would not be able to come back to you, and the blood on my hands would stifle any pleasure that you may inflict upon me." After a long, agonizing moment, Evie nodded. Kieran took it to mean that she understood what he said, and possibly feeling relieved that Kieran had not accepted those terms. He sighed softly to himself. He needed a drink sorely, for even considering for the merest second to actually kill that man and his friend. Thinking for a moment longer, Kieran spoke up again, once again in a soft voice. "I will not kill them, but, if you wish it, I could teach them a lesson that they would be hard-pressed to forget. It would be nothing as serious as what you first suggested, but they would have a chance to learn from their mistakes." If Evie didn't accept those terms, the blooming lust between them would be trampled like a blade of grass under a horse's hoof. He wished dearly that she would accept, and not let this night end so early for the two of them.

To his glee, and surprise, Evie did indeed agree upon what he had said. Hiding his true level of excitement from her, he cleared his throat lightly. "Now, to find those young men." She nodded in agreement with him, and he began to lead them back to the Green.

It was just their good luck and timing that had them running into the offensive young men before they reached the merriment once again. The young man who had had his face punched now looked clean faced, and Kieran knew that he had already been Healed. Not only did Kieran draw attention to himself by shouting for their person's, he stopped them young men's advancements by the use of some well placed weaves of Air that held their feet tightly. He caught up to them within a few seconds, and neither of the young men looked pleased about being held there.

"Good evening, gentlemen…" Kieran began, but was cut off by one of them.

"Who do you think you are? Using the One Power on us when we haven't done anything to you!" His words brought a cold smile to his face.

"Oh, but you have done something to me. One of you gravely insulted my dance partner earlier in the evening, and put a halt to the festivities of my night. I stopped the two of you to give you payback for what you two did." The young man that had given the offense sneered at him.

"The only reason you'd ever be able to overpower the two of us is because you're a channeler. " Kieran only answered him with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh? Is that what you think?" Kieran grinned widely, and looked over at Evie. "What shall we do to them my dear?" Kieran had no doubt that tonight was going to be a fun, and interesting, night. Gauging all that had already happened, it was also going to be a rather busy night, but he would survive.

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