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Soldier Kandra sur Samarand
Question Period
Wed Oct 25, 2006 16:52 (XFF:

Kandra watched Kiani smile as he had said he felt more comfortable around her than he would around an Aes Sedai. Well it's true. Hopefully she won't think I'm a coward, I'm just a young man who hasn't seen much of the world.

"I agree," she said, "I think it's related to someone my own age for a change, rather than an Aes Sedai or an Asha'man.

There was something….evasive about the way she said that. He knew Aes Sedai often evaded questions like that. She's probably trying to imitate one, to impress me perhaps? Light, they start early. I'm surprised Novices don't go around trying that sort of thing….She holds herself like one too, almost like a queen. She must be very close to receiving the shawl.

Kiani chuckled, a rich sound, deep in her throat, and her eyes took on a sultry look. She can't be thinking…Light, but this has never happened before. There were a few girls back home, but none ever went as far as to….

Kandra chuckled nervously. Kiani began to speak again.”Pity that you don’t dance,” she murmured. “I could’ve shown you a thing or two. Would you like to walk with me for a while? Just talk, while the light of afternoon fades?” She smiled, turning to him. “Feel free to ask me anything. We are here to have fun, yes, and to get to know one another? I have one quick question, before you may ask anything of me. Do you know a Soldier, named Ty Moran?”

Ty Moran? Ah yes, Kandra remembered seeing the man, the one with the pale blonde hair. In the Mess Hall, if he remembered correctly. He was about to answer as so when an Aes Sedai came bustling up. His hands began to sweat as she came nearer, but the woman's attention was on Kiani.

“Kiani,” the Aes Sedai began. “What are you…And why aren’t you wearing your shawl? I have your assignments ready for you, for the Green.”

Kiani steered him away, leaving the Aes Sedai to stare at their backs. Kandra's head spun. Having an Aes Sedai coming to her isn't unnatural, this is Bel Arvina. And just as sometimes the Asha'man need someone to carry messages, or to do some assignments, I suppose that this must happen at the White Tower as well. But what about the shawl? Did I hear correctly?

They walked along, and Kandra realized they were heading towards the lake. His fears began to dissipate. Going towards the lake would mean going through the forest, and he liked the forest. It reminded him of home. Perhaps they would stop before going that far, but he had his hopes. Realizing that he still hadn't answered her question, he stopped her in mid-stride.

"To answer your question, yes, I do know a Soldier named Ty Moran. I don't think we've spoken, but I've seen him around. Now, you said I could ask you a question if I wanted to. Well, there is one answer I would like to know. You see, I don't appreciate being lied to, so I would like the truth this time."

Her cheeks paled as he spoke. He grinned to himself. "Now you said that you were asking about Ty for a friend, but I saw your eyes, so I know you were lying. Now tell me, how do you know him? And I want the truth this time, not some Aes Sedai half-truth that most White Tower initiates like to dish out."

OOC: Hehe, she hasn't been caught on the bigger lie yet, but he did pick up on this one. Feel free to answer as you will.

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