A Punch can do Wonders...
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To his un-asked question, Menaihya merely directed a level stare at his eyes, daring him to say any more, even though she probably knew by now that he would respond in a more persistent manner, and most probably in more of a direct and possibly rude manner. But before he could ask her again and properly this time he had decided, when she strode forward purposefully, and before he could react sufficiently she had curled her hand up and taken his advice. Her fist cracked into his ribs forcefully, clipping several of the bones at an angle that caused them to ache abominably. It probably wouldn't have hurt that much, he had curled his torso back to cushion the punch, but she hit him in just the right spot. Right on the deep slash that he had sustained a few days ago. He grunted in pain, and before he could grab her fists or even think to block, her backhanded blow caught him on the cheek. Recoiling back a few steps, he rubbed his cheek, muttered and oath a prepared to square up to her.

If she's going to bloody hit me, then I'm at least not going to take it so easily. Perhaps a paddle or two of Air he thought, almost hearing his thoughts growl themselves.

But just then, a male Asha'man came running up to inquire as to what was going on at the table between them. He saw the man's face come into the light and groaned, a wry smile being called to his lips. Asha'man Girvan! Of all the damn people. He will have my hide for this, even though I've done nothing much....except being me of course. He will have me doing chores and punishments till blood seeps from my damn pores! he moaned at himself in the privacy of his skull. He was watching Menaihya at this point, knowing she would give him up. And sure enough, she called him for insubordination, which surprised Zander, for he hadn't seen his talk as insubordinate. Maybe cheeky, but not much more than that in his point of view.

Rubbing the last vestiges of the stinging sensation from his cheek and trying to ignore the stabbing pain in his side, he watched in fascination and then shock as Menaihya actually called off Girvan and let him off of the hook. For a time at least. Asha'man Girvan walked of with a slight glance at Zander, which made him wince slightly. It was plain what it had meant, to anyone who knew the man at any rate. I'll be seeing you later was what it meant, and Zander steeled himself for the dreaded meeting before the man was even out of his view.

Turning to Menaihya once more, and saw that she was looking away, towards a group of non-descript barrels that stood to one side of the gathering. He raised his eyebrow quizzically, trying to work out what she was searching for, but gave up after a few moments of scanning the area around them. He stepped tentatively forwards, slowly and on guard. He meant to keep his promise to himself after all, and he would be ready for any fists flying his way from her this time. As soon as he got within a pace of her still form, she turned and regarded him once more.

“You are right in one thing; I should have left you a sound bruise from the very beginning. Perhaps it is true that I would have made a better Wise One than an Aes Sedai. Perhaps it took me decades of fast-obeying novices and Accepted and one slick-tongued Dedicated to teach me the truth of that. I went through ‘so much trouble’, Dedicated, because you seem to want to be corrected. “No, you said it yourself, that a punch or a slap would have been perfectly adequate, and thus I have awarded you with both. Now are your opinionated feelings towards me set aright? In Aiel terms, it would be called: ‘you owed me toh so I have exacted a price from it’.” she informed him, the heat ebbing from her words with every sentence, until it was as if it had never been there. She hadn't let him get a word in, and Zander hadn't in truth even tried. He had merely watched her, and considered her. He liked her he knew now. She didn't take any of his jokes or remarks, and she was direct and outspoken. It was refreshing to be around one such as her, as his time was usually spent with those who had too much to hide or tried so hard to act as someone else it seemed pointless to Zander.

Menaihya was scanning the crowd now, her attention not upon Zander anymore, appearing as if she had forgotten his prescience entirely. He waited in the uncomfortable silence, until the urge to stay quite was outweighed by the need to break silence. "I think I want some more wine,” he said with a slight wince, expecting her to explode once more.

“Bring me a glass, please,” she ordered. He was surprised. So much so that a grin spread across his face. Not a large one, but a grin nonetheless.

“What, you’re not going to admonish me for drinking anymore?” he asked, disbelieving still.

“You are a grown man, you should know how to take care of yourself all on your own, and know when to refrain if needs be.” which Zander took as a slight warning to him.

“What makes you so certain I’m going to return here?” he inquired with a slight challenge.

She turned her face towards him and met his stare with one of her own, crafted from Aes Sedai serenity, and Zander sighed inwardly. Why do they do that? Hide their emotions so much. It isn't right to glide through life all cool and calm and settled. I think I liked her better when she hit me he thought as he walked to the table and grabbed two medium glasses of wine. Striding back, he wordlessly handed one to Menaihya and watched her sip on it slightly, taking a small swallow of his own. She was sat down once more, upon a solid wooden chair, which Zander guessed had been newly made for the festival by the cut of the wood and the lack of staining. He took his own seat next to her and leaned back in it to relax himself slightly. She was looking away once more and Zander couldn't blame her. He had after all set her off several times this evening, and probably would again no doubt, and so any peace she could gain she was taking with pleasure. He allowed her to gain a few moments of peace whilst she sipped her wine and he absently rubbed the hilt of his knife as he had his hand in his breeches pocket. But he grew impatient after a while. He was a very active person by nature, and so he just wasn't able to stay still and do nothing, unless it was required by one of his missions. And so he broke the restful silence.

"I know about Toh you know. I'm not just a pretty face after all," he said with a smile, "I can be quite smart when I want to be. And I can most assuredly tell you that I owe you more Toh than you think I do. If you had turned me in, Asha'man Girvan would have punished me very severely indeed. As it is, he will probably just shout at me after failing to get a straight story out of me tomorrow or the day after. And so I owe you I guess, though I am not sure how much, or what I could do to amend that Toh as it were. I was only ever taught the basics, as the specifics are left till they think I'm ready for it. And I thank you for not turning me in, he was never that fond of me after all. Too troublesome for him. And I am sorry that I baited you so much, even un-knowingly. I just can't help myself when confronted by superiors. I hate authority" he finished lamely.

She was looking at him with slight surprise, but still mainly Aes Sedai serenity ruled her features. Though he had sensed that she had warmed to him slightly at his apology. "You may owe me, but I am not sure how you could negate your Toh, or even if I want you to yet. I will have to think on it for a time. But I accept you apology Zander Kilgas" was all she said. He took it as a positive step forward. She had used his actual name this time after all. Even if it had been a slip and not intended, he smiled at that.

"Well," he said after a few more relaxed moments, "this place is too crowded now. We can't even dance for all of the throng, not that I would ask you again after the refusal I got last time. Not in a hurry anyway. But perhaps you would like to retreat to somewhere quieter? The forest is always a secluded place, and would afford us enchanting views as well. It is my favourite place at the Black Tower to be sure. And I would love to learn more about you Menaihya Sedai of the Green Ajah" he said, finishing off his wine and raising himself to his feet. He looked down at her and offered her his hand. She stared into his own gaze, as if weighing up the proposition. Finally, she seemed to decide and grasped his hand with hers, and allowed him to help her to her feet, and she put her arm on his as he led them away from the cacophony of the main festival area.

He fancied that she was allowing him to lead her out of politeness, as he was sure she had probably been to the Black Tower before and therefore knew it’s layout almost as well as he did. Although he did pride himself on knowing all of the nooks and crannies of the Black Tower, and smiled at the reasons that had forced him to learn their locations. And then his smile faded and he forced those thoughts back into the recesses of his mind. He was not with another Accepted or Soldier this time. Menaihya was not looking for some fun, but rather had chosen him for some other reason which Zander could not determine. He would have to treat her properly, rather like one of the noblewomen he met on missions or lessons. She deserved more than just some drunken man looking for fun. And so he smiled, fancying that this would be the greatest test of the behaviours Ronan had imparted upon him not a week before. He joked and jested, making her laugh on occasion, and exchanged other meaningless nothings that were nevertheless the foundations of any conversation designed to heighten your conversation partner’s image of you. They reached the edge of the forest and she paused, as if questioning why she was doing what she was doing, or why she was even with Zander at all. And then she took the lead and led him onto the path through the woods themselves. They walked in silence for a while, considering the woods, and then she opened her mouth to speak…

OOC: Well, we can go for a swim, and we are on the way to ddo it now I guess *grins* And who knows, maybe the moon will be just right, and it will look breath-takingly beautiful and tranquil ;)

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