As to That....
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Zander thought that Menaihya grew rather sad as they walked. She acted very pleased, laughing at his jokes, even though she must have known that it was all just a carefully crafted act. He was trying to bring her out of herself, trying to cheer her up slightly. But it seemed that as they wandered through the lush vegetation of the Black Tower's forest she drew in on herself more, becoming at her centre slightly more melancholy than before. He tightened his grip on her arm by a miniscule amount, wishing that he could will happiness into her. No one deserved to be depressed inside her soul, Zander knew this more than anyone else he fancied. When he was going through that hellish patch of his past, he had been the most depressive and thoroughly un-likable man in the whole of Caemlyn. He had not wanted to know anyone, closing his social walls tighter around himself day by day. He had taken to drink to try and drown his sorrows, but that hadn't worked either. The sadness had eaten away at his insides until he had thought that he would never get to know anyone. It was not until he had come to the Black Tower that he had begun to open himself up bit by bit until now he was completely open. Well........almost completely open his thoughts gave him the lie. As he was considering how to take Menahga’s mind off of whatever was depressing her so, she had grown weary of the silent watch over the beauty of the forest.

“Interesting night, I would say, we got off on a very unique footing, you and I. But that in itself has transformed into something even more interesting—now we are on rather neutral, if peaceful, terms, and moreover, you owe me a favour.” she said out of the blue. Zander turned his head and raised his eyebrow at her, not that she could see that as her gaze swept downwards to the path for a few seconds. It was not what was really bothering her, but Zander accepted the slight bit of information. She thought that they were past all of the arguing, which was a relief for Zander. He had no desire to argue anymore, and in truth he would not have the strength to argue just then. Yes, I do owe you a favour. I just hope that I will e able to repay it in kind he thought in the privacy of his own head. He thought it would be unwise to say that just right now. Silence seemed to be safer.

And then they were at the edge of the lake. As always it took his breath away. It was normally beautiful and tranquil, but tonight it was even more so. The moon glowed off of the still surface of the water, throwing into silver relief, making it seem to be made of liquid silver in its entirety. The flowers were open still, blowing slightly in the breezes, their rustles sending up invisible clouds of scent that overloaded his senses. The sky was clear, the stars twinkling like little slivers of glass in the light. It always brought out the romantic in Zander, though that side of him was buried deeply inside his heart. But faced with such a lovely panorama he could not help but be a romantic. A romantic assassin! hah! You really are a walking contradiction Zander. You fool of a man he thought, and that brought a smile to his face.

He glanced back over at Menaihya out of the corner of his eye. She seemed to have lost her breath also, though it seemed to be for a different reason. She was staring at just the lake, her eyes slightly wider than before, though not by much. The only sign that showed she was struck with a weak form of awe was a little glint in her eyes. Aiel. They are always stunned by large bodies of water. I would have thought it would have worn off, but it appears that it never does. he thought with a rueful smile. He knew just how true the saying was that you couldn't change who you are. No matter how hard you may try he thought morosely. And then an idea sparked out of nowhere in his mind. He turned and the words died on his lips momentarily. He was stalled by the still figure of Menaihya. He had not really considered it before, what with being hounded and harangued by her with no breaths In between, but she really was stunningly attractive to him. Her height meant that she was barely a hand smaller than he was, but rather than making her intimidating to him, as it would to more insecure men, it accentuated her beauty. Her hair, like liquid gold was flowing behind her back and slithering across her shoulders. And her emerald eyes were pools that a man could drown in, though they were mostly hard and serene, it seemed like a veneer to Zander, something to protect her from something. He watched her openly, not really caring if she noticed, though he was sure she must have, after all, omen seldom didn’t notice things such as that. And then he found his voice again, the world coming back into motion after the breath-taking freeze-frame.

“Would you like to swim?” he asked her tentatively, fearing another outburst at his idiocy or affront. He waited with an indrawn breath.

“Never, unless you find a way, Zander Kilgas, to somehow convince me that I would prefer that—” She jabbed a finger towards the lapping waters of unfathomable black depths. “—to the solidity of good, hard ground under my feet.” She said, planting her feet firmly to emphasize that fact. Her look was challenging, meeting him eye to eye for a long time, and then she turned her head to one side, considering, weighing and waiting on him. He took a deep breath, trying to think of something to say to that response. He knew what he wanted to say, but he considered and rejected that, she would probably explode. So instead, he went for a simple list, ticking the points off on his fingers as he stated them.

“Well, firstly I can see that you are troubled by something, and what better way to forget than to do something relaxing that you can enjoy? Secondly, the lake will never be as beautiful as it is tonight, so why waste it? Thirdly, it’s cool in there and I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty warm and also-“ Zander listed, getting closer to Menaihya with every sword, and then suddenly his arms were around her and her lips on his. Her mouth tasted of the wine of the festival, and a hint of something Zander could not quite place. The closest he could come was some kind of fruit. She relaxed into him for a few seconds, leaning into his embrace, and he thought she had finally dropped the Aes Sedai persona. But then it was back again just as quickly. She pushed him away with a sharp fist to his injured ribs. He grunted, but managed to block the next one, grabbing her wrist and stopping her arm dead in mid-punch.

“How dare you!?” she hissed at him, “What would make you think-“ she was cut-off as Zander smiled at her and released her wrist, taking a step back and winking at her. She glared at him, but he didn’t care. If she hated him now, it was worth it for one soft kiss from her lips. She crossed her arms under her breasts and sniffed. She was slightly affronted, but Zander thought that underneath there was some sort of attraction. The silence was chill, the air was crackling with a tension Zander hadn’t experienced before and he reveled in it.

“Well, I will be damned if I’m going to waste the opportunity to swim. You can just stay up here on the bank if you must, but I’m going for a swim.” And with that he swept his cloak off of his shoulders with a whispering rustle as the leaves fluttered through the air. He hung it on a nearby branch and was surprised when it blended in perfectly. He took note of that in case he was ever sent on another mission in a forest environment. Un-buttoning his shirt he lay that at the base of the tree, on one of the large and knotted roots that spread across the ground in a rough star shape. He had forgotten that taking it off would reveal his scars. He heard an in-drawn breath of surprise from behind him. And then the rustle of her skirts as she strode up to him and traced a portion of the crisscrossing network. His skin warmed at her touch, tingling as her fingers passed across his back.

“How under the Light could you get that many? You are only what? 19?” she asked bluntly. He thought he heard a tremor of something in her voice, but he didn’t have the inclination to think on it at that point in time.

“I’m 20 actually, and I do suppose I sport quite a few don’t I?” he said with faked gaiety, “Well, for the most part they are from my life on the streets. There’s no reason for you not to know I suppose. I was in a guild, and lets just say that things got very hectic almost every day. It’s a wonder I’m still alive, it really is. And the large ones that slash across the small of my back are from a mission at the back Tower. I was sent in to stop the Seanchan, me and about twelve to twenty others. We stopped them too, but I guess I took the fall for a few of the others. What can I say? I didn’t want them to come to harm like I did. I’m a sentimental bastard sometimes. And more fool me, because it always gets me into trouble” he finished with a sigh. Her fingers had stopped tracing and were resting on the small of his back now, where large, jagged scars ran this way and that.

Vaguely near to where they were, he could fell a male channeling, but at that point in time he couldn’t give it another thought. He turned and looked at Menaihya, squarely and deeply into her eyes this time. He was waiting for her to say that he was in a dirty profession, that he was evil or other such words. She must’ve figured it out by now, I’ve let things slip too much tonight. The odd word here and there. And now what I’ve just said. And this is where she wipes her hands of me and walks off, like so many others. Another lonely night. And maybe I still have some of that brandy left. he thought, as he stared at Menaihya’s un-readable gaze, waiting. And her cool hands were resting on his chest lightly, though she trembled slightly he noticed, and her features seemed to look as if they were arguing with themselves for a while as the silence drew out longer and longer, until Zander couldn’t take it anymore. Here eyebrows furrowed, and then a slight smile crept onto her lips, and then the eyes narrowed slightly, piercing him with her turned-in gaze. He tried to read the internal dialogue, but failed. He only knew that whatever was being argued inside of her must have been quite important, otherwise it wouldn’t take too long. A long considered topic perhaps? he thought. And then she opened her full lips, her expression still and tranquil, the argument settled.

OOC: Okay! I could've come to this point a lot sooner, but I thought I should beef up the word count after all ;) Well , I hope I didn't write too much in for Menaihya, but it can't be changed now. Sorry if I did. have fun with the response! *grins*

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