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A Close Call
Tue Oct 24, 2006 15:19 (XFF:

Kiani saw his glance go elsewhere, saw his eyes sort of glaze over as he thought of something else. Or someone, she thought sourly. Although she was most happily taken by Ty, it didn’t stop the fact that she liked being noticed, that she wanted compliments by men, not to be ignored by them. She saw his reaction, and a small cat-like smile spread across her face. The man was jumpy, sure. But, then again, that was becoming to be a typical characteristic of Black Tower trainees. At least, that was what Kiani had noticed. Her slim black eyebrows twitched. They really were very amusing.

The fact that Kandra thought he needed to carry a knife made her frown. Just what was she leaving Ty to face, here at the Black Tower? Obviously dangerous conditions, if he felt the need to carry a knife everywhere, concealed within the folds of his dark clothes. What if something had happened to Ty? What if the conditions had been too dangerous for him, and he had succumbed to the violence? What if…No. She would have fun with this Soldier, have fun with this masquerade, and forget Ty for tonight. Though she knew it was impossible, Kiani would try. As an Aes Sedai, she would try.

Her blue-gray eyes lit up in amusement as he said he was glad she wasn’t Aes Sedai. If only you knew, little boy, she thought, chuckling. Though, in truth, this man was probably older than she was, Kiani had begun to think of people as little, as children that needed protection. They are weapons, Kiani, people. They are channelers, who dabble like we, as Aes Sedai, do, with the One Power. They are your equal, and you would do well to remember that. “I agree,” she said, smiling. “I think it’s related to someone my own age, for a change, rather than Aes Sedai or Asha’man.” Not a lie. She liked associating more with the Accepted, who were her age. All the Aes Sedai were older than she was, wiser, with the look of agelessness an Aes Sedai requires after working with the One Power for a long time.

Kiani chuckled, a rich sound, deep in her throat, her bright eyes sultry, trying to entice his interest. Why not? Kiani hadn’t had any fun of this sort in a long time. And, of course, she was a Saldaean farmgirl, who were rather notorious for that kind of seductive behavior. Of course, the fact that her mother was a Domanii probably didn’t help any…”Pity that you don’t dance,” she murmured. “I could’ve shown you a thing or two. Would you like to walk with me for a while? Just talk, while the light of afternoon fades?” Kiani smiled, turning to him. “Feel free to ask me anything. We are here to have fun, yes, and to get to know one another? I have one quick question, before you may ask anything of me. Do you know a Soldier, named Ty Moran?” Kiani felt a flip in her stomach as she uttered his name. No, he still had much of an effect on her. “He is a good friend of someone close to me, and I had been told he was registered at the Black Tower. But, after that, feel free to ask me anything, anything at all. I” She broke off, as she spotted a dark green dress hurrying towards her.

“Kiani,” the Aes Sedai began. “What are you…And why aren’t you wearing your shawl? I have your assignments ready for you, for the Green.” Kiani quickly nodded, steering Kandra away from there. She glanced at him, hoping he hadn’t noticed, or caught on. She didn’t want him to know!

OOC: muhaha. Have him react as you see fit!! :P

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