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Excitable Friends?
Wed Oct 25, 2006 16:20 (XFF:

Darius had wandered up again to Khaji, as noone else showed any reaction when he got near that was positive. Most were outright fear and bigotry, as though they wished the had a pitchfork and torch handy. Khaji just looked anxious, like she wasn’t used to channelers, and he could reciprocate the feeling to when he learned of it.

As he approached, he noticed that she wasn’t alone. A small girl of nine or ten seemed to quiver with energy and excitement as she chattered away at her helpless-looking fellow Novice. He grinned slightly, and the girl noticed him, switching targets for her tongue-flapping madness.

“What’s your name? Are you an Asha’man?” the white-clothed human-sized squirrel on caffeine exclaimed eagerly.

He couldn’t help but grin at that. A laugh bubbled out of him as he thought of her with a furry snout and bushy tail. He could almost imagine her gathering acorns.

He could almost feel tension unwinding from his shoulders. The festival would do him some good, after all. Very few people liked him for a strange reason that he had used as a cornerstone for his principles:

He could never kill with the power. Far better to heal than to kill, as everyone could take a life but few could save it. As such, he had not found many at the tower who liked being around him. Rarely did someone not think of using the power as a weapon, and they were supposed to be weapons for the Dragon Reborn. He desperately hoped that he could be a weapon with a different purpose.

He listened as she introduced herself, and then stated his name.

“Well Novice Ryell, I am Darius al’Ceer. I am a Soldier of the Black Tower.” He said this with a bemused expression, which Khaji matched.

After a good bit of chatting, they were approached by an Accepted with a Aethan-Tar. Also with them was a Soldier who he vaguely remembered seeing in a courtyard somewhere when he stepped out of the gateway a few days before, and his interest was piqued. He could always use a new ally in the Towers, after all, and before he learned to channel he could not afford to offend someone who could

It wouldn’t be fun to get turned upside down in the air and spun in cartwheels, after all.

“Hello! As your excitable young friend probably told you, I am Darius al’Ceer.” Darius pronounced, “How goes the festival with you?”

  • Found: NoviceNovice Khaji, Wed Oct 25 14:09
    Khaji ran a hand over her forehead, eating what was given to her. The Aes SEdai had look none to pleased with her. She sighed. I am never going to make it in this world. She took a deep breath and... more
    • Excitable Friends? — Darius al'Ceer, Wed Oct 25 16:20
      • Like squirrels in the maze.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Oct 25 18:37
        Afailla loved children. This much was obvious from her willingness to be dragged over to talk to a strange kid, as well as from the easy rapport she established with the young Novice. At the... more
        • So . . . is she the squirrel, or the acorn?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Wed Oct 25 18:38
          After bidding her new acquaintances to wait for her, Tsuga plowed off through the crowd, following the bobbing beacon of Afailla’s red mane. Before too long, they had caught up with each other, and a ... more
          • Squirell Returns... With a sweet tooth.Darius al'Ceer, Wed Oct 25 19:29
            Darius smiled at his fellow soldier, but as he was about to state his track the Aethan’tar revealed she was really a Sei’tar, and he bowed his best bow. She was equivalent to a Dedicated in rank, and ... more
            • Oh great! Angry Asha'menNovice Khaji Nagora, Thu Oct 26 21:42
              “You’re new in the Tower, then? Well, don’t worry. You’ll settle in before long. I’m a Sei’Tar. Been in the Tower for going on four years, now. After that long, it’s almost hard to remember living... more
              • On the scent.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Sat Oct 28 08:51
                Afailla seemed to have found in Darius a somewhat kindred soul. When he admitted to being a Healer, she found herself grinning from ear to ear. So it was him she smelled, then! Abruptly, a short... more
                • Making friends?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Sat Oct 28 08:52
                  Tsuga blinked in surprise as Darius bowed. She would have pulled him upright, but he straightened quickly enough. Damn fool – several people stared and giggled before turning back to their own... more
                  • Festival Games..Novice Khaji Nagora, Sat Oct 28 20:46
                    “Actually, I know exactly what you mean. It took me about three years to get over that feeling, and it actually only happened when Afailla showed up. Hard to hate people that can channel when your... more
                    • One Last TimeDarius al'Ceer, Sun Oct 29 12:38
                      Darius was beginning to like Afailla. She had been here longer than he had, and he was interested in this notion of Sniffing. Also she said he had smelled nice, and he grinned slightly at the... more
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