The Reveal
Thu Oct 26, 2006 13:54 (XFF:

Kiani kept glancing sideways at him, wondering how much he had picked up. Light, she thought, If he finds out about my charade, I’m done for! Kiani wasn’t sure exactly where they were headed, but she wanted to stay with him for as long as possible. He was a genuinely nice person, as far as she could tell…Light, but she hated deceiving him!

Her heart skipped a beat when he mentioned he knew Ty, and Kiani knew that she missed a step walking. She wished the light-blinded man didn’t have that effect on her, but there it was. Oh, he knew Ty…She wondered again if he was all right, if he was being treated well enough at the Black Tower. When Kandra said that he wanted the truth, an answer from her, Kiani’s pale cheeks went even paler. Oh Light! Here it comes! He has found out about my ruse, he knows I’m Aes Sedai! She almost laughed aloud when he demanded how she knew Ty. He didn’t know yet, thank the Light! But wait…

Kiani’s blue-gray eyes narrowed, as she realized she didn’t know if this man was a Darkfriend or not. He could be one of those who had wanted to kill Ty! She shook her head, in disbelief. “I’m sorry I lied to you,” Kiani said. “I wasn’t sure about you, and what I could tell you.” She tried to look like some moon-struck girl, not very hard to do when she thought of Ty.

She took a deep breath, her bosom lifting with the force of the inhale. “Well,” she began, “I met him at a lesson.” Not a lie, not exactly a truth. “I admit,” she said, smiling, “I looked at him as more than just another initiate. I was attracted to him, I have to admit, but it wasn’t meant to be for us. There were outside forces,” The Dark, she fumed. “And so we couldn’t be together. And now an Aes Sedai, a Green, wants him as her Warder. I was told to see if I could find him.” She smiled a little. “Unfortunately, that Aes Sedai isn’t—“she broke off, her mouth abruptly snapping shut. She couldn’t say a lie, it was true! Her blue-gray eyes darted off wildly. Light, what was she to do?

She saw Kandra look at her askance, and with not a little fright. Kiani straightened herself up, deciding at last what she must do. “I am an Aes Sedai, Kandra. I hadn’t told you before because I wanted to have fun, as a woman. The reason I’m hunting Ty Moran is because I want him for my Warder. I hope that finding out I am an Aes Sedai won’t deter you…I am newly raised, and am still an Accepted at heart.” She looked at him, cheeks scarlet. She waited for his reaction, preparing herself for the worst.

OOC: thought I’d get this out there, since the festival ends this weekend! Have fun!

  • Question PeriodSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Wed Oct 25 16:52
    Kandra watched Kiani smile as he had said he felt more comfortable around her than he would around an Aes Sedai. Well it's true. Hopefully she won't think I'm a coward, I'm just a young man who... more
    • The Reveal — Kiani al'Jaqhar Sedai, Thu Oct 26 13:54
      • Taking it in Good StrideSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Mon Oct 30 16:25
        Time seemed to freeze. Kandra stared at Kiani for a long moment. Then the reality of it all cam crashing into him. An Aes Sedai? Light! Here I was thinking she was an Accepted, how could I have... more
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          Kiani stood, looking at Kandra through narrowed blue-gray eyes. She wasn’t sure what Kandra was going to do; those who handled saidin could be so unpredictable at times, it seemed. “This is certainly ... more
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